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Medical Latin assistance need - please please help


Im currently reading medicine in prague and have to study latin. I have a exam on monday which i need to pass. I have the exam paper (dont ask me how lol) but i havent got the first clue about it. Im emailing u asking if u could please please please help me. I need the answers. I know this is unorthodox but this is my last chance to stay in medicine. Can u ...
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What is the difference?

What is the difference in saying,

salve or salvete
vale or valete
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Saluete, omnes!

I would like to bring your collective attention to a subject I have been following for many years now, which has been essential in forming many of my more fundamental understandings of the world in which we live, specifically in the unification of history with mythology.

Atlantis: The Lost Continent Finally Found

I highly, highly recommend at least a partial perusal, if not an in-depth research of all its pages, if not the ...
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Helpful translation/dictionary program

I have found a simple console-based program to be of great benefit to me in my Latin excursions. It is called 'Words' and is available at

I have it at the ready as I go through Wheelocks. One can enter a Latin word and get the declension/conjugation and meaning, or it can also take English and give you the Latin word.

Sincerest apologies if this is old news ...
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relative pronouns


I'm trying to form English sentences and translate into Latin as a way of practicing the use of relative pronouns. I would be most grateful if someone could have a quick glance at these sentences to make sure I'm not way off.


I seek those things which are good
quaero illa, quae bona sunt

Those are the men from whom I fled
illi sunt quibus fugi

the citizens of whom I spoke have ...
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Crito reading group

There will start a new greekstudy reading group on September 12th. We will read Plato's Crito in portions of appr. 300 words per week.
Since the dialogue alternates quite frequently between the speakers the text will surely be easy to read, in addition to that the text itself consists of round about 4500 words so this text seems to be a good start for everyone who wants to read his or her first proper Attic ...
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I do not eat any meat from land animals. I do eat dairy products, but I do not drink milk since I do not like how it tastes. I eat egg products too, but I do not eat eggs by themselves because I do not like how they taste. I eat certain kinds of seafood (must be wild-caught, come from clean water, and caught by a good fishery), but they are a treat rather than ...
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Name or called?

In Latin, how would you say something like

The boy's name was Gaius.

I was thinking of using nomen, as we do in English

Nomen pueri Gaius erat.

I know some languages use the verb 'to call' in order to say 'named', but I wasn't sure if Latin did this. While we're on the subject, I am not sure if my cases are correct either.
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I just love mythology. It is the reason I took up latin (and eventually Greek-in time). Recently I was looking into Celtic mythology. The problem is the only know sources are from medieval times (after the fact). With the exception of some roman and greek references (they were once allied with the greeks). Julius Ceasar wrote about some of their deities (comparing them to roman ones) in his Gallic War (haven't read it yet - ...
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Is this song latin?

can anyone tell me if the song on this site that plays when you click enter is in Latin? I just started learning Latin a while ago and I can't make out any words but i think i heard an "Amici" in church pronunciation.
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