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συντρίβω as "break" in Mark 14:3 raises issues, I think.

Having almost broken a bottle of olive oil this morning as I was bringing the shopping in, I realise and wonder something about the use of συντρίβω in Mark 14:3. It raises some issues of understanding and assumption:
ἦλθεν γυνὴ ἔχουσα ἀλάβαστρον μύρου νάρδου πιστικῆς πολυτελοῦς· καὶ συντρίψασα τὸ ἀλάβαστρον, κατέχεεν αὐτοῦ κατὰ τῆς κεφαλῆς.

Taking συντρίβω to mean "break", and assuming that "breaking" was the way she got the oil out, and understanding the ...

Need Consultant On Koine Greek - Eschatology

I am new to this forum and I posted my greeting several days ago. I do have a desire to learn Koine Greek at some point in my biblical studies. However, I am currently looking for someone who would be qualified and willing to examine a few passages from the Bible and give a professional statement as to the grammatical implications and usage for interpretive, position defense, and collaborative purposes.

I am involved in personal, ...
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about the reason for "ἀπεκρίνω" the aorist mp of "ἀποκρίν"ω

So, I am reading Plato's Protagoras, and at one point this verb appears (To discern, set apart) I though at first that it was in indicative singular first person, but not making much sense in context, I contrasted with the perseus tool (http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/hopper/mor ... w0&prior=a)\n&d=Perseus:text:1999.01.0177:text=Prot.:section=311c&i=1), and to my surprise it was in aorist, mp, 2nd singular.
Now I understand that the '-ε-' in 'ἀπε-' is from the augment of ...

Final -M with Nasal Pronunciation

Cari sodales, many years ago I first learned at TextKit that the final -M of Latin is nasalized (and I argued against the people who said so! haha). I am grateful for their careful explanations, and in return I have attempted to pay this knowledge forward by making this video explaning the rationale for this exquisite sound in the Latin language; I hope you enjoy it!
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Lysis 217c

σκέψασθε δὴ ὃ λέγω. λέγω γὰρ ὅτι ἔνια μέν, οἷον ἂν ᾖ τὸ παρόν, τοιαῦτά ἐστι καὶ αὐτά, ἔνια δὲ οὔ. ὥσπερ εἰ ἐθέλοι τις χρώματί τῳ ὁτιοῦν τι ἀλεῖψαι, πάρεστίν που τῷ ἀλειφθέντι τὸ ἐπαλειφθέν.

πάνυ γε.

ἆρ᾽ οὖν καὶ ἔστιν τότε τοιοῦτον τὴν χρόαν τὸ ἀλειφθέν, οἷον τὸ ἐπόν;

οὐ μανθάνω, ἦ δ᾽ ὅς.

So look at what I'm saying. For I say that some of whatever may be present, is itself that ...
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Is this how εὐνους declines?

I was having a look at two termination adjectives and εὐνους has been sited as an example. I would like to see its whole declension written out in full, but I can't seem to find it anywhere (if anyone has found it, I would be grateful if you could let me know!). As far as I'm aware it's the contracted form of εὐνοος (which is used as an adjective itself - I think? - and ...
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David Bentley Hart translation of NT

Interesting point about the disparity between the quality of the greek in the various books of the NT and the pitfalls of translations by committees. He strives to not smooth out the roughness, but to let it be seen. I'm looking forward to getting a look at this.

https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/ar ... rt/546551/
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The Aeneid drammatic reading

Salvete, omnes!

I have started a new project, reciting passages from the Aeneid in a semi-drammatic fashion:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CmDfdnk ... NGi8UShczN

In these readings, I hoping to really tell the story, perhaps something like a Roman father might have read it to his children in the time of Augustus. My opinion about the ancient language is that the elisions and meter found in poetry are actually part of the natural ...
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Videos or audio which teach proper pronunciation and pitch?

Are there any videos aimed at helping beginners learn how to pronounce diphthongs and long vowels, and how long to hold diphthongs and long vowels? What about videos which teach the pitch accent?

English being my native language, pitch is entirely foreign to me and I'm really not sure how a language with pitch accents would even sound.
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What case is 'me' here? Hor. carm. 1.5

me tabula sacer
votiva paries indicat uvida
suspendisse potenti
vestimenta maris deo.

I would have translated this like an indirect statement: 'the sacred wall reveals on the votive tablet that I hung my dripping clothes up for the god who is the master of the sea' - i.e. taking 'me' as the subject acc in the acc-inf statement.

However, several translations I've read render it 'as for me, the sacred wall reveals (on a votive ...
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