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Books in ancient Greek

How many books can we read in ancient greek?
What books can we buy now?
I know there are many translated books, but I don't want them.
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Latin textbooks and learning method

Is anyone here familiar with these books?
If so, are they any good?

I think (without having read them) that this method could be realy helpful complimenting teadious grammar exercises, that, without being in any context, don't give feel for or skill in practical usage of the language.

Please, do share your thoughts!
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XXIX, § 176: Possible corrections to key.

Salvete omnes,

FYI, i think i found a couple of minor errors here in the Textkit key.

6. i think this sentence should be in the imperfect, rather than the future.

9. "Verba oraculi ei persuadebunt". i make this "... will persuade him", rather than "... will persuade them".

With thanks to the compilers of, and contributors to the key. How would i manage without it? HTH,

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Novus discipulus sum!


Ego lingvam latinam discere ad academiam Islandiam.
I think that's right. Anyway, I'm fairly new to latin since I didn't get any prior to entering university, and I'm not getting as much of it there as I'd like because I'm majoring in history. But so far so good, and I hope entering this forum will help me in my studies.
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Domus apud Angulum Puensem Sita

I picked up a second-hand copy of Domus Anguli Puensis (The House at Pooh Corner) recently. I was interested by the syntax (or is it grammar?) of this part:


I interpret this as treating "infra ponte" as the ablative of a hypothetical "infra pons," which, although made up of two words, acts like a single ...
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KAKHN in Iliad 1.10

I found it interesting in "The Traditional Epithet in Homer" when Milman Parry says of A10:

NOUSON could not appear so often in poetry and in such a variety of circumstances that we could imagine a traditional device by which it and the epithet modifying it could be placed in the line in the position in which we see them here; nor can we suppose that the essential idea 'he sent a plague throughout the ...
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novi papae novissima oratiuncula

It's good to know that the new pope cares for Latin:

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Habemus Novam Dominam Sithi

"Habemus Novam Dominam Sithi" -- Is this the correct translation to Latin for "We have a new Sith Lord?" I know this seems like an odd question. It was motivated by the fact that the new 'pope' looks kinda like the Emperor from Star Wars (with the bags under his eyes &c.).
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Books on Synonyms

Greetings all,

I am looking for a resource that covers synonyms of the Greek NT and LXX. I am aware of R.C. Trench’s book; but are there other more modern works available? Or is that the only one?

Thanks in advance.
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Where to next?

I'm near to finishing Wheelock and wonder what to do next. Does anyone offer a series of books so you can continue to Latin II, III etc? Are there courses you can take?

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