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How do you know whether you have the most recent SPIonic fon

How can you tell you have the most recent version of SPIonic Greek font, since all the files are labelled: SPIONIC_TTF?
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Fuel prices

We started talking about fuel prices in another post, so I am going to start another topic about this. Is everone suffering ? We are paying an unprecedented $AUS 1.40 or thereabouts a litre at the moment. I am so glad I have a small car and live on a bus route! Some people in the remote areas are paying another 20-30 cents a litre.

Any more stories about this?
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Ars Amoris etc.

I just finished reading a translation of Ars Amoris and I really liked it ( the translation, anyway). I have the one translated by James Michie in the Modern Library Classics. Could you tell me how well you liked the book and how hard it would be to read?(If you've read it, of course) After reading the translation, I got it into my head to read the original version and I want to know just ...
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El Jon (Warning! Introduction inside!)

aaah, I'm new here! But thank the gods, my understanding of Latin is less than that of a Roman infant! So I think I'm good to go! haha!
Anyway... no one knows me, but I'm from CA and I've been studying latin (properly) for a couple of months now and still know basically nothing about the language... Yeah, I'm on a roll. :wink:
Well, that was my ...
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Passive of Deponent Verbs

I'm having difficulty understanding how one may represent the passive of deponent verbs, if such a thing is even possible. For instance, "colonus falce utitur," is active, so how is the passive formed, if at all?
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Word Game

I need a word that describes a person who is very laid back, calm and collceted, and lives a peaceful life. Something along those boundaries. I can't really think of anything.
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weak vs strong grades

In vowel gradation, why are some vowels called strong and others weak?
What is strong or weak about them?
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Latin Music

Hello, all.
I was wondering about any music the Romans might have been involved with. My concern is the length of the vowels; how these were handled. As you all know, notes in music can be long or short, so that, for instance, in a pop song, the stressed syllables are usually placed on a stressed note (downbeat), and a stressed syllable is the one usually held for a long period of time. How might ...
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Resources on Greek Vases?

Hi all,

I am looking for information on a particular Greek vase:


It is a stamnos, ca. 475 BC, obviously featuring a killing. Would anyone know where I could find more information on it?

Links, books, articles, resources on art in general?

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Lingva Latin is heartwarming even in only the 6th chapter!

I got my copy tuesday, and have been reading it regularly since then, and I have gotten to chapter 6, and, as to not ruin the story, it is truly heartwarming. To give you a hint, it involves the struggle for freedom and love, while involving subversion of tyranny and a critique of the idle rich set in an ancient era. Such a simple story as this holds so much meaning it just makes me ...
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