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Short translation needs fine tuning

Hi there,

I would appreciate anyone's help with a short translation. It's for an open source project. I don't know much Latin, but what I think I want is:

populus expeto formalis

If I have that right, it's close to "the community demands standards". Can anyone comment, or correct tense or what-have-you that might be off?

Thanks in advance!
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Book on civilisation

evening lads,

i am off up to cam. soon for my interview and have a gaping wide hole bigger than benissimus' cunnus post stephanos quam puellus lignum ipsuc nefandum impulit. said gaping hole is where my knowledge of ancient society should be.
it is not my fault for i have no latin class. i was wondering if any of you know of a good book which would give me a basic overview of the ancient ...
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Out of curiosity.... Is there any documentation with examples concerning swearing in the various dialects of greek?
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2 Sentences I am having trouble with...

Hi, im new here, if anyone wants to help me via MSN messenger, please add me mikethibodeau@myself.com

The 2 sentences I am having trouble with are:

Pugnare solent et Bellum portant

Sed viri Italiae imperium habent et nautas superant.

Can anyone translate please?

Thank you.
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What "really" dictates emphasis

In Lesson VIII 68. Order of words in Latin. I understand the nature of this explaination...I think I do anyway. But, my problem is what dictates the emphasis when translating from Latin to English. In the exercise (69.) I was able to translate about half. In a few, I basically got things totally ass-backwards.

My question is: What dictates the emphasis (of word order) in Latin to English translation?

I did read the pages in ...
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ch 30

On the self-tutorials, number 22:

audivimus cives tam fideles esse ut rem publicam conservarent: We heard that the citizens were so faithful that they saved the state.

If I'm not mistaken, 'conservarent' is reliant on 'esse' for the sequence of tenses, because it appears to me to be a part of the indirect statement. But that would mean the 'esse' is a present historical, because 'conservarent' is imperfect.

Does that mesh? Or is 'conservarent' dependent ...
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Drusus sum

Hello I'm Drusus, currently I'm in Latin II in my high school. I did a few extra problems and I just wanted to see if they were right. Oh and I will never post my homework here so don't think you are cheating by helping me.

1. My fathers name is Marcus = Nomen mei patris Marcus est.

2. There are not many babies in my family = Infantes multi in familia mea non sunt. ...
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Virtue and desire

evening all,

i am at present working on an essay based on the letters of the Stoic Seneca (minor), and was wondering what you might make of certain issues.

1. the divine fire is god, and absolute reason, then the entire world has purpose. we therefore act upon natural necessity, so why should we try to suppress desires to seek pleasure, a human instinct, as we are negating our natural purpose. Aristotle said that the ...
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Latin Reader

Ritchie's Fabulae Faciles: A First Latin Reader, Edited With Notes and a Vocabulary -

- this has just appeared and is available for download from:


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Help requested on translation


I am looking for the translation of a sentence from English to Latin. As a non-Latin speaker I can find the words but I am not sure how to build a correct sentence with them.

The sentence I would like to translate into Latin is:

the innocent do not need to defend themselves

I do not know if this can be translated exactly as such but the importance is in the meaning of the ...
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