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δεῖ + present participle

I'm currently working through Beetham's "Greek with Plato." While working through the beginning of Plato's Meno, I have encountered a construction that I am unable to understand grammatically (I understand the semantics of the sentence).

εἰ δὲ βούλει γυναικὸς ἀρετήν, οὐ χαλεπὸν διελθεῖν, ὅτι δεῖ αὐτὴν τὴν οἰκίαν εὖ οἰκεῖν, σῴζουσάν τε τὰ ἔνδον καὶ κατήκοον οὖσαν τοῦ ἀνδρός.

Why are σῴζουσάν and οὖσαν present participles? I would have expected them to be ...
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Translation Il.1.124

This line has been irritating me for a very long while:

οὐδέ τί που ἴδμεν ξυνήια κείμενα πολλά

Pharr suggest Achilles is being ironic speaking πολλά and while english translations I've checked all have their own fancy, they all follow this meaning: "we don't know at all of many common stores lying around".

On the other hand, according to my lexicon "οὐδέ τί που" can mean "it's impossible!", and also keimai can be used to ...

Future Active Indicative (Liquid)

Hello, This is my first time here.

We are currently learning the Future Active Indicative (liquid) chart for Pattern 3 verbs. We learned that εσ is the tense formative for this pattern, however, we also learned that the "σ" always drops out and the ε interacts with the connecting vowel and contracts. What I'm wondering is, if the "σ" always drops out, then how do we know that the tense formative is εσ instead of ...
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Sabinas rapiendas

In LLPSI Cap XLII exercitium 16. Orberg asks:

Quando Romulus signum praedae dedit?

To which I answer.

Ubi spectaculumm oculos Sabinorum tenebat Romulus signum Sabinas rapiendas fuisse dedit.

Can I use a gerundive like this? If so is it in the right case?
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10 yr old wants to learn Epic Greek

Dear Members,

My ten yr old son wants to learn Greek--I went thru all the major dialects with him this morning on the Where to Start section--we settled on Epic as a good place to start. He's a huge fan of Homer. We will learn it together. Will Pharr's book be the one we want to begin with? In addition does anyone have any tips, suggestions &c on how to start learning Greek with a ...
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"Completeness" of Beginning Greek Books

Hello the Greek board, where I have not posted before.

After getting to reading individual Latin authors I've started on Greek, working with Crosby and Schaeffer's very spare introductory book. So far not too bad through the first 20 chapters, but I have a feeling the difficulty is about to ramp up.

Two doubts have nagged me as I progress. The first is the question of "completeness" that comes up in certain reviews of introductions ...
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Mongomery's speech jussive subjunctive

In August 1940 Montgomery on taking command of the 8th Army made a speech to the leading officers.
The following is loosely based on that speech.

φυλάξωμεν Αἴγυπτον ἐνθάδε ἐν Ἀλαμεινι. μὴ σταυρώσωμεν παρὰ Νειλῳ. κελεύσωμεν τοὺς λοχοῦς νῦν παρὰ Νειλῳ ὄντες προβῆναι πρὸς Ἀλαμεινα. στῶμεν καὶ μαχεσώμεθα ἐνθάδε. μὴ ἀναχωρήσωμεν. καύσωμεν τὰς γνώμας τὰς περὶ τοῦ ἀναχωρεῖν λεγούσας καὶ παραχρῆμα. ἐὰν οὐ οἶοι τ' ὦμεν ἐνθάδε ζῆν, θάνωμεν ἐνθάδε.

ὁ πρωτὸς ἄρχων παρήγγελκεν ...
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What use of the dative is this?

At the end of Book 2 of Ovid's 'calendar' poem, Fasti, the poet has reached February 28. He writes these lines:

Vênimus in portum, libro cum mense peracto.
Naviget hinc aliâ jam mihi linter aquâ.

'We've come to port, the book (of the current poem) ending with the month.
From here may my little boat sail through other waters.'

What is this construction with 'mihi' called? How does it work? Can someone give me other ...
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Limit of Ten Links


There is a limit of ten links for each post on Textkit. Would the moderators consider raising or abolishing the limit? In long posts about corrections of texts I needed to include links to Perseus and I was often stymied by the limit. Thanks!
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Bina tantum spolia opima...

In Orberg's LLPSI exercitium 11.6 habet:

Bina tantum spolia opima capta sunt: adeo rara fuit fortuna eius decoris adipiscendi .

I think this means: The spolia opima were captured only twice: such was the rare fortune of this honour of seizure.

I can't translate this into English very well. But, assuming my understanding is accurate my question is this: is 'eius' there for emphasis? If the word were not there would ...
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