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Spionic font on linux redux

Ok. After installing fedora core 3 on my machine at home, I've had to figure out (again) how to get spionic working with firefox. Surprisingly, it was fantastically simple this time since now I understand some more things about how fonts under linux--like the basics of FontConfig/XFT and the usual default configurations of where the font config system looks for new fonts.

Here you go:

0. Download the raw SPIONIC_.TTF file found in William's sticky ...
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A question about which Greek grammar text to use

Hi all,
I have a question about the relative merits of various Greek grammars in terms of their usefulness to the beginning student. I notice that the Smyth grammar is available here on textkit and that it is referenced various times on other threads. When I began my study of Greek, my professor recommended Goodwin's Greek Grammar, which I now own. Now that I am working on refreshing my Greek and studying on my own, ...
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Four Spartans

While reading one of those many stories about what the Spartans said (usually in a few words)while visiting Athens and remarking on the laxity of athenian morals I thought how much rthe ancient Spartans must have been like Yorshiremen of the time.Dour,tightlipped,resilient.
There can't be many who don't know the Monty Python Four Yorkshiremen sketch -if you don't ,see-
http://www.davidpbrown.co.uk/jokes/mont ... remen.html
One can almost see them sitting on ...
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Three Virtues Of A Programmer

If I had ever posted with the same theme before, this is a bit revised one.
A person with a geekiness would like to post this motto on the door, or the wall above his/her computer. The Three Virtues of a programmer(I tend to type this word "programmar", after much thinking on grammar) are generally known as laziness impatience and hubris.


My attempt is to find the words ...
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'Y' no Greek vocab. tool?

On most of these pages is a wonderful banner saying

But I dont want to learn Greek and Latin!

however where is the greek portion?

Does it still need to be made?

If it does what can I do to help?
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Iesus discipulis dixit

"Facilius est camelum per foramen acus transire quam elephantem per foramen acus transire."
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Using MSN instant messenger

HOw do I set up my textkit profile for instant messages?

I have tried to put in my hotmail address as well as my IM login name.

What do I need to know and what do I need to do?

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Concerning Spionic in MS Word

I downloaded Spionic for the greek text. and I finally have it working with Windows Explorer :D

What I would like to know is if there is a keyboard scheme that I can use for MS word and other programs? Or, do I have to write it in code in the formate pane ( of word, excell... ) and switch views to see it Greek font? ...
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xai/rete w)= fi/loi

eu(rw\n m\en th/nde th\n a)gora\n e)xa/rhn xara\n mega/lhn

nu=n de\ to\ prw=ton mou w(j ei)pei=n gra/mma peira/w e)/nqa gra/yai

th\n (Ellhnikh\n glw=ttan a)po\ pa/lai manqa/nwn ou)k oi(=o/j te/ ei)mi (Ellhnisti\ o(milei=n :oops:

e)lpi/zw e)ntau=qa e)mpeiri/an te kai\ e)pisth/mhn kai\ h(donh\n kai\ fi/louj eu(rh/sein
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Word ordering

In general, how should words be ordered in a Latin sentence?
(id est: how would the nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc. order in a sentence)

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