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Quia vero

In medieval Latin (St. Thomas) what "quia vero" mean at the beginning of a sentence?

For context:
Est igitur considerandum, quod sicut nomine boni intelligitur esse perfectum, ita nomine mali nihil aliud intelligitur quam privatio esse perfecti. Quia vero privatio proprie accepta, est eius quod natum est, et quando natum est, et quomodo natum est haberi, manifestum est quod ex hoc aliquid dicitur malum quod caret perfectione quam debet habere.

The vulgate has a similar ...
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Acts 9:7 versus Acts 22:9

I came across the following in a review of When Paul Met Jesus -- How an Idea got Lost in History. It comes down to the difference between ἀκούω τὴν φωνήν versus ἀκούω τῆς φωνῆς.

The main hurdle Porter has to clear is the difficulty of Acts 9:7, which says

Paul’s companions did hear a voice but did not see the speaker
ἀκούοντες μὲν τῆς φωνῆς μηδένα δὲ θεωροῦντες

while ...
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Beginner, grammar questions

Hello. I have worked myself through 300 pages of the Basic Greek in 30 Minutes a Day self-study, and now I am 150 pages through Dr. Mounce's Basics of Biblical Greek (I have arrived at verbs, the book separates the nouns first then verbs). I am slowest at writing Greek, quicker at reading and pronouncing. Can someone please review the following sentences and correct me so I learn the language better? I am using the ...
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Is this correct?

Hello guys, I'm new here and I love so much Latin and Greek so I want to start my activity asking a question about latin concordance, I wanna know if this sentence is correct: "ad stultos peritosque parandos".
As you can see, there are two substantives in accusative case with one gerundive verb, is that correct???? is there another way to express that????
Thanks in advance.
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I'm probably getting ahead of myself -- I still have several works at least to get through before I could even think of starting this one -- but I've acquired Plato's Cratylus, which an old professor recommended and which I agree would be right up my alley, before I could forget the title and before that professor retired.

I've heard that Plato's difficulty can be all over the map. How hard is this dialogue? In ...
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NH Latin Prose Composition

"In the following sentences Latin requires the dependent verb to be in the subjunctive."

They have come in order that they may conquer us.
Veniunt nos vincant.

They sent money that we might buy our freedom
Pecuniam miserunt libertatem nostris emeremus.

We had already succeeded so well that we had hoped to win.
Iam procificiebamus tam bene vincere speremus.
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Suetonius' Vitae: good annotated editions

Can anyone recommend a good edition of Suetonius' De Vita Caesarum with historical/vocabulary/grammatical notes? So far I have found only one, by Johann Heinrich Bremi (Zurich, 1820).
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Translation of subjunctive

I'm coming back to studying Latin again after a few years, so a simple question, I hope...

In Sharpley's Complete Latin Course, there's the following sentence:

sī captīvus esset, domum nōn venīret

which is translated as if he were a captive he would not be coming home.

I thought at first that the meaning would be closer to ... should not come home (expressing wish, not unfulfilled condition, in other words — as in the ...
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Hello all, my name is Tom.

I am sixty-six years old, and grew up in Boston, MA. When I was young I was fascinated by the ancient Mediterranean world. I loved watching what became know as "sword and sandal" movies.

When I entered middle school I wanted to take French, but instead I was put into the Latin class. The poor woman who was a teacher was one of the most boring teachers I had. ...
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Gesta Romanorum

Salvete omnes!

Novistisne Gesta Romanorum, liber scriptus saeculo XIII? Quid eo censetis?

Is valde mihi placuit quum eum legi, habet aliquas fabulas morales quae sunt facilissimae legendi. Puto eum optimum latinae principiantibus esse.

Hic est exemplum fabulae huius libri:

De morte

Legitur in chronicis, quod anno XXII ab urbe Romana condita populus Romanus columnam marmoream in foro Romano statuerunt, et ibi imaginem Iulii Caesaris fecerunt et super caput eius nomen Iulii scripserunt, quia in ...
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