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Hi All:

I am an English teacher pursuing graduate study in Latin hopefully to at some point teach Latin at my college. I have finished a Latin Prose Composition class but am working through the rest of BA in hopes of making my Latin excellent, hence my desire to get some advice here. I have quite a bit of fluency in Koine Greek and 7 graduate classes in Greek literature, where I read works such ...
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Participle of esse

Does the participle praesens of praeesse indicate that the participle of esse should properly be sens and not ens?
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What is the Grammar-Translation method?

(This is a fork from the Translation of the word τον τεθνηξομενον thread.)

I would be interested to know what people think the Grammar-Translation method is, both from those who are fans of the method and from those to him it is a dead end.
Which text books follow that method?
To what extent is this a label that gets put on those teaching who are actually just muddling along relying on their knowledge of ...
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Great Latin sayings about education or knowledge

I'm trying to find any quotes about education, and was wondering if anyone could help me with some Latin sayings. This is for a potential school sweatshirt, maybe a little Latin saying or quip for the back of it.

My school is private and pretty small --- 5 students in high school. It is a classical school, so we are learning Latin and Greek and reading a lot of the great books. Boethius, Plato, Homer, ...
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question re: spelling in texts

total newbie question haha!

I've started attempting to work my way through Krito with the help of Steadman's guide on pdf.

I also have the text in an old book.

Some of the words don't match, specifically a difference of ξ vs σ. Where my book says ξυνηθης, Steadman's version says συνηθης. As well, ξυμφορᾳ vs συμφορᾳ.

What's happening here?
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Quam comparative

Iohel omnibus Latinae sodalibus s.d.

I'm wondering of the following would be an acceptable English-Latin translation. Though I'm not aiming at a literal translation, I'm hoping the essence has been retained. (The original English precedes my Latin attempt).

Then, when the defenders were assailed by a tide of foes thrice greater than all the force that was left to them, the battle line broke, and they were scattered, fleeing this way and that.

Inde, cum ...
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still working on sequence of tenses

Boethius, Consolation of Philosophy, Book 2, Prosa 2.

Philosophia, wearing the persona of Fortuna, asserts:

Audacter adfirmem, si tua forent quae amissa conquereris, nullo modo perdidisses.


Confidently I would declare, if those things belong to you, which you complain were lost, then you would not have lost them.

Partial Parse, to explain verb forms.

affirmem: present subjunctive, A & G call this the subjunctive of modesty, an instance of the potential subjunctive.
forent: imperfect ...
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What happened to Linear B skepticism?

The more I find out about Linear B, the weirder and wackier the claims about its decipherment seem to be. For example, in the first chapters of Horrocks, we get repeated claims about the unexpected absence of expected linguistic developments. This is all very strange.

However, these sorts critiques seem explosive:

http://www.sunypress.edu/p-494-the-line ... contr.aspx


So where is the modern skepticism? I can’t ...
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another Boethius sentence

Boethius, Consolation, Book ii, prosa 2

Context: Philosophia, speaking for Fortune, argues that Fortune owes Boethius nothing.

Quouis iudice de opum dignitatumque me cum possessione contende et si cuiusquam mortalium proprium quid horum esse monstraueris ego iam tua fuisse quae repetis sponte concedam.

My translation:

Debate with me before any judge about the possession of wealth and rank, and after you have shown that any of these truly belong to one ...
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Constructio ad sensum

Dear Forum,

I came across this correction in my travels with D'Ooge:

Alius socii amici erant Romanis, alius Gallis
Alius socii amici erat Romanis, alius Gallis

Is this to be seen as a constructio ad sensum due to populus being a noun which implies plurality?
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