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"limited edition"

does anyone happen to know a Latin phrase for "limited edition"? I imagine there would not be much need for the term in Classical Latin with the lack of mass publication, but surely a term pops up in some Medieval print. this would be helpful to me in a project I am doing.
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loci antiqui

Is there a site where I can find the "Loci Antiqui" translated?

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verb origins of 'ave'

This may seem like a rather silly question, but since 'salve' appears to be the imperative form of 'salveo, -ere' and 'vale' appears to be the imperative of 'valeo, -ere', I was just wondering what the root verb for 'ave' is and what it means. I'm trying to teach some complete beginners 'Conversational Latin' and I've decided this must be important, but am not quite sure what to do about it.

Help is appreciated - ...
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New greekstudy groups (Anabasis and Pharr's Homeric Greek)

Hi folks:

Thought some of you might be interested in two new
groups on the greekstudy list starting in mid-June
(one Attic and one Homeric). Both groups are free and
either would be ideal for someone interested in
refreshing rusty Greek.

There will be an Attic group translating Xenophon's
Anabasis. The assignments will be quite manageable
(approximately 200-250 words per week) and anyone who
has had even a little Greek should fit right in.
Although ...
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For whom the bell tolls mk II

cum sonat hoc crotalum per turres nocte solute
tum conturbabor rebus ineptis heri.

AEH 'Additional Poems' IX

... following whiteoctave's perceptive comments on the faulty mk I
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The girl in my avatar

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Catullus 4: 1-5

Phaselus ille, quem videtis, hospites,
ait fuisse navium celerrimus,
neque ullus natantis impetum trabis
nequisse praeterire, sive palmulis
opus foret volare sive linteo.

(from: http://rudy.negenborn.net/catullus/text2/l4.htm )

The general meaning seems clear enough.

This phaselus, which you see, guests, says it was the swiftest of ships, and was not unable to surpass the speed of a floating rafter whether it was necessary to fly with oarblades or sail.

What ...
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Absolutes: Warning star wars spoiler

Obi Wan "Only evil deals in absolutes"

- That's an absolute statement; Nonsense

All universal statements are negative

Anakin was quite the relativist throughout most of the movie.
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some time ago I read or heard somewhere that there are two Greek words to mean brother. Adelphòs should mean specifically brother of the same mother (from delphys), but I cannot recall the other word and I have only a monolingual dictionary Greek-Italian at the moment.
Can anyone help me?
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Pronunciation of Classical Hebrew

Hi, I know some of you know some Hebrew so I'll pose this question. What is the correct pronunciation of the gutturals? Specifically Chet, Ayin, and Alef. I'm learning on my own and my textbook says to leave Alef and Ayin silent and pronounce Chet like Kaf without the Daghesh Lene ( i.e. like Greek x). That was fine at first but now I want to use the correct pronunciation as I think it will ...
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