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To Elucubrator: on Internet Architecture

Hi, Sebastian,<br /><br />It was not until today that I see your reply, because my computer was occupied by a big computation task for several days. :P <br /><br />Let me try to give a rough explanation on Internet Architecture. To my understanding, researchers on "Internet Architecture" are trying to answer how the Internet should be organised.<br /><br />Today, millions of people are playing Internet, downloading music ...
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Representing Greek - Font Notes for New Users

Textkit has inherited the broader problems in presenting Greek text on web pages. In the past, we used SPIonic, but now we use Unicode.


You will find SPIonic in older posts using Greek, and in a few of the Greek Tutorials, so you may want to install that font if you haven't already had a reason to do so.

Unfortunately, one past upgrade of the Forum software messed up all the Font tags, so ...
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oedipus rex

I'm looking for on-line greek texts of Sophokles' Oedipus Rex, Oedipus at Kolonos & Antigone. Can anyone help me?<br />Thanks
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Translation Help Wanted!

am getting married very soon and would want the following to be engraved on our wedding bands:<br /><br />"You are my light, my love, my universe."<br /><br />below is the whole quote:<br /><br />"Hush, my most beloved. You are my light, my love, my universe. My time shall stand still as I await your return. May you return with the love and affection that you so dearly promise me, and what my heart longingly yearns ...
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Litteras Ciceroni

I've started reading Cicero's letters and they remind me of a join the dots game, where the numbers are slightly faded; you're not completely sure where you should go for the next one.<br /><br />I'm seeing that when a sentence would be translated back to English, often you have to jump to the end of three or four lines just to get the frist word. Is this symptomatic of most Latin texts? t<br /><br />I ...
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Hi!<br /><br />First posting by me! I'd like to say that I am really glad to see so many Ancient Greek and Latin texts being made available. I have been using the Ancient Greek texts for some time and I find them very uesful. However, could we just have a little think about the format in which these texts are being presented? Is PDF the best format for these texts? I would like to suggest ...
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Latin-English date translation help?

I know this probably isn't written the "correct" way, but does it still make sense? 11 of June, 2002?<br /><br />UNDECIMO IUNIUS MXII
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I've been doing my "homework" this morning and all was going swimmingly until I checked the answer to this translation...<br /><br />We would shout and stop the slaves conversing.<br /><br />The answer book gives e)pauo/meqa for "stop", I had quite happily put e)pauomen<br /><br />In simple words the middle voice is suggested. Why? We (being nominative) act on the slaves in stopping. I believe the middle is when you act on yourself.<br /><br /><br />I ...
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Latin Poetry

Decided to give you this link that I ran into a long time ago.<br />He has readings of Latin poetry in meter. It is some of the best I have heard. And goes along with what I have felt about Latin poetry and have learned about oral reading. Latin as it was spoken was probably closer to the Modern Romance Languages. The harsh sounds that we first learn today came about because they were given ...
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Help with translation!

Hello all.<br /><br />I´m Louise from Sweden and just in the process of writing a book.<br />One of the characters is a stiff, intellectual, language professor with a passion for quoting things in foreign languages (hoping to impress people). One of his favourite mottos is <br /><br />"Justice through strenght and courage".<br /><br />Can sombody please help me with a latin translation<br /><br />Thankfully yours / Lilitu
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