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Aliud consilium vobis propono

Omnibus cupientibus colere linguam latinam vivo modo salutem dicit Kynetus Valesius Americanus habitans in urbe praeclara Vasintonia (Washington DC)

Sunt, amici humanissimi, "circuli latini" apud multas urbes capitales terrarum orbis sodales quorum conveniunt plerumque semel in mense ad linguam latinam colendam. Nescio cur sodalitas his similis non exstet in urbe Vasingtonia. Hoc mihi rarum videtur nam hac in urbe sunt saltem novem universtates et scholae tam numerosae ut omnes innumerantur non possint. Utcumque res se ...
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Novus sodalis adest qui consilium novum proponit

Vos omnes Kynetus Valesius scriba quam humillissimus medullitus salutat

I'm a new member. A little about me: A little over fifty I have managed to learn a little bit of latin through assiduous home study. I've got a wife that I love, three hellraising grown "boys", and a job that I hate. Greek is a project I want to undertake sometime but not now.

I'm a regular contributor to "Grex Latine Loquentium", a latin only ...
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A question out of curiousity...

Today in a bookstore I saw two beginner Greek textbooks I had never heard of before - Paine's "Beginning Greek" and Peter Jones' "Learn Greek". I am past the begginer level in Greek, so I am not considering purchasing these books, but if anyone here has used either of these books, I am curious on your views.

Paine's book is in a way similar to Pharr - it focuses on giving the learner unadapted Greek ...
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every once in a while a discovery is made that helps some people's faith...other's, :?:

whatever your your thoughts I am sure this may be of intrest to some of you.

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Structural Phylogenetics

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Starting an Ancient Language club...

Well, I'm starting an Ancient Languages and Cultures club at my college. So far, it seems like it'll be really great.
The problem I have is that I cannot find a good name for it.
I have:

Past Times and Lost Rhymes
The Tongues of Old
Dead Letters.

The first is too long, and the others may make prospective members turn away... Does anybody have any suggestions?
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Hello from Phoenix!

I'm an ancient language fan from Arizona. Curently, I am enrolled in Greek 101 at Phoenix College. I just got through the past progressive, using Crosby & Schaefer. I plan on taking Latin in a few semesters, and Sanskrit, Hebrew, and myriad other languages at some point. I am mostly interested in Greek, the older the better. (Bring on Mycenaean!)
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This movie was Too Darn Hot!

I just came back from seeing the movie Kiss Me Kate in its full 3-D glory. It was awesome! The songs are good, the acting is good, the story is hilarious! And best of all ... Ann Miller dancing in her prime, close-up, in 3-D. Need I say more? (What can I say - I'm a sucker for dance close-ups!)

I had seen part of the movie in 2-D, and it's not the same. The ...
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Advantages of Knowing Latin

Knowing Latin can be downright cool sometimes! Here are my reasons why:

1) Knowing Latin is the mark of an educated person. Knowledge of Latin conveys intellect more than perhaps any other foreign language (although Greek may be a close match).

2) The etymology/roots of dozens if not hundreds of English words or phrases is extremely obvious to you. Similarly, many words from the more errudite sectors of English vocabulary are practically self-explanatory.

3) Even ...
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Abl. and dat. look so much alike that I confused them!

Anyway, my question remains: is the rule given in Wheelock for the ablative, that the participle takes an 'e' when it's used substantivally/verbally and an 'i' when it's used strictly adjectivally, always hold? Or is this just a general tendency?
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