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Next Homeric Reading Group (intermediate/advanced)

The Minckwitz-a reading group, which has been reading Book 12 of the Odyssey, will be completing that book in mid-September. When that lists closes we will take a break for about a month, and then we'll move on.

We're not quite sure where we're moving on to exactly. Thus, the poll.

My bright idea is to simply start in on a list called odyssey-a (the -a suffix indicates session number; it allows us to have ...
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El subjuntivo de futuro

I was reading a few Spanish grammar texts the other day, and I came across "El subjuntivo de futuro". I knew that Latin had no future subjunctive. It made me wonder where Spanish inherited the future subjunctive from. Can anyone shed light on this, please?
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JWW exercises, para 473, 475, 479, 481, 489, 491

further offering of suggested answers..

1 the others say they would be willing (original words: bouleuso/meqa)
2 he said a Greek was shot on the right (orig: 3Ellhn toceu/qhn e0pi\...)
3 he declares to me that he would prove to be a faithful friend
(orig: fi/loj kai\ pisto/j genh/somai)
4 they were angry at Xenophon, thinking that they were/had been harmed by him
(orig: a0dikh/qhmen u9p ) au0tou=)
5 indeed I say that either ...
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autos tetartos elthen

On page 257 of Thraymachus the sentence, "au)to\j te/tartoj h]lqen." is translated as, "he came with three others".

Shouldn't that sentence mean, "he came fourth"?

EDIT: Spelling
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Am I a spammer?

So here’s the story. I sign up for this language exchange program: http://www.mylanguageexchange.com

Then I get this email from this girl saying she is willing to help me. I reply and say thank you. Since she is a local person, I asked if she wanted to help me with French through email or in person.

Then I get another email –sent to many people on her list. It says ...
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Because the barbarians are coming today.


Now that the reasons -- WMD, Iraq/al-Qaeda link -- for going to war against Iraq have been completely discredited, having in the process WASTED so many lives (904 poor American boys killed and counting, thousands seriously burned and missing limbs; tens of thousands of Iraqis killed, mostly civilians), the question that remains is who is next on the kill list for the Bush admnistration. Will it be Iran? North Korea? How about Venezuela and ...
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translating a sentence

Hey, I have some difficulties translating a sentence. I think it's an English sentence translated into Latin, however, I'm not sure. Can anyone help me translate it??

Ars fecit quodcumque vides, quod non potuisset fieri, conferet ni Molinaeus opem
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Question: So witch one's harder?

I am trying to decide between learning greek or latin for my study of classics in college and was wondering if anyone had any helpful info. Is one harder than the other to learn? has anyone found one or the other more useful? any info would be great
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Finding actual greek-language books

A couple of months ago, I downloaded William W. Goodwin's First Four Books of Xenophon's Anabasis, liked it, but I found it inconvenient to read on my computer (and I didn't want to print it).

So, I bought a used copy on line for about $10, and have been very happy with it.

But here's a question: does anyone know of a way to search for booksellers who have greek-language books in stock? I haven't ...
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Help with translation

o(i pa/lai sofoi\ ou)k apoqnh/skousin a)lla\ paideusin a)ei/

First of all, did the above go through and, if so, does the translation read:

The wise ones of long ago have not died but they always teach.

I should say that I am using a book called Ancient Greek: A New Approach
by Carl A.P. Ruck. The book has no answer key and no attribution is given for the above sentence, though it occurs in a ...
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