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Feature Discussion

I'm curious, how hard would it be to make it so that when people write their stuff into the Agora (or possibly anywhere on this board), each word automatically gets linked to the correct dictionary/analysis tool of choice, like perseus does with its texts....Then when people have a conversation in latin or greek(various dialects), the chances of comprehension and response would go higher since the cost of comprehension is lowered.

Or, how about a latin ...
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Churches and flocks

Well, this is kind of above my level, but I am trying to firm up the concepts of perfect, pluperfect and subjunctive I am learning by trying out a few sentences.

I am trying to say:

It was getting dark when he arrived at the old abandoned church with his flock .

So, as a first attempt:

Advesperāscibat cum advenerit cum pecō suō ab ecclesiā antīquā desertā.

My dictionary says that 'when' as when ...
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to iPod or not to iPod

Hi, everybody!

I want to buy an iPod 20GB (not the one that takes pictures) and the reviews on it have me wondering: this iTunes software, is it the only way to upload mp3 files? I read iTunes is integrated with some kind of mp3 store where you can buy songs to upload to iPod.

The reason I want an iPod is that I already have "ripped" the albums I own into mp3 files and ...
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New Orleans

I noticed that there hasn't been a topic started on the subject of New Orleans' destruction by a hurricane, and the devistation of the American south. How are our resident Textkittens who live in the area? I hope all are safe.

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various editions of M + F

Salvete omnes:

I am wondering about the (two?) editions of the book. The first edition (1974, ISBN 0520027477) seems pretty pricey, as used copies appear to be going for $98.01 on Amazon. I assume it is out of print. The 1977 edition (ISBN 0520031830) is far cheaper at $14. Are there vast differences between the editions, and is one preferred to the other by most on the list?
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Homeric Greek group starting

I will be starting a new Homeric Greek group in early September using the newly revised edition of "A Reading Course in Homeric Greek" by Schoder & Horrigan.

The first 60 lessons cover grammar and then the text proceeds to readings from Book 9 of the Odyssey.

For web-site information: www.geocities.com/homericgreek

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It is getting dark

According to my dictionary, the English phrase 'it is getting dark' in Latin is

advesperāscit (from advesperāscere, -vit)

I have not started learning 3rd conjugation verbs yet, but this looks like one. The questions I had were:

1) The entry in the dictionary was not listed in the 4-prinipal parts format I've seen so far. I know some verbs do not have all four prinicpal parts so that's ok, but now I am not sure ...
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Medical Latin assistance need - please please help


Im currently reading medicine in prague and have to study latin. I have a exam on monday which i need to pass. I have the exam paper (dont ask me how lol) but i havent got the first clue about it. Im emailing u asking if u could please please please help me. I need the answers. I know this is unorthodox but this is my last chance to stay in medicine. Can u ...
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What is the difference?

What is the difference in saying,

salve or salvete
vale or valete
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Saluete, omnes!

I would like to bring your collective attention to a subject I have been following for many years now, which has been essential in forming many of my more fundamental understandings of the world in which we live, specifically in the unification of history with mythology.

Atlantis: The Lost Continent Finally Found

I highly, highly recommend at least a partial perusal, if not an in-depth research of all its pages, if not the ...
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