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Translation question

I am having trouble with a Latin to English translation and was hoping someone here could help me. I always seem to have more trouble with questions. Here is the Latin (it is from Workbook for Wheelock's Latin 3rd edition page 34 # 4).

Quid de me et exitio patriae meae cogitas?

My problem comes with the "me et exitio" phrase. I believe that "exitio" is in the ablative case and should be translated as ...
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When did the numbers change?

I have noticed that the numbers have changed somewhat from Koine Greek to Modern Greek. Especially numbers like 30, 40 50 60, etc. When did these numbers change? When did triakonta change to trianda?

Also, I was wondering if in Greek, did they ever use symbols like we do in English such as 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, etc? When did they start using Roman numerals?

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What Language Will William Study Next?

I have finally decided to be honest with myself. I have no motivation to study Latin. I have tried, I really have, but for the moment the study leaves me cold.

Rather than fight Latin inertia any further, I've decided to move on.

But I'm having difficulties choosing between the two languages that have always been high on my queue of "Languages you should really study more closely some day." Namely, Arabic and Persian.

Both ...
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V-sound in ancient Greek missing?

In some sites with Greek alphabet I read that beta Β stands for B sound, though in modern Greek it is pronounced V.

Didn't the ancients have any V sounds or what letter did they used for this?
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Hello... I just joined to forum today. I have always had a facination for Latin, with the fires being fueled more strongly by a high school that would not allow me to study Latin because it was reserved for highest honors students (which made so much sense, since there were exactly three students in the class - not exactly a waiting list!)

My first Latin instructor was my father, who taught me as much as ...
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Ancient Greek Vocab Learning----at a distance

I am an adult learner learning Greek through an interactive online 2 year course in Britain. (Unfortunately it is very difficult finding anywhere that teaches Greek to GCSE and A level standard at evening class...) so far I have completed the first year, fairly ably but it's been hard , the most unhelpful thing is being unable to hear the vocabulary ..

when learning Latin the vocab entered my brain through eyes and ears...as there ...
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Is Latin as hard as Greek or easier?

I eventually want to study Latin, and I may just start sudying it sooner then I thought. I have been studying Greek for about a year, and I am just getting the hang of it now, and I feel comfortable to move on to a 2nd year course. But I have been considering jumping into Latin.

Are there any good couses for learning Latin that has a grammer course set up like Mounce? Such as ...
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Waters of Rome


Very comprehensive site about Rome's water systems (aqueducts, baths, etc)
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How much should I learn before moving to 2nd year Greek?

I have been through the "Basic's of Biblical Greek" by William Mounce, and I have been reviewing it every day now for quite awhile. But I have yet to learn everything in it to perfection. I was wanting to know if it would be better to keep learning and memorizing every little detail from the Basics until I get it all down, or is it OK and normal to move on with the intentions of ...

Basic's of Biblical Greek: workbook

I just ordered the workbook that is from Mounce, and it is the workbook that goes with the Textbook of the "Basic's of Bibical Greek." Has anyone here used it? Is is any good? What ways will it help me? I have already been through the textbook and I have reviewed it a number of times to get as much out of it as I can. It has been a blessing! But I still need ...


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