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Ok.....I love this band. Absolutely crazy about it. Only thing is....stateside they don't appear to have much of a following (ravers aside). What I want to know is.......do any of you like Jamiroquai? I have heard that he is quite big among the Brits. That Jason Kay (lead singer) is quite the tabloid superstar, and he is on the level that Brad and Angela, and Jennifer are here in America....Is that true? How about it ...
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Participium Futuri

Saluēte, amīcī ? carī!

I have a question regarding the future participle. I would like to know what the difference in connotation is between these two sentences:

Epistulam scrībam.

Epistulam scrīptūrus sum.

My guess is that "epistulam scrīptūrus sum" has a connotation in English like "I'm going to write a letter," whereas "epistulam scrībam" would translate best as "I will write a letter."
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Portuguese Grammar

Does anyone have a recommendation for a good book on Portuguese grammar?
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Chapter 18 - 2 questions

In working on Wheelock's chapter 18, I have run into two things that have me stumped.
1. Adjectives - In lesson 16, two adj's are listed thus:
ingens, gen. ingentis, huge
senex, gen. senis, adj. and noun, old, aged
In chapter 18 workbook the phrase "by his own brave old father" is translated into Latin as "a patre forti seni suo" which makes it appear that senex declines. (Exercitationes D. #3) However, in Lectiones #2 ...
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Translation Question

I am translating the paragraph at the end of Ch 8 (p. 54) and am having trouble with one sentence. I would appreciate the help of someone who is smarter than me.


My translation attempt is terrible, I am not able to see how the "AGRŌS VĪTĀSQUE" fit. - We will be able to defend our people without war if fortunes and fields and ...
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Help in Knowing in Iliad 1:70

I'm having problems conjugating the pluperfect of ᾔδεα (ᾔδη), to know. I'm particularly interested in the 1st person plural form.

Can anyone out there help?

My apologies if this has been posted before.

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I found this quote from The Yeoman of the Guard by W S Gilbert and felt to inspired to give it a fresh version. So here it is in in a pair of iambic trims

e)/cesti/ moi se paidiai=j frenou=n sofai=j
u(ma=j plana=n gelw=nti d' ou=n e)/cesti/ moi
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New greekstudy Herodotus translation group

There will start a Herodotus translation group on the greekstudy list on August 25. We will translate approximately 250 words per week and everyone is welcome to join in at any time.

More informations on this group can be found at


Don't hesitate to ask any question!

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the beginners' wheelock group -- CLOSED

Yes, Everyone, the long-delayed beginners' Wheelock group has begun--
Below is a link for joining up. The first assignment is Thursday, Aug. 4, but there will be leeway in the beginning.
We are using Wheelock's Latin, 6th edition and will cover about a chapter a week, starting with the first lesson.
Despite what is said on the study group page, the session is still open.
Hoping we will all have a good group.

Christopher Shelton ...
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Brute Memorization of Greek Grammar


The time has come for me to do as the Romans did, and learn Greek. It was only a month or so ago that I stumbled upon this website:

Latin by the Dowling Method

In it, Prof. William C. Dowling describes the best means of apprehending Latin: memorizing all the noun declensions, then all the adjective declensions, then all the verb conjugations. He pans Wheelock, the popular Latin for beginners book, and now I ...
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