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Latin Literature

Does anyone know of a site online from which I can purchase Calvin's Institutio Christianae Religionis. I have searched everywhere and cannot seem to find it. I was also wondering whether anyone knew of some mail order or online catalogs in which Latin literature is available which is not abridged or merely exerpts. I want texts which contain the entirety of the work in accurate form.
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REading Homer

how close do you think this reading is to the real accent of the ancients?


I am trying to learn but I don't sound anything like this fellow, and I am trying to stress the accents.
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tmesis in homer

hi, i just read that preverbs are already appended to their verbs in mycenean (i.e. pre-homeric) greek, e.g. a)pe/dwke, e0pide/dastoi.

(Yves Duhoux, Le système verbal grec: L'état mycénien, Proceedings of the Int. Colloq. in commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the publication of Raphael Kühner's Ausführliche..., Amsterdam 1986)

does this mean that 'tmesis' common in homer (i.e. separating the preverb from the verb, often throwing the object inside, e.g. ... Iliad 1.25, e0pi\ mu=qon e1tellen) ...
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Intransitive verbs and the passive voice


I am working on the passive voice right now, and I was wondering what D'Ooge means by "personal subjects" in the following:
166. Intransitive verbs, such as maturo, I hasten; habito, I dwell, do not have a passive voice with a personal subject.
Does this mean that intransitive verbs can never be in the passive voice, or that their use is very limited?

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Salvete omnes

Nomen mihi Iulianus est, hic membrum novum sum. Adhuc me non introduxi, sed noniam cunctabor: duodeviginti annos natus sum et in Hollandia habito. Latinam pulcherrimam linguam esse reor, quid arbitramini?

P.S. Latinam scribere dificiliorem quam legere existimo, vos quoque?
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I have the BBG text book and workbook...but my text book isn't the newest edition. Will that matter for the study group? I know sometimes they make updates with newer editions and I purchased mine in 2002.

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Humble requests

Hi everybody :D

Is there any possibility to get in pdf or djvu format:

Cunliffe, R. A Lexicon of the Homeric Dialect 1924

Monro, David.B. Homeric Grammar 1891

I would be great, it has passed a long time since the last textbook was posted in Textkit.

Thanks in advance
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FSA (first declension) question

Is there any way to tell from the standard form of the noun (singular nominative, singular genitive ending, pronoun) whether the FSA ending is hn vs. an?

For example:
Standard Form__________Accusative Singular
boulh/, h=j, h9 _____________boulh/n
qea/, a=j, h9 ______________qea/n
qa/lassa, hj, h9 ___________qa/lassan

Thank you

(Apologies if this has already been asked & answered):
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unicode, when do we shift to it?

how many people here still get boxes coming up when they see greek in unicode?

if no-one, jeff, could we please have some sort of online unicode converter here in the textkit forum like this

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