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Nasus Romanus? (Warning! Nasus ingens in haec *post*!)

Someone recently told me that I have a Roman nose. I'm not sure what that means, exactly, so if anyone could help me out I'd appreciate it...
oh, and here's the picture which was commented on.. (a link to it, anyway.) http://photobucket.com/albums/b319/7tharrival/Summer%2005/?action=view¤t=john.jpg

Habeone Romanum Nasum?
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Need help with this short para...

Primus et Romae et imperii conditor Romulus est, filius dei, Martis et Rhea Silviae. Romulum cum, Remo fratre in Tibernium rex, Amuluis, ictact. Sed infantes clamant et lupa pueros iuvat. Tum sub arbore Faustulus pastor pueros videt et portat in casam et educat.

What I come out with: (I will just translate the words directly, Can't really figure out the first part) First both Rome and command founder Romlus is son of the gods Martis ...
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Cur nemo respondeat miror


Miror quod nemini vestrum visum est nuntiis quae a me misi sunt respondere. Hoc nullo modo intellegere possum! Omnia mea incepta lingua anglica descripsi! Consilium novum coram moderatoribus posui. Velim scire quid hac de re censeant. De plicis audibilibus loquor. Videte epistulam quam hac de re vobis misi, quaeso. Precor, respondeatis quam primum.


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Suicide Toads?

This is now old news but, it's quite interesting nonetheless:


Weird weird thing isn't it?
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benissimus send off your CAF


What are you doing it is 9th October going to be the 10th when you see this probably, it is urgent! 15th is the deadline! Priority post! Include £10 sterling (may have to be cash if you can't get a cheque from UK branch)

do you want to meet whiteoctave or what?


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vos omnes saluto


Novus nomine Kynetus sum sodalis. In urbe capitali Civitatum Confoederatarum habito ubi scribae munere fungor. Quod officium odi. Mihi est uxor fidelissima nomine Maria et tres filii adulti qui etiam domi vivunt.

Si quis vestrum velit commercium epistularum mecum tenere, omnia libenter legero.

Kynetus (ut spero) vester
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Opinions on this latin name use

Hello All
The following "latin name/derivations" have been selected for the name of a small business and they are not sure if there is any grammatical reason why this would not make sense?
The name "Mercantare" is being considered as the name of a small business but am not sure about the actual grammer. For example if it was a past tense it would probably not make sense.
Any opinions would be gratefully recieved on ...
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Aliud consilium vobis propono

Omnibus cupientibus colere linguam latinam vivo modo salutem dicit Kynetus Valesius Americanus habitans in urbe praeclara Vasintonia (Washington DC)

Sunt, amici humanissimi, "circuli latini" apud multas urbes capitales terrarum orbis sodales quorum conveniunt plerumque semel in mense ad linguam latinam colendam. Nescio cur sodalitas his similis non exstet in urbe Vasingtonia. Hoc mihi rarum videtur nam hac in urbe sunt saltem novem universtates et scholae tam numerosae ut omnes innumerantur non possint. Utcumque res se ...
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Novus sodalis adest qui consilium novum proponit

Vos omnes Kynetus Valesius scriba quam humillissimus medullitus salutat

I'm a new member. A little about me: A little over fifty I have managed to learn a little bit of latin through assiduous home study. I've got a wife that I love, three hellraising grown "boys", and a job that I hate. Greek is a project I want to undertake sometime but not now.

I'm a regular contributor to "Grex Latine Loquentium", a latin only ...
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A question out of curiousity...

Today in a bookstore I saw two beginner Greek textbooks I had never heard of before - Paine's "Beginning Greek" and Peter Jones' "Learn Greek". I am past the begginer level in Greek, so I am not considering purchasing these books, but if anyone here has used either of these books, I am curious on your views.

Paine's book is in a way similar to Pharr - it focuses on giving the learner unadapted Greek ...
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