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self introduction

hello,<br />my name is Ronen and i am almost sixteen, and recently i have started teaching myself latin. (greek is the target.) <br />i am an unschooler (hope you know what it is...)<br />and i learn violin.<br />yours sincerely,<br />Ronen
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Going English

Tentatively I'll be in England this December - around London mostly, although (if I'm called in for interview) I'd have a week or so in Oxford... anyway, I was wondering if anyone else here might be in town around then - perhaps we could meet up? ;)
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bibliotecha Augustana

http://www.fh-augsburg.de/~harsch/a_chron.html<br /><br />Originally posted by Ingrid. Interesting site with Latin from all different ages, even REALLY old stuff.
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Umm, either because of a blurry screen or a blurry page, or perhaps both, I can't see what the Greek for "son" is supposed to be...is it upsilon, iota, omicron, stigma, or is it omega, omicron, stigma? I'm guessing the first one just because it makes more sense...
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Which copy should I buy?

I'm thinking about getting myself a proper bound second hand copy of the Odyssey, and I was wondering which edition. I'm looking for something with helpful footnotes and comments that I might just possibly be able to find in a second hand bookshop at Charing Cross or somewhere near there.
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Harrius Potter - stuck sum!

Hi all, I'm up to page 3, and there are two bits I can't understand. I'm hoping that some of you who bought the book can help.<br /><br />...(most of them had not seen an owl even at night)<br />quod tamen ad Dominum Dursley attinebat, matutinum tempus, ut fit, omnino strigibus vacabat. homines quinque increpuit.<br /><br />which, however held on to Mr Dursley, early in the morning, ut fit, entirely he emptied of owls. He ...
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Latin Help Please

I would like to translate this phrase from English to Latin and hope somebody can help me :)<br /><br />"Endeavor to the Light" <br /><br />The light being a spiritual kind of light.<br />Thanks in advance,<br />Peter<br />
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Greetings, <br /><br />This is my first post ;D I am a wee little beginner student of Greek (koine). I love the good resources available on textkit, and think the forums are some of the best on the web. <br /><br />I would like some help on greek prepositions. I read beginning grammars, and find the vocabulary difficult to solidify. I think this has to do with the ambiguity of English prepositions. Lexicons often enhance ...
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key to Whites First Greek Book

I have noticed to errors made in Lesson VI item exercise 64.<br />Sentence 3 : verb 'bring' is in the 2nd person plural, but was<br />translated in the 3rd person singular. <br /><br />Sentence 6. the adjective 'good' follows the object<br />knives/sabres but is translated as describing shields?<br />Also the adjective is translated as 'fine' for which we have been given the adjective 'kalas' ???
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JWW exercises, para 398, 411, 418, 424, 431, 441

Some more answer suggestions for these six chapters<br />It goes without saying that all corrections much appreciated<br /><br />Lesson 42. / Paragraph 398. <br />a. a0lla\ tw|~ Me/nwni h]n to\ ke/raj to\ eu0w/numon.<br />b. kai\ sumbouleu/etai o9 Cenofw~n tw|~ Swkra/tei<br />g. dia\ tw~n o0re/wn e0poreu/onto oi9 strathgoi/.<br />d. toi~j pa=si h]san kra/nh xalka~.<br />e. e0nteu~qen e1pemye to\n a1ggelon e0pi\ tw~n o0re/wn<br />-e0pi\ ta\ o1rh<br /><br /><br />Lesson 43. / Paragraph 411. <br />a. pe/myon tou\j ...
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