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New greekstudy Herodotus translation group

There will start a Herodotus translation group on the greekstudy list on August 25. We will translate approximately 250 words per week and everyone is welcome to join in at any time.

More informations on this group can be found at


Don't hesitate to ask any question!

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the beginners' wheelock group -- CLOSED

Yes, Everyone, the long-delayed beginners' Wheelock group has begun--
Below is a link for joining up. The first assignment is Thursday, Aug. 4, but there will be leeway in the beginning.
We are using Wheelock's Latin, 6th edition and will cover about a chapter a week, starting with the first lesson.
Despite what is said on the study group page, the session is still open.
Hoping we will all have a good group.

Christopher Shelton ...
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Brute Memorization of Greek Grammar


The time has come for me to do as the Romans did, and learn Greek. It was only a month or so ago that I stumbled upon this website:

Latin by the Dowling Method

In it, Prof. William C. Dowling describes the best means of apprehending Latin: memorizing all the noun declensions, then all the adjective declensions, then all the verb conjugations. He pans Wheelock, the popular Latin for beginners book, and now I ...
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Late Summer Intensive? Plato's Alcibiades

Is there anyone interested in an intensive reading group? I have yet to read Attic prose of any length, and the recent find of the green-n-yellow of Plato's (we'll assume it's his) Alcibiades at a used bookstore has me feeling inspiried.

I'm not so fond of Plato's thought that I want to linger over every line, and I'd like to cover at least two pages of the g-n-y a week when it's Socrates hogging the ...
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Salvete! or, Fifth time is the charm.

I'm klostes, aka Lisa, and this will be my fourth or fifth foray into attempting to learn Latin. I've always wanted to learn the language but have stalled out every time I've tried on my own. This year when I gave my sons a choice between Latin and Spanish for their foreign language, the 13-year-old actually chose Latin. So he and I will see what hay we can make of the subject.

I've ordered Lingua ...
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Declining Latin Nouns

Hello All,

I am still trudging though D'Ooge, and I have a question about how he introduces the noun in it's declensions.

He introduces, Nom, Gen, Acc, Dat....

That's as far as I've got. The order seems weird to me, because in Greek we learned it...Nom, Gen, Dat, Acc.

Just checking to make sure that D'Ooge's way is the common way before I make my noun charts.
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Quick Help

I wasn't sure where to post this cause if I remember correctly it's against the rules to demand a translation without posting your own attempt. However, I don't know the vocabulary for the translation I seek (in latin). So possibly if someone with that knowledge could lend a minute or two to give me a suggestion, it would be most appreciated.

I'm trying to translate "Hall of the fallen" or "Passageway of the fallen" into ...
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Saving music downloaded with Quicktime


If I download music that uses Quicktime, can I save it so that I don't have to download it every time that I want to listen to it?

May God pay you back with many children.
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Word order question.

I was curious as to the opinion of more experience Latinists. I sometimes strugle with word order in Latin, specifically when translating English to Latin. I know that the word order doesn't mean much except when something needs to be emphasized. I was thinking of ignoring (for now) the correct word order and composing my Latin sentences with the English word order.

Good idea or bad idea? What do you think?

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What are usergroups?
Apparently I am a member of a usergroup of which trolli is the moderator.
I remember registering as member of Textkit but not to any specific usergroup.
Anyone know what they are about?
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