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evening, octave

might I tempt you to post in the Open Board worthless though it is (as we should all know) ?


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Some questions on Lysias XXV, 7-11


I am reading this piece from Lysias 25: Defense Against a Charge of Subverting the Democracy.

As I read it, Lysias is defending an oligarch who is saying that the question of the constitution comes down to what benefits one the most. I thought Lysias was a democrat? Did he not care about his clients' opinions?

And how could he think this line of arguing would win over an assembly of wholehearted democrats, sitting ...
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passive forms

The sentence Res publica consiliis meis eo die ex igne atque ferro erepta est
I translated as:
On that day, the commonwealth from the fire and sword by my counsels been been snatched away.
but Benissimus translates as
On that day, the republic was rescued from the fire and the sword by my plans.

My question is not with synonyms, or word order, but with the passive form. In what case is the construction of ...
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Anyone here read this book?

I stumbled across this book today and it looks interesting. Has anyone here ever read it?


It concerns itself with a certain type of homeric description style.

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a sentence from Patrologia Latina

Hi, everybody:
I would appreciate any help in translating the following sentence (PL 129, 572 B):
Timor ergo est opinari, quod in ejus proprie non est sermonibus scriptum, et moliri adversarios propriae opinionis tanquam non bonae ad velamentum illius viri litteras faciendum, secundum utrumque has praeter illius intentionem falso referentes.
Many thanks in advance.
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Tagged PDF Files

Hey everyone, I've been trying to load some PDF files onto my palm pilot, which is frighteningly outdated, and it gives me some line about the PDF files needing to be tagged so that when they are created for the palm, they actually work properly. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to transfer some of these files? I think the problem is that the Adobe reader is converting them as images, as opposed to ...
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LSJ help

I was assigned, being the overactive Greek student I am, to look up a certain phrase in the LSJ Supplement. I, um, can't find it, partly because the LSJ supplement doesn't seem to do things by phrases and partly because I can't seem to see the relevence of anything I could find to the words under discussion.

The phrase was foinikisth\n basi/leion from page 62, line 4-5 of Mather and Hewitt's "Xenophon's Anabasis: Books I-IV." ...
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problem with translating

Hello everyone! I have problem with translating Seneca's text... "De libertate et servitute":

"(...) Tam tu illum videre ingenuum potes quam ille te servum. Variana clade multos splendidissime natos, senatorium per militiam auspicantes gradum, fortuna depressit: alium ex illis pastorem, alium custodem casae fecit."

I don't know how to fix "illum" and "ille" and other "ill.."... also, I'm not sure whether there's Ablativus Absolutus in the second sentence... can you help me with tanslating? I'm ...
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Unit Two Tenses

Going through unit two which introduces the perfect, pluperfect and future perfect, as well as the subjunctive, I just wanted to stop for a second and make sure I got the ideas right in my mind:

Sum nauta. I am a sailor.
Ero nauta. I will be a sailor.
Eram nauta. I used to be a sailor.
Fui nauta. I was a sailor.

Fueram nauta. I had been a sailor.
Fuero nauta. I will have ...
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How to translate correctly?

Nam sub Autumni tempus

How to translate correctly?
Really until autumn time ore really behind autumn time
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