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Reading Speed

I'm ruined on reading. My reading speed and style are hampered by reading (really studying not reading) massive amounts of theological material. I've always been leary of gimmicky speed reading courses. They seem to work for a few people. Most of these schemes fail to explain how and why they work in concrete terms.

I'd love to hear any thoughts from the textkit folks on becoming a better reader. Its not ability to read difficult ...
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Latin or Romace Languages


I recently looked into learning Latin and I researched a little history about it. From what I saw Spanish, Portugese, Italian, French, and Romanian all came from Latin and Vulgur Latin.

I was just wondering if I should learn romance languages first or Latin.
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Pronunciation and Spelling of u as a consonant

I'm using Reading Latin by Jones and Sidwell (Cambridge) - preparing to undertake a first degree.
This book insists on using 'u' as a consonant rather than 'v'. From what I've read this seems to be a bit of a zealots approach and is a little confusing - sometimes deciding which is consinant and which is vowel isn't easy.
Example, the opening chapters of the text (based around Pautus' Aulularia) uses the title word (which ...
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Lingua Latina - Gesture

I just noticed that on page 35 of Hans Orberg's Lingua Latina Marcus is fully expressing himself with a hand gesture. Ha! Don't get to see this in many primers! Marcus puer improbus est.

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I am working through White, and I have a question (I'll probably be back later with many more).

The sentence is from 134: kai\ Tissafe/rnhj diaba/llei ton Ku=ron pro\j to\n a)delfo\n w(j e)pibouleu/ei au)tw|

My translation goes: and Tissaphernes slanders Cyrus ... that he is plotting against him.

My problems are:

- How would you translate pro\j to\n a)delfo\n. I guess it is the accusative which surprises me here.

- I fail to see ...
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Summon or summoning

I'm looking at "The Poet Horace Contemplates An Invitation" text in chapter one of Wheelock. The first sentence reads:

Maecenas et Vergilius me hodie vocant.

This sentence uses the verb vocare, in the present tense (of the indicative active). I tranlate it thus:

1. Maecenas and Vergilius summon me today.

But, I also think I could translate it this way:

2. Maecenas and Vergilius are summoning me today.

The last one seems ...
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"Chodim"? A metrical question

I've been meaning to ask this one for a long time. I have the Teubner edition of Pindar, and I've noticed that they use a metrical term I am unfamiliar with: "chodim." You can see it, for instance, on p. 1 of the Epinician Odes, Olympian 1, line 5 of the metrical analysis of the Epode, where the metrical shape

UU-U -UU- -U-U-

is analyzed as "chodim -U-U-"

Things get even more confusing on p. ...
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The First Poets - Michael Schmidt

I picked up a deligthful book yesterday: The First Poets : Lives of the Ancient Greek Poets by Michael Schmidt (who also wrote a more generic Lives of the Poets back in 2000 that I am now tempted to get, too).

I've only just started looking at it, but it looks quite delightful. This is no simple, dry, historical, biographical book. He actually starts with Orpheus, dismissing his mythological status with the words "There is ...
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loci antiquii #8

In the second paragraph, first line of "A more Positive View..." the speaker (Africanus Maior?) says "Immo vero,"...I don't understand what immo means, or if vero is an adjective or an adverb.

Fiat pax tibi
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By the end of September, one lucky university shall receive the chance to educate me. The entrance requirements are very high, demanding top grades in all sciences in order to study a certain SCIENCE, which I am on at the moment, however they expect more: they expect a genuine interest enthusiasm and flair for the sciences which I honestly do not have. I stand in my opinion a 1 in 5 chance of being accepted. ...
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