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Homer for ADD bards

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Help with Greek keyboard

I have three keyboard layouts installed: English, modern Greek and Spanish. All three work fine when writing with MS Word, and all three used to work when posting here in textkit. After I installed a firewall/virus protection/spyware detector, my Greek doesn't work here (damn ZoneAlarm Security Suit). I use Windows XP and MS Internet Explorer. I've checked the tools menu in Explorer, under fonts and languages, and both show the Greek.

This is what my ...
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Hello from Rome


My name is Massimiliano, I'm italian, and I live in Rome. I studied Latin and Greek for 5 years at school, but then I left them for a different line of work (i'm a software developer). Now I would like to go back to those marvellous langages in my spare time. I found Textkit by googling the web for tutorials, books and help.
I'm following no regular course, so I suppose I have to ...
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Electronic Oxford Latin Dictionary and big L&S Greek Lex


A while back, someone posted a link here to a website where you could get the Perseus 2.0 cds at a great discount. It seems they no longer sell it (ugh!), so I went looking for substitutes. I was mainly interested in the lexica for use off-line. What I found may interest some of you.

I found that the big Oxford Latin Dictionary can be pre-ordered at a great discount at https://www.logos.com/products/prepub/details/2229, and the ...
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Classics Books

Now that I'm at Oxford I have access to some pretty fantastic libraries with some pretty fantastic classics books. My college library for instance has two copies of the otherwise mythical "Greek Verbs Irregular and Defective".

Since lots of them are out of copyright, it's quite possible I can photocopy and pass on many of them! Also I could probably track down some obscure reference for anyone.


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A General Self-Studies Sticky?

Often people come here to enquire about how to study Greek independently. We already have the "Which dialect" sticky; I think it would be useful to compile a list/sticky on good self-study strategies. Granted, every learner's case is different, but having them read a sticky would help them articulate their specific goals/needs.

Some top ones I would put are

- Do some every day
- Focus on one textbook in the beginning
- Feel free ...
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A classical studies magazine?

Hey everyone, I was wondering if one of these exists, and if so what it's called and where it can be obtained? Thanks!

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Doubly periphrastic future (please help!)

In indirect statement, how do you create a passive periphrastic yet to come?

For instance:

sentiunt arcem militibus defendendam futuram esse (???)

It seems strange to have 2 participles one after the other performing the same function: the construction becomes doubly periphrastic and I'm assuming it's wrong, it just doesn't accord with my sense of the way Latin does things.

But how else could you say (it's a stupid example but hey) 'they feel that ...
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Velle means to wish, will etc., but what verb do you use when you want something, like "I want money"? As well, what is the difference between velle's wishing for and malle's preferring/wanting something more?

vale et gratias
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texts and technology; or, how I pulled the wool over...

Hello everyone,

Once upon a time, there was a class called Technology and Society. Everyone hated this class, and though they all were required to take it, no one really knew what it was about.

One day, I decided that I should get out of this class. Also, I want to take an independent study course in Latin Reading instead.

Somehow I need to combine the two, and I thought that one way to do ...
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