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A view of Athens...

Hello forum!

The following address provides a beutiful view of the city of Athens through a webcam located at the foot of Mt Pendeli, looking due SW at Mt Aigaleo. The image refreshes every 5 minutes. Check it out:


You will aslo find an online weather station providing live data of the weather conditions, weather forecasts plus many photos and videos of recent weather phenomena.

The folowing image ...
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Verbs with Nominative Complements

I was in Latin class today and it was pointed out that VIDEOR takes a nominative complement in a similar way to SUM - I am - ESSE to be..

I am wondering if there is a list anywhere of the Latin verbs that take a nominative complement.

I'm grateful for any pointers here - I knew there were a few Greek Verbs like that, but didnt realise it extended into ...
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kw=dist' ?

In the Hymn to Demeter (13), I came across this phrase: kw=dist' o)dmh=. I'm guessing that kw=dist' reflects the joining of kai/ and h(/dista; but where does the omega come from? Is there another word involved?

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Boston area Latin reading group!!!

I am looking to start a small Latin reading group which will meet once a week or so at night for a couple hours to read Latin texts, discussing their context within classical culture while socializing and having lots of fun!

You need not be an advanced reader, but you should have completed elementary Latin (e.g., all of Wheelock) and have a good grasp of basic grammar. We will review grammar and the stylistic quirks ...
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I cannot find an explanation in any grammar for the from of "armatus" in the following snippet from "De Bello Gallico:"

hos posse conficere armata milia centum

A note to the text at the Perseus website paraphrases it as "armatorum virorum milia centum." This would suggest that "armata" is a variant form of the genitive plural, but it seems to be unique to instances where numbers are involved.

Does anyone know if and ...
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Please advise: How to begin self-study

Ok, I've read a lot of conflicting accounts regarding the best way for someone who's just starting Latin in a self-study endeavor to proceed. Thus, I'm seeking a bit of council to hopefully form some reasonable course of action.

First, my objective: to learn to read Latin proficiently. Composition is a desirable skill, but definitely takes a back seat to reading comprehension in the short term. Speaking is also desirable, although I think pronunciation should ...
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Ianua linguae Graecae.

salvete omnes!

discipulus sum in Universitate Nationali utriusque linguae classicae, et nunc librum quaero a H. Holtermann Ianuam linguae Graecae. videtur enim nulla est editio nova huius operis, quam ob rem non curo si vetus tantum emat.


Quintus Gaetulius Bogotensis. :?:
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Vita est Brevis

Is the phrase "Life is Short" correctly translated into Latin as Vita est Brevis.
Does "Dark Wolf Brother" translate into Noctis Lupus Frater.
And finally does "Art Endures" translate into Ars eduro, or should I use perduro/pertolero.
Thanks for the help.
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Participle questions, ch. 23

Just a few questions... :wink:

#1 P&R (they all are from P&R, as I want to read nostos' '10 page participle thingy' before I really go on.)
Aliquid numquam ante auditum cerno... Is "I never percieve anything before it's (been) heard" right? I realize it states pretty much the same thing as Don B.'s answer sheet. But wouldn't 'I determine nothing...' be closer to nihil cerno...?

#7 ...
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Nasus Romanus? (Warning! Nasus ingens in haec *post*!)

Someone recently told me that I have a Roman nose. I'm not sure what that means, exactly, so if anyone could help me out I'd appreciate it...
oh, and here's the picture which was commented on.. (a link to it, anyway.) http://photobucket.com/albums/b319/7tharrival/Summer%2005/?action=view¤t=john.jpg

Habeone Romanum Nasum?
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