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Graded readers in Ancient Greek -poll

The need for comprehensible input is something that has often debated yet I am still unclear as to why people disagree or even if they disagree. If you have time please post your reasons along with your vote.
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Competition to Promote Ancient Greek

Agon Armonias 2017

Call for an international competition to promote ancient Greek language!

This year, your task is to produce a short movie clip (max. 10 min) showing a short drama scene to promote the Ancient Greek language.
Your clip should be able to enthuse young and old people to learn Ancient Greek and show us, why you like to learn the Ancient Greek language. If you wish, you can include music. You can produce ...
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aetātem eōs - Roma Aeterna XLVII Lines 17–20

Incipiēmus igitur ā Solōne clārō — quoniam dē Homērō et Hēsiodō inter omnēs ferē scrīptōrēs cōnstitit aetātem eōs ēgisse vel iīsdem ferē temporibus vel Homērum aliquantō antīquiōrem;

I shall begin, then, with the illustrious Solon; for, as regards Homer and Hesiod, it is agreed by almost all writers, either that they lived at approximately the same period, or that Homer was somewhat the earlier;

This is John Rolfe's translation. Unless I'm missing something, he doesn't ...
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Anth. Pal. 5.189

A friend and I are a bit puzzled by the first line of this short epigram (in the paraclausithyron genre) from the Anthologia Palatina, attributed to Asclepiades of Samos:

Νὺξ μακρὴ καὶ χεῖμα, μέσην δ᾽ ἐπὶ Πλειάδα δύνει·
κἀγὼ πὰρ προθύροις νίσσομαι ὑόμενος,
τρωθεὶς τῆς δολίης κείνης πόθῳ: οὐ γὰρ ἔρωτα
Κύπρις, ἀνιηρὸν δ᾽ ἐκ πυρὸς ἧκε βέλος.
(Anth. Pal. 5.189)

Specifically, the second half of the first verse. I take it that the poet ...
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Is μαχομαι second aorist?

I'm a little confused at the moment because some verbs like μαχομαι have aorist stems (different to the present stem) in brackets next to them when I look them up in my textbook (Reading Greek), but they follow 1st aorist endings...so for example, the aorist stem of μαχομαι is μαχεσα- and I thought if the stem is different in the aorist then it's second aorist? But it actually follows first aorist endings (so ἐμαχεσαμην etc). ...
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Please allow me to introduce myself

Hello, per the forum rules I will introduce myself and try my best not to come across as an odd-ball.
I have been marginally aware of this forum's existence for years, but for whatever reason have never joined. Now I have a specific question I'd like to ask, so here I am after all. Looking at the board a little more closely, maybe I will have cause to regret not joining sooner.
My name is ...
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Miscellaneous Koine

I have a few miscellaneous questions concerning biblical Koine Greek. When should I be using λέγω vs. λαλέω? Also, where can I find the paradigm for εἶπα?

I have had some odds and ends that I skipped to keep a faster pace at learning. Is it worth it to learn the paradigm for οἶδα and ἤδειν and ἔγνων?

My biblical Greek text is primarily teaching me to read Koine. I want to reinforce my mind ...
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Perfect Deponent Koine

Hello, I have learned all tenses of biblical Koine Greek, but my text book kind of confused me recently regarding deponents. How can I tell if a Perfect is deponent (I realize it should be the same way across all tenses), because when I see the principal parts the Perfect middle/passive is always with a primary middle/passive personal ending and thus it always looks deponent to me? How should I translate deponent Perfects?
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Is anyone familiar with the term perindie? I am having difficulty finding a dictionary entry for the word.
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New Member Introduction


My name is Mario.

I want to learn ancient Greek so I join this forum.

Sorry I cannot write good English.
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