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Audio of Classical Texts in Ecclesiastical Pronunciation

Do you all know where-- if it exists at all-- I can find classical Latin texts in full, pronounced according to the ecclesiastical pronunciation? Leave aside the Vulgate and later texts such as Augustine, et al. (Bedwere already has those covered). I am looking for Caesar, Livy, Cicero, Vergil, etc. Let me know if any of you have been able to turn anything up.
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A plug for Emacs

When I need to type a Greek word into a Latin document, I use the powerful text editor Emacs. The command set-input-method lets me shift into Greek, and back to Latin on the same line of text. The Greek characters are about what you'd expect a Latin keyboard to produce.

Emacs can be daunting to a beginner, but I started using it about twenty years ago when I took up Linux. There is also a ...
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Cic., pro Sestio, XXIV

Cicero is condemning the pair of crooked consuls who turned the government upside down and sent Cicero into exile. I need help on classifying this use of the subjunctive:

Quodsi meis incommodis laetabantur, urbis tame periculo commoverentur.

Here is the LCL translation: Yet even if they rejoiced at my disasters, they ought to have been affected by the peril of the State.

I overlooked the contrary-to-fact meaning of commoverentur until after I had checked my ...
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Helo with "γνούς" aorist participle of γιγώσκω

So I have been looking for any rule, contraction or general explanation for why the first person aorist participle in nominative of γιγνώσκω has that declension. I understand that the stem should be γνω- or γν- after eliminating the -σκ- infix and the γι- reduplication, so shouldn't the declension be γνώσας or γνῶν? I know for a fact that γμούς is the correct one, but I Cannot understand why, can anybody help?

Thanks beforehand.
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I have just joined and this is my introduction. My special interest is New Testament Greek which I am learning for fun. I also hope to soon begin the study of Latin. Here's to all my fellow students on this site. God Bless.
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Euripides, Orestes 1163-1166

ἐγὼ δὲ πάντως ἐκπνέων ψυχὴν ἐμὴν
δράσας τι χρῄζω τοὺς ἐμοὺς ἐχθροὺς θανεῖν,
ἵν᾿ ἀνταναλώσω μὲν οἵ με προύδοσαν,
στένωσι δ᾿ οἵπερ κἄμ᾿ ἔθηκαν ἄθλιον.

(tr. David Kovacs):
Now since I am in any case going to breathe out my life,
I want to do something to my enemies before I die
so that I can repay with destruction those who have betrayed me
and so that those who have made me miserable may smart ...
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expression in North & Hilliard

In North & Hilliard, Latin Prose Composition, Exercise 216, I find this vocabulary entry:
fine, mulcto aliquem, abl.

I need first, a dictionary headword for mulcto;
and second, a grammatical explanation of the comment abl.. I am baffled by this entry, maybe because of ignorance of an idiom.

I'm still pecking away on a text file containing the exercise vocabularies in the N&H Latin composition textbook.
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Cloze deletion (or massive context cloze deletion)

I have been experimenting with cloze deletion using Anki to improve my Greek. It has some of the benefits of composition without the major limitation (my poor Greek). I'm posting this because I think it may be a good learning tool for people at all levels.

Some things that I'm getting from it:

1) An intimate understanding of texts that are a bit tough for me to simply read through
2) Vocabulary/Accidence/Syntax/Grammar/Idiom practice
3) Fun ...
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Fully digitized version of Smith & Hall

Most of you are probably familiar with the great English-Latin dictionary of Smith & Hall. I am happy to be able to announce to you that there is now a fully digitized version of it available at https://www.latinitium.com/smithhall

As you will see, the text, which was proofread by yours truly, has been supplied with clickable links between the various articles, which of course greatly speeds up browsing the dictionary, ...
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