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Issues with Athenaze

Hey everyone! I'm using Athenaze to learn Greek, or rather try to learn Greek, and I'm finding that I get lost at certain points. I find it jumps into new declensions without warning in the readings, and almost leaves you to sort out why it changes on your own. I don't know, I'm probably just a bad student. Can anyone recommend what I can do to get this grammar stuff to sink in better? Are ...
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Subscription change

There is going to be a small change in my e-mail address.
Can I make the change in the subscription information myself or does jeff have to do this?
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so... many... OCTs...

I was at Madison's o)x' a)/riston kaphlei/wn tw=n bibli/wn today, "Paul's Books."

Someone earlier in the day delivered to them two boxes of classics texts. One of them was full of OCTs. I didn't need any of those (which came as a shock), so instead I got some school editions of some plays ("The Frogs" and "Alcestis"), and an interesting edition of Greek Lyric Poets from the 40s, by J.A. Moore.

The most beautiful, but ...
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Wonder if anyone can help me translate the word "cycno". I belive it mean "swan" in latin.

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conexio verborum

ille quem dixit mariek...in lingua latina melior est!

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Aoidoi: The Amorous Pig is back!

Some of you will remember me discussing this here some months ago. The poem with commentary is now done.

Dead Adonis.
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Translation Help

I want to use this for a signature for email.
Can anyone help translating into Greek:
The pen is mightier than the sword.

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In gratiam luminis ...

can anyone help with "in gratiam luminis"? - The obvious literal translation for gratia doesn't seem to me to apply. I wonder if 'in gratiam' has some special meaning but my dictionaries only give:- "in kindness, to show favor, out of good feeling, to show honor, etc., to any one".

I know that 'gratia' can be 'for the sake of' but that doesn't seem to be applicable as used in this case. 'gratiam' here is ...
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I am wondering if anybody here can read Sanskrit. I have looked at many different books and everything about it seems immensely difficult; even to the extent of making Greek look easy by comparison. Moreover, many Sanskrit adherents have an almost maniacal tendency to play down its difficulty: they seem to imply that to say that Sanskrit is difficult is almost to cast aspersions against it and those who are attempting to spread its use ...
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A Greek Boy at Home

Is anyone here familiar with a book called " A Greek Boy at Home" by WHD Rouse? Is it good? Is it expensive? What is its ISBN?
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