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Classical Education

Do you think people become more virtuous by studying the classics? Are you a more virtuous person after studying Latin or Greek? Do you think schools should return to the classical education model?
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Adverbial accusative?

Hi all,

I have been trying to translate the following sentence:

Multum et diu clamat lanius, sed Pseudolus nihil respondet.

The use of the accusative multum has been confusing me. Is it an adverbial accusative? If so how would i translate multum as an adverb? ( is much ok?) Here's my best shot at translating this sentence:

The butcher shouts much and for a long time, but Pseudolus replies nothing.

thanks everyone,
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A latin tool that would be great for greek

I saw this post in one of the latin forums.


I loved it, how dificult would it be to do the same for Pharr???

I love the ancient Greek text manager but this link to the latin is quite a nice tool.
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cell-phones and radiation.

I carry my cell phone in my shirt pocket.
Today someone warned me that the radiation produced by a cell phone can cause cancer so it is not a good idea to carry my phone like that.
Have any of you heard anything about this?
I have heard that people who talk on their cell a lot can get problems (tumors?) in their head but this is the first time I heard anything about a ...
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Wilde Plays

I bought an Oscar Wilde book that contains 5 of his plays and I've just finished Lady Windermere's Fan. For those of you who have read them, which should I read next?
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Lingua Latina Pars I - Familia Romana

I want to start a new topic around Hans H. Orberg's "Lingua Latina" series. Since the series of readers, pamplets on grammar, exercises, etc. are all in Latin, I found some difficulties with the "implied/contexual" explainations.

I enjoy the methodology Orberg applies greatly. However, I find myself scratching my head and re-reading passages after long breaks before some of the meaning is clear to me.

My questions will follow shortly...

Thanks to all who contribute! ...
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Loci Dilecti

Hey all, greetings!

And now for a change of subject. Below I provide some of my "loci dilecti" or favorite places on the net. These all relate in general to the latin language, but tend to be slanted towards handy references and the cultivation of living latin. No doubt some are already familar to you while others may constitute new revelaltions. Enjoy!

When I'm composing and need to check up the case or spelling of ...
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There are some decent exercises at this site:


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Kynetus Vasingtonienis propositium suum recipit abducitque

Spectatissimis legentibus vel etiam dormientibus S.P.D. Kynetus Valesius Vasingtoniensis

I have decided to withdraw temporarily my proposal to the director(s) that textkit be used as a repository for a new kind pedagogically oriented, audible ebooks.

It is not because the actual director(s) has not responded to me and that I have consequently taken offense. First of all, nothing could be further from the truth; as some one actively attempting to cultivate the sagely virtues of ...
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Case endings will be the end of me...

Salvete! I'm new and studying Wheelock's Latin for a class (101). The first lesson went great (I love conjugating verbs, don't ask me why), but as soon as case endings were introduced, I am messing up my translation all over the place. I can't decide what most endings are to be translated as.... i.e I thought "amicos" was "to a friend", not "friends." Does anyone out there have any helpful tips for getting through first ...
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