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Sallust and Cicero

Sallust wrote:

Quae quousque tandem patiemini, o fortissumi viri? (Sall. Cat. 20)

This is Catiline's speech to his followers, encouraging them as he unfolds his nefarious plan.

Cicero's famous beginning from the First Catilinarian:

quo usque tandem abutere, Catilina, patientia nostra?

A deliberate echo on the part of Sallust referencing Cicero's oration?
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Oratorical gesture?

Acts 26:1, ἐκτείνας τὴν χεῖρα...

Several commentaries mention that this is a gesture of respect performed for the audience and to indicate that the speaker is ready to begin. Does anyone know of any other ancient source where this is mentioned, or is it depicted in any ancient art?
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Stroke order for accented and iota subscript characters?

I am somebody, who still studies most of my Greek by hand.

Is there evidence - from unintentional ligatures parhaps - in the miniscule manuscripts of the stroke order for characters like ᾇ.

My basic stroke order is the letter without diacritics, then the iota subscript, then breathing, then accent in some inside to outside (essential to peripheral ) ranking of components. Challenging my theory of relative importance is the evolution of the script into ...
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Book 6 of the Greek Anthology in Loeb

Does anyone happen to know why Book 6 has vanished from print in the new Loeb Classical Library editions? It used to be included in Volume 1 of the Greek Anthology books, but now the first volume ends at book 5 and the second begins with book 7.
According to Wikipedia, Book 6 is "Votive Epigrams" which sounds a lot more interesting than the temple inscriptions of Book 3, but having not read any of ...


Hello, all!

I'm Vrixton, live just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. I took four years of Latin in High School and promptly lost all of it once I graduated, but now I'm taking Ancient Greek online from Colorado U @ Boulder while I major in English Literature.
The general plan is to go into Comparative Literature, focusing on Ancient Greek and Sanskrit poetry [particularly epic and dramatic poetry, but because I really suck at narrowing down, ...
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Looking for: series "Clari Romani"


I am looking for PDFs of the series "Clari Romani". Google-Books lists the following:

A. J. Schooling - 1910
Metellus and Marius: The Jugurthine war (simplified text)

H. J. Dakers - 1910
Julius Caesar: Simplified Text

C. H. Broadbent - 1910
Camillus: (simplified text)

A. J. Spilsbury - 1912
... Life of Augustus ...
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Are (ἐκ)μυκτηρίζω semitisms?

Are the words μυκτηρίζω and ἐκμυκτηρίζω used in the sense of "sneer" or "mock" examples of semitism either in word formation or an existing word being analogously appropriated to express a meaning that developed in Hebrew?
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Oldest Attested Homer Text?


Notice it says that the date is still to be determined, but it's still an exciting find.
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What is the imperfect of αἰτέω?

Is there something in the pre-Attic morphology of αἰτέω that allows for "loss" of the iota during the temporal augmentation of the imperfect? That is to ask, is ἤτει a (or the) valid imperfect of αἰτεῖ?

The question arises from the Perseus text of the bowdleriseworthy Longus 3.14.
Ἤτει δὴ τὴν Χλόην χαρίσασθαί οἱ πᾶν ὅσον βούλεται καὶ γυμνὴν γυμνῷ συγκατακλινῆναι μακρότερον ἢ πρόσθεν εἰώθεσαν:
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Student edition of Eutropius?

Does anyone know of a good student edition of Eutropius, with grammatical notes, etc.? There are a few old reprints on Amazon but I've no idea which if any are good.
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