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Translation for the word "menace"?


I've looked in the Oxford Latin dictionary and online for the Latin
singular meaning to menace in the context that someone is a menace. I
found minae, but in both the dictionary and online, it comes up as
plural. Could minae be both plural and singular?

Thanks a bunch,

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New Pharr group looking for members.

As you can see in the "Want to be a Pharr guide anyone?" thread, Chad has offered to help with the English to Greek exercises and I am willing to do the Greek to English assignments.
All we need now is a number of members.
Anyone who wants to join a Pharr group please "apply" here.
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I've been skipping around the Loeb Baebrius & Phaedrus (ed. Perry) which is an ornament to the series: it contains an excellent introduction to the entire tradition of fable writing and a 100+ pg. appendix titled "An Analytical Survey of Greek & Latin Fables in the Aesopic Tradition" that gives a summary and references for nearly every fable that has come down to us in Greek or Latin. Anyways, as a fun exercise I thought ...
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I know that there are different kind of Latin at different era, then which kind should I learn at first? :shock:
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"full moon"

Hi, everyone.

What is the Latin word or phrase for a "full moon?" I know of 'lunae plenae', but are there any others?

Thanks for your time.
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"full moon"

Hi, everyone.

What is the ancient/modern Greek word or phrase for "full moon?"

Thanks for your help.
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If a Good tree produces bad fruit, is it still Good?

If a good tree produces bad fruit, then is that tree actually bad and not good, for a good tree would never produce bad fruit to begin with, and so, the tree itself is evil.

That is what my Latin/Philosohpy Instructor has agreed on; however, I proposed an inversion of this argument.

If a bad tree produces good fruit, does that not make the tree good. Because a bad tree would never produce good fruit, ...
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How do i begin?

This post was deleted by Diane.
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Phonetic Confusion

Would anybody be so kind as to demystify some of the phonetic terminology for me? I understand stop, fricative, front vowel, back vowel etc. but some of the others I haven't a clue about. I suspect that some of them are interchangble.

-Obstruent (Haven't the foggiest.)

I think these two might be the same:
-Approximant (some kind of non-stop non-fricative; I have a vague idea that w and the like go here)
-Liquid (l and ...
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