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Heu, omnes! I've been kind of embarrassed about this for a while, but I don't feel totally confident that I understand the vocative forms.

Naturally, any second declension masculine noun goes from -us to -e.

Also, nomina ending in -ius, and filius, become simply -i (as in, Quid petis, o fili?, or, Multas gratias, Tuli!)

And as for nouns that end in -eus, they also become -i, correct? So what otherwise might be mee amice ...
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Salve everyone!
I'd like to introduce myself.
I'm a sophmore in high school at Christian Liberty Academy in Arlington Heights, Illinois. This coming year will be my second year of Latin, Jenny's Latin that is (I heard Jenny's Latin is college level. Is that true?). My Latin teacher is awesome but there is one thing about her, she is addicted to caffeine. But I still take the Latin unlike everyone in my school who takes ...
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would someone make a forum...

Would someone be nice enough to make a forum for Jenny Latin students because there might be many Jenny Latin students who want to talk about topics like in this forum. Thanks.
Chris Toni (Jenny Latin 2 student)
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Classical texts in original Greek/Latin

Hi guys,

My question is, at least on the surface, a fairly simple one. A colleague and I had a conversation a few days ago, and essentially he wants to get in to the publishing business - he would provide funds to set up a new publishing company, with press et al.

Now the weak link in all of this is that he doesn't have anything to print. Another friend of ours was hoping to ...
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no spaces

I don't remember where I heard this, but can anyone confirm if it is true that biblical Greek had no spaces between words or sentences.


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Intoduction/help finding answer key

Hello All,

My nave is Dale, 45 in detroit area, studying biblical Greek. Working through the Hewett Grammar as presented through NTGreek.net and its going well. I want to use the Grammar by Machen for extra practice and I need an answer key. The instructor says that Spiros Zodhiates wrote one but its out of print and vanished. Can anyone help? Would it be better to post this request on one of the other lists? ...
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I just got a new clown loach, name ideas?

I just got a clown loach and I'm trying to think of a name. My other fish's names are Gillyweed (angelfish), Netruremus (black molly), and Brutus (betta in seperate tank). I like Latin, Greek, and Ancient Egyptian names, any ideas?

these are the names I like:
...anyone like any of these names or have any other ideas?
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Seeking Loci Antiqui Aid

Hello, this is my first post after ages lurking, so here goes!

I'm working with the Loci Antiqui independently, and I was wondering if there is someone here who would check my translations. If there are translations of these passages up somewhere, that would work too, but I havent been able to find any so far.

Thanks a lot!
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Greetings! :)

I just wish to introduce myself here at Textkit:
I'm a Latin self-student working from a 5th ed. copy of Wheelock I checked out at the library- I just ordered a new one from Amazon. I got started in Latin from a Latin summer program (with teachers, using Oxford)..

I only wish I could take it in High School, but alas, it isn't available since ...
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BLD § 258 I Latin-English Exercise

The Romans invade the Enemy's Country

Olim pedites Romani cum equitibus velocibus in hostium urbem iter faciebant. Ubi non longe afuerunt, raperunt agricolam, qui eis viam brevem et facilem demonstravit. Iam Romani moenia alta, turris validas aliaque opera urbis videre poterant. In moenibus stabant multi principes. Principes ubi viderunt Romanos, iusserunt civis lapides aliaque tela de muris iacere. Tum milites fortes contineri a proelio non poterant et acer imperator signum tuba dari iussit. Summa vi ...
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