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Sailing with a Mycenaean Hero

Hi All,

I last week saw a PBS show about Helen of Troy. Among the many interesting things I learned were these two nuggets:

1. The Greek "wine" Retsina has been around since the bronze age.

2. We now know the ingredients of an alcoholic concoction consumed by bronze age Mycenaeans. No one knows the proper ratio, but the drink is a mixture of Retsina, barley beer, and mead.

I watched the show's hostess and ...
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myth "index"?


Lately i've become more and more "philomuthos", if i may make up this word. I'm talking about stuff like the myth digressions in Homer - for example in the 24th book the one about the two "pithous" (jars? vases?) with the good and the evil - or the great myths Plato inserted/converted/composed that could be read both as a lyrical outburst and a narration beyond rational argumentation.
My question is, is something like a ...
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Translation to LATIN (indicative imperfect active)

Is my translation ok?

1) Ancient people, you often builted big and beautiful temples of gods.

Populi antiqui, pulchra et magna deorum templa saepe aedicabatis.

2) Romans, you haven't been afraid of wars.

Romani, bellorum non timebatis.

3) Many beautiful statues has ornamented Roman forum.

Forum Romanum copia pulchra signa ornabant.

All this latin sentences was for use for indicative imperfect active so I don't know if my english sentences are ok, so do take ...
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Abecedaria: epigraphy and palaeography

A blog: http://abecedaria.blogspot.com.

It covers a number of older writing systems, but spends a good amount of time on various matters relating to Greek printing, from manuscript to electronic.
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Ars Amatoria

Hi guys!
I`m planning on translating Ovid`s text and want to start with Ars amatoria because I heard that it is very nice and interesting and not as hard as his other text.So I was thinking if you could give me an advice of what are your favourite chapters from this book,to start ith them.

Thanks in advance :wink:
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In my U.S. Government class, we were required to read two articles


http://www.libertyhaven.com/politicsand ... alism.html

I enjoyed the discussion we had in class, and I would like to hear what people here think.
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Hesiod W&D: Pandora's Hope in the Box

I'm reading Hesiod's Works and Days and I've come to the part where he tells the tale about Pandora and the box from Zeus.

The story just doesn't sound right to me. I don't see how Hope (spes) can be trapped in the box because that would mean that hope does not reach us. Clearly we all have hope. Sometimes we have nothing but.

If an ill were left in the box that we do ...
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Dulces ducibus cenantur.

Since the peaople of all nations are seeking peace, all leaders must conquer the passion for power.
I'm supposed to use an ablative absolute and the passive periphrastic.
I got:
Populis omnium gentium pacem quaerentibus sunt, cupiditas imperii omnibus ducibus superanda est.but, in the english sentence, 'all leaders' is the subject. In the latin one, it's not, so I was wondering if the active future participle can be used in kinda the same way:
Populis ...
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You opinions on the accuracy of these poetry recordings...


I was wonder if anyone had comments on the records appearing at this site:


Are they consistent with what you learned / how you pronounce Latin? Any major complaints?

I'm trying to find some faithful recording off the internet, so I know what it's supposed to sound like, although I realize that in the long run I'll probably splurge and buy the recordings to Lingua Latina (although I'm not sure if they're good ...
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