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N&H Preliminary Ones

I have just started N&H and would like some assurance that I am on the right track. These are a selection from the Preliminary Execrcises, which are not covered in the key. Also, please comment on word order if I need to improve.
Gall is separated from Britain by the sea. Gallia e Brittania mari dividitur.
We have taken the camp. Castra occupabamus/occupavimus. - I'm not sure if this should be perfect or imperfect.
Do ...
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Grammatical question

When I say "I have to go" in Latin, since I'm a female should I say "opa est mihi discedenda" or "opus est mihi discedenda." Is "discedenda" even right? I really need to brush up on my gerunds and gerundives!

Also, when I say "I am worried/annoyed" should I use "vexo" or "vexar" because "I am worried" is the same as "I worry."
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Do animals...

...have a soul? I've always wondered this and I would like to say they do because I would like to have my doggies in heaven. :D What do you guys think?
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The Anatomy of Melancholy

This is the title of a book described thusly at Amazon.com:

One of the major documents of modern European civilization, Robert Burton’s astounding compendium, a survey of melancholy in all its myriad forms, has invited nothing but superlatives since its publication in the seventeenth century. Lewellyn Powys called it “the greatest work of prose of the greatest period of English prose-writing,” while the celebrated surgeon William Osler declared it the greatest of medical treatises. And ...
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I'd like the traditional (old) Catholic prayers in audio Classic Latin. It is important because most Catholics appear to learn Classic Latin before they learn the Italian pronounciation.

I wish people were less shy. No one seems to consider themselves "expert enough" to make audio books. I found one woman who dared to be the "expert reader" in Greek on a Lutheran site, offering her Greek audio for free, but Latin speakers appear to hide ...
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Free Greek Audio Book

I came across the New Testament in Greek Audio that can be downloaded for free in mp3 format.
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Verse Compositions and their Versifiers published post-1800

Verses: a small selection 1810-99

MC = Musae Cantabrigienses seu Carmina Quaedam Numismate Aureo Cantabrigiae Ornata (London, 1810)
NM = Nugae Metricae by W. W. Grenville (Oxford, 1824)
Rem = Remains by W. R. Churton (London, 1830)
GretI = Latin Elegiacs and Hexameters: Vol. II by F. E. Gretton (London, 1838)
Arun = Arundines Cami ed. H. J. T. Drury (Cambridge, 1841)
AO = Anthologia Oxoniensis ed. W. Linwood (Longmans, 1846)
Sab = Sabrinae Corolla ...
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favorite quote

Post your favorite Latin quote, if you will.
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Quid facit tempestas hodie?

Putabam nos uti potere communes plus sententias, itaque has tempestati feci:

"Quid facit tempestas hodie?"

Bella facit tempestas.
Turpis facit.
Nubila facit.
Clara facit.
Facit calida.
Facit frigida.
In Anglia semper frigida facit.

Nimis calida humidaque facit!
Mihi facit nimis frigida amara.

Facit vere in Roma semper frigida svavisque.
Ningit hieme in Mediolano.
In Anglia semper pluit.

Est sol.
Est procella.
Trahit ventus.
Serena est.
Nebulosa est.
In Anglia semper nebulosa est.

(Hae sententiae e ...
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Ch 39, P&R#13, Eng -> Latin

As part of catching up with my negelected studies, I have been doing the English to Latin exercises from Wheelock, and I have a question. Those familiar with the film 'Jaws', might now like to start humming the 'daa dum' theme.

They are going to Rome to talk about conquering the Greeks.

I tried a number of ways of translating this, and would like someone to check my work please. (The first one is in ...
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