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Since a participle is a verbal-adjective, does this mean it can not be the subject? If I wanted to say "They are about to praise him", is this right:

Eum laudaturi.

If this is right, then how do I know whether it's first, second, or third person? If I wanted to say "I am going to praise him" would this be correct: Ego eum laudaturus; with the 'ego' necessary to establish person.

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Pharr - Lesson VI - number 4 - English to Greek

I have a question about the translation of this sentence:

"The evil plague makes countless Achaeans a booty (pl) for many birds."

The translation appears to be this:

nou=soj kakh/ teu/xei muri/ouj )Axaiou\j e)lw/ria oi)wnoi=si polloi=si.

My question is: What part of grammar is "a booty"? I ask myself "what is the direct object of makes", and I get back "countless Achaeans", so I put them into the plural accusative case. However, "a booty" seems ...

Descriptive Statistics on Textkit Posting

For some reason I just decided I wanted to know about posting ratios here on Textkit. So here they are.

First, by number of posts:

Greek : 15%
Latin : 33%
Combined : 49%
Community : 51%

By number of distinct threads:

Greek : 24%
Latin : 37%
Combined : 61%
Community : 39%

So we talk more about general stuff, but still produce a larger number of topics for Greek and Latin matters.
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Dative of Agent

Getting through passive periphrastic is proving difficult. And with the addition of dative of agent I'm confused. So every time I want to express an action that has to be done I use dative of agent? i.e. Future passive participle + Esse + Dative.
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New Keyboard.......

I just got one of those ergonomically correct keyboards....a friend gave it to me... Have any of you used these before?? I am realizing exactly how improper my typing technique is.....you really aren't supposed to hit the"y" button with your left index finger....it's quite a long stretch on an ergo keyboard. I have never been a very proper typer, but I've always been pretty quick at it....now I feel like I'm learning all over again! ...
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Genetive of Characteristic

I encountered this in Ch. 7. Unless I missed it in previous chapters, I don't think this concept was discussed prior to this.

It kind of alarms me that I was unaware of this and was wondering how I would know which nouns use the genetive as nouns such as cura do.
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Comparisons of Greek and Latin

I am studying both Greek and Latin using textbooks from the 1890's and 1940's, respectively. They take the attitude that Latin should be learned before Greek, and that gave me the vague notion that Latin was somehow "easier," the stepping-stone to the harder language. I no longer think that it is true. Latin is as intricate, but the Greek books suppose knowledge of this to make comparisons and relate to Greek. It seems to be ...
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``Pick up your future''

In the first birthday party, we often arrange a couple of items in front of the baby and let him/her select one to foretell his/her future.

The traditional items are a skein of thread, a pencil(or a writing brush), and a bank note. The skein of thread sybolizes a long life, pencil studiousness, and the bank note wealth. These days we add a computer mouse and a microphone, each represents IT expertise and entertainer's talent. ...
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Periodical sentences

Hello all! :wink:

I`m 14 and this is my second year of learning Latin,and I have a high interest in that language.
I`m posting here because I have a problem,when translating Tacitus or Cicero or similar authors I often find myself confused with all the mixed words that I get,I asked my teacher to tell me how to divide periodical sentences,he said that I should translate from ...
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latin opera?

salvete! ego novellus (enodate). sum e taedium afficio, autem hodie accipebamur in Classical League et honores accepi, igitur rem necesse est mihi dicere! it's cool and i feel like a big nerd so yeah

anyways, scis utrum est Opera in latine? I've seen operas done in many romance languages, as well as Russian and Hebrew....has anyone ever heard of music sung in Latin for purposes other than education? I'm interested in seeing how much of ...
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