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Gimme a break - Kit Kat

Its funny what marketing blunders or oppurtunities are created when languages collide.

http://news.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.j ... kitk02.xml

Anyone know of other instances like this?
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The value of myth

Hi all,

I am a new forum member, and will soon be departing for university to read Classical Studies. One of the universities I am applying to has asked me to write an essay on a historical topic, I have chosen myth. The reason I have posted my thoughts on this forum is because I would like some feedback regarding them, unfortunately my friends do not enjoy discussing anything meaningful to me. Ok so here ...
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GREEK word association game

It's about time we had one of these, I'll start it off.

The rules are simple: Any and all inflections are allowed, as are articles and crasis. Use any dialect from Homeric to Koine, and the posting of a translation is voluntary.


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H&Q's edition, please help.


Not rendering the price difference, was it wise ordering H&Q's
Greek: An Intensive Course, hard cover, second edition, 1992,
in place of the revised paperback edition of 1995?

I could still change my order, so please advise.
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Done the grammar, now what?

I would appreciate any recommendations the veterans of the forum may offer on beginner texts in Attic to those who've completed a grammar book (I am working through Mastronarde).

I am looking for specific commentaries. Particularly ones like Pharr's Aeneid which are very convinient, displaying text, vocabulary, and commentary on the same page. Otherwise, any helpful text & commentary for the beginner will be fine.

Thank you.
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Problem with emphatics

I thought I was doing well with Latin for Beginners until I did the lesson on emphatic (69, pg.30), where I got more wrong than is acceptable.

9. Clara est insula Sicila.

I figured Clara would be emphatic.

and in the answer part of question 7. Longa est Italia, non lata.

I figured Longa would be emphatic.

They were not, so obviously my Latin word order is not up to snuff yet. But I only ...
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De Beato Francisco

I am translating a text about St Francis of Assisi. he is talking to a pack of birds and they take him off to a city called Alvianum. They have just come to the city and:

Congregato populo et silentio indicto (tamen, cum loqui conaretur, propter hirundines nidificantes et multum strepitum facientes audiri vix poterat.)

I only need a bit help with the first part, outside the paranthesis.

I tried to translate it but couldn't ...
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Since a participle is a verbal-adjective, does this mean it can not be the subject? If I wanted to say "They are about to praise him", is this right:

Eum laudaturi.

If this is right, then how do I know whether it's first, second, or third person? If I wanted to say "I am going to praise him" would this be correct: Ego eum laudaturus; with the 'ego' necessary to establish person.

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Pharr - Lesson VI - number 4 - English to Greek

I have a question about the translation of this sentence:

"The evil plague makes countless Achaeans a booty (pl) for many birds."

The translation appears to be this:

nou=soj kakh/ teu/xei muri/ouj )Axaiou\j e)lw/ria oi)wnoi=si polloi=si.

My question is: What part of grammar is "a booty"? I ask myself "what is the direct object of makes", and I get back "countless Achaeans", so I put them into the plural accusative case. However, "a booty" seems ...

Descriptive Statistics on Textkit Posting

For some reason I just decided I wanted to know about posting ratios here on Textkit. So here they are.

First, by number of posts:

Greek : 15%
Latin : 33%
Combined : 49%
Community : 51%

By number of distinct threads:

Greek : 24%
Latin : 37%
Combined : 61%
Community : 39%

So we talk more about general stuff, but still produce a larger number of topics for Greek and Latin matters.
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