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Bonoromnium? In Catalina' Senatorem


Professor Richard Tarrant pronounces some things a bit different than what they're written as... is this normal?
for instance:
Quo usque- quusque? qu' usque?
tandem abutere- tandabutere? tand' abutere?
diu etiam- dietiam? di' etiam?
bonorum omnium? bonoromnium? bonor' omnium?

And there's a few more. It was kinda confusing me. Is he just pronouncing the Latin lazily or did Cicero pronounce it this way? Not sure.
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Which Universities have the best Latin literature programs?

Does anyone know which universities have the best undergraduate Latin literature programs. I have looked at Tufts and that is probably my preferred choice so far with St. Louis University being my alternate, but I have not investigated very much.
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A beginner's questions


I'm in Greek 101 and am currently using Athenaze (the assigned textbook) and Donald Mastronarde's Introduction to Attic Greek. The class is very poorly taught (learning and using accents is optional; pronounce and stress as you see fit) and I've more or less gone the self-teaching route, using the class as a review session and a pace-setter. The plan was one chapter of Athenaze per week, so I've been doing just that, although I'm ...
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Writing style in Harry Potter

I was flipping through the Latin edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, and I noticed that while proper nouns were capitalised, sentences were otherwise written all in lower case. Is this the style to write in Latin, at least today?
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Good bookstores in San Francisco?

This is somewhat short notice - I hop on an airplane early tomorrow - but I was wondering if anyone knew of a classics-friendly used bookstore on some ignored corner of San Francisco?

I'm not expecting SF to be a secret hotbed of dead language studies, but I thought I'd ask. I'll have a few days to wander around. Apart from seeing a friend's band, and dim-sum, I have no fixed plans.
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Latin vowel quantity & Radio

Hello, I'm just restarting my D'OOGE, and I just find today that for some words the textbooks and ref books give different vowel quantities.
For ex, while D'Ooge and Wheelock give "leegaatus"(I will use doubled letter to indicate a long vowel), the Vocabulaire essentiel de latin (of G. Cauquil and J.-Y. Guillaumin, Hachette) gives "legaatus", and the Dictionnaire Latin-francais of Bornecque and Cauet gives "legatus" which changes even the accent. Further more, Wheelock gives "Syraacuusae" ...
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Old Boy

saluete omnes. I want to say "good, old boy", "old sport" in Latin as a friendly, informal way of addressing a person. Any suggestions? gratias uobis.
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Being Brave in War


What would be proper epic idiom for a participial clause "being very brave in war"?

Here is my attempt "agathos per polemon eon"--polemon being an accusative of specification. Am I on the wrong track?

Thanks in advance!
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Hello there! I have recently (within the last 10 minutes, I believe) registered here and first sought out the introductions forum. Obviously, I found it. So here I am introducing myself!
I joined this website after being increasingly frustrated that my school no longer offers Latin as a GCSE course, as the video-conferencing they used in absence of an available teacher became too expensive for their petty budget (mostly spent on the PE department <_< ...
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question on some verb endings

What is the conjugation for the perfect tense of abdo: abdidi. which of the four (5 if you count that extra 3rd group) groups does it belong to?

abdidi, abdideram, abdidero ? (perfect, pluperfect, future)

Does it matter which group it's in? In the perfect groups, I don't see any difference amongst the groups.

I've seen a few verbs ending in -didi, ( ie. trado: tradidi) will all verbs of the same endings be in ...
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