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Greek grammar texts

If I were to begin learning Greek, what grammar text should I purchase to teach myself with?
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Pronunciation and translation

Hello all,

First of all, excellent website and forum. You have the potential to bring back the greco-latin culture that now seems lost in our educational system. Kudos.

I'm studying latin by myself using "First Year Latin" by Collar and Daniell (the 1907 edition and the revised edition by Thornton Jenkins), and I've stumbled upon a few problems. One of those is pronunciation, since my goal is to read and speak ecclesiastical latin. So how ...
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Meaning of "Quod libes"


I'm in a literature course, and on our sylabus, the day before Thanksgiving break, the day is labled "Quod libes." The instructor said that that "libes" means "you want", making the phrase translate as "Whatever you want." Whitaker's WORDS says:

nibble, sip; pour in offering/a libation; impair; graze, touch, skim (over)

So is "Quod libes" an idiom meaning "Whatever you want", or is the phrase simply wrong? ...
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Salvete, mea amici!

Salvete popule tote,

Narrare fabula mea longa cum brevita,

A couple years ago my interest in English writing took wings and soon after I became a vocabulary freak. :) Every time I looked up a word, however, I kept focussing on the etymologies at the bottom of the dictionary entry. Eventually - somewhere about a year ago - I became so curious that one day I finally ...
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Site with declension of proper names and places?

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know where I can find a website with the Latin declensions of proper names and locations that have inherited some Greek case endings (i.e. Aeneas, Aeneae m. Aeneas, Delos, Deli f. Delos).

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Looking for opinions on Children's Latin programs

Anyone have any suggestions? My son is 9; I'm figuring on starting him on Latin by next September, when we start our homeschool study of Rome.

If you have recommendations, please explain them, or point me to reviews online; I don't think Wheelock's is really appropriate for that age, especially since we're still in an early stage of ENGLISH Grammar.
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Translation to latin

Is my translation ok?

1) Neptunus was lord of sea and sea animals.
Dominus maris et marium animalium Neptunus erat.

2) Marcus Porcius had many virtues.
Marco Porcio erat multitudines virtutes. (dativus possesivus)

3) Disciples will be known many examples of couragness of Roman citizens.
Multa exemplaria fortitudinum Romanorum civium discipulis notis erunt.
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Griechische Lyrik

A bunch of verse (iambic, elegiac, lyric and choral), with brief comments, mostly in the form of occasional vocabulary notes, auf Deutsch.

Griechische Lyrik (PDF, 49pp).
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check out these greek things, incl basic-parsed grk texts


also if you're studying hittite (which is v useful for comparative linguistics to back up your greek/latin since it's the oldest attested IE language) it looks like the huge chicago hittite dictionary is moving online

http://oi.uchicago.edu/OI/DEPT/PUB/SRC/ ... tions.html
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