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le/gein ta (Ellh/nika e)n tw|= e)stiatori/w|;

e)gw\ kai\ oi( gonei=j mou polla/kij e)k th=j oi)ki/aj pro\j to\ e)stiato/rion* (Ellh/nisti e)rxo/meqa
dio/ti gu/rouj e)sqi/ein fi/lomen. a)lla\ fobe/omai w(j ei) oi( (/Ellhne/j me a)kou/ousi, parakou/ousi
o(\ le/gomen, w(j le/cw o(\ a/cion me\n e)sti/n e)n th=| glw=tth| palaia|=, kako\n de\ e)n th=|
kainh|=. a)/ra h( glw=tta kainh\ sfo/dra mete/balen a)po\ th=j palaia/j; a)/ra dei= th\n glw=ttan
)Aqhnai/an mh\ le/gein e)n e)kei=;

*The dictionary doesn't give a word for "restaurant" so I looked up the ...
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Translation help

Hello to everybody,

I've got two clauses that are unclear for me.

"Ne servum propter operam sordidiorem reicias. Ne ministeriis aestimes illum, sed moribus. "

They're confusing because somehow some verbs are missing if I understand the beginning so : you refuse to ....(reicias )

But what does he refuse ?

The parts are of a schoolbook and these phrases are of a text about a letter from Cicero to his friend Lucilius about slavery. ...
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Wish me luck

Today's my first day of class!
Greek: Herodotus, Xenophon and Thucydides
Latin: Petronius and Apuleius
Hebrew: Biblical Grammar and Syntax


/raving fanboy.
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Google Earth

A few weeks ago goole has released a stunning 3D map service program.
It's free and it shows up to the size of a car, though in many places the resolution might be coarser.
We could share our locations and 'see' where each other lives on the google earth and it will make us feel closer to each other. What do you think?


My place is
37°24'08.54" N ...
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De bello Gallico

What is the best current edition of "De bello Gallico" in terms of textual criticism?
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Lines in Catullus

I'm up against a bit of a wall for these few lines:

Catullus 1.3-5: Corneli, tibi: nameque tu solebas meas esse aliquid putare nugas...

I have a feeling it should be "Cornelius, to you, for /you/ were accustomed to thinking that my little trifles were (worth) something..." The thing that has me arrested is that /aliquid/ is singular, right? So it can't possibly be modifying /meas nugas/.

Catullus 5.11 : conturbabimus, illa ne sciamus...

It's ...
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Easier Way to Learn Accents

I am studying Koine using the Machen book. I also have the Mastronarde Attic Greek book. Though my professor says that it is not necessary for us to learn the accents, I would like to learn them correctly. I've heard of easier ways to memorize the rules for accents before (such as using analogies with music and the number of "beats" per syllable) but I do not know where I can find methods like this ...
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what's the Greek for "digital piracy"?

At the risk of becoming accessory to a crime, I thought I'd alert textkittens to the existence of a number of bit torrents serving Latin and Greek textbooks that I stumbled upon today.

JACT's <b>Reading Greek</b>

Grammar, vocab, exercises

<b>Reading Latin</b>

Grammar, vocab, exercises

Use your own ...
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question on the subjunctive

rogavere quare non posses quod ceteri fecerunt discere: They asked why you could not learn what the others had done (P&R 15 Ch. 30). But Benissimus has this translated as 'fecissent'. I'm not sure if it's just a mistake or if, much more likely, it's something I'm missing? I still have lots to get through with subjunctives.

Also is 'quod ceteri fecissent' dependent on 'posses discere' or is it an independent use of the subjunctive? ...
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ante diem

Lucus sodalibus Fori salutem dicit.

No doubt many of you are familiar with the Roman calendar, which measures its months by counting "backwards" to certain important parts of each month; to be precise, the Romans prior to Julius Caesar used a Lunar calendar, each month of which was divided into three parts based on the phases of the moon: The first phase of the moon, the new moon, is called the kalendae, marking the first ...
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