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Hitch Hiker's Guide to Galaxy

H2G2 is about to open as a movie.
I only knew this work rather recently. And I'm hooked up and now think it is worth translated into Classical Greek, much more than Harry Potter, Though I cannot read now what shall have been translated, about the time it shall have been translated I shall had had studied enough to read it at least stumblingly. And I will admire whoever would have had succesfully translated it ...
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What Declension?


I'm in Latin 1. I was trying to write a sentence that said "We were doing nothing." Nihil would be in the accusative case correct? This leads me to my question what declension is nihil? This is my best shot at the sentence:

Nihil faciebamus.

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Test: Yankee or Dixie

Take this test to find out if you are a dixie or yankee by the way "ya'll" talk

http://mywebpages.comcast.net/lgrob/sou ... t_quiz.htm
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Juvenal and TC

Does anyone know a good book about textual criticism and Juvenal, or if not that maybe someone knows where I can find the manuscript P that is supposedly the best manuscript available?


Chris Weimer
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Moving tomorrow...

Hi all!
I'm moving to Italy tomorrow so I don't have much time (argh, still not packed half of my stuff yet :lol: ) and it seems I won't have a pc or internet there at first - but you never know, I might find an internet café. As soon as I can I'll be back though with some pics.
For the next six month I'll be ...
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Interview on gr. tragedy in Le Monde

hi, here's an interview (in french) in yesterday's Le Monde on greek tragedy, it's interesting, talking about wider issues like its relationship to social developments and some of the psychological/guilt issues of the main characters:

http://www.lemonde.fr/web/article/0,1-0 ... 5-0,0.html
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Two beloved disciples in John 20:2 ???


Is there any good reason for translating (with NASB R.Young, ASV, HNV, Webster and Latin Vulgate) this sequence of words straightforwardly and without any comma as

"the other disciple whom Jesus was loving (as a relative/"ephilei" instead of "egapa")"

Rather than using the circumlocution:

"the other disciple, the one whom Jesus loved" ?

I find the second translation unnecessarily complicated in addition to containing an absurdity ...
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Say out loud:

  • gererer
  • tererer
  • quaererer

Are these words barely pronouncable, or is it just me?
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translation question

In chapter 10, the 7th sentence in the Sententiae reads "Vive memor mortis; fugit hora." I translated this as "Live mindful of death; time flees." According to the answer key, though, it should be: "Live mindful of the dead; time hurries away." This is probably just a very minor point, but doesn't the noun "mors, mortis" literally mean death? If it were "the dead" shouldn't you use a form of the adjective "mortuus" used as ...
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help with some basic exercises needed

Put the following into the accusative case, then into the dative:
magna fortitudo, multa salus, mulieres bonae, hiems longa, capita multa, leges bonae, miles magnus, tempestas magna, lex mala, duces boni

oki, I got:
1) magnam fortitudinem / magnae fortidudini
2) multam salutem / multae saluti
3) mulieres bonas / mulieribus bonis
4) hiemem longam / hiemi longae
5) capita multa / capitibus multis
6) leges bonas / legibus bonis
7) militem magnam / militi ...
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