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Translation of Simocatta's History of the reign of Maurice?

Besides the Greek text of Theophylact Simocatta's history of the Emperor Maurice (VI century) reproduced from Migne at patrologia.graeca.tk and an early French translation, does anyone know of an online English (or less preferably, German) translation of the work?

Beginning vs Ending of Clause

Occasionally it is asserted that a word in a clause is placed at the begining or the end because the author is trying to highlight the word.

My question is which holds more weightiness? The front or the back of the clause? Also why would you choose one or the other?
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What are these subjunctives?

"sed ego ex te quaero, quoniam idem tu certe fecisses, nonne intellegas eo maiorem vim esse
naturae, quod ipsi vos, qui omnia ad vestrum commodum et, ut ipsi dicitis, ad voluptatem referatis, tamen
ea faciatis, e quibus appareat non voluptatem vos, sed officium sequi, plusque rectam naturam quam rationem pravam valere." (Cic. Fin. 2.58)

My best guess:
intellegas = subj. of indirect question
referatis, faciatis, appareat = modal attraction
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Atticized New Testament

Does anyone know of an Atticized or "classicized" Greek New Testament?

Thank you!
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Peckett's Thrasymachus (seeking audio)

Does anyone know of an audio recording of Peckett's Thrasymachus?

Many thanks!
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3rd declension noun gen pl ending in -ium/-um

still struggling with my basic latin
this question came to mind when I am trying to complete a Latin sentence, and in the near immediate future I think I will be doing Latin composition.
how do we differentiate 3rd decelnsion noun with genitive plural ending in just -um or in -ium?
The text (Orberg grammatica latina) simply tells that ovis, navis, urbs, et alia multa, end their genitive plural in -ium, while the rest ...
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Sallust and the New Testament

Getting back to Sallust after a brief hiatus. Why am I mentioning Sallust in the NT subforum and not under Learning Latin? I was struck with the following passage in his Catilina:

Sallust 13 wrote:Sed lubido stupri, ganeae ceterique cultus non minor incesserat: viri muliebria pati, mulieres pudicitiam in propatulo habere; vescendi causa terra marique omnia exquirere; dormire prius, quam somni cupido esset; non famem aut sitim, neque frigus neque lassitudinem opperiri, sed omnia luxu antecapere. ...
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Gift of wisdom?

Hi all. This is my first post, so by way of introduction, I’m interested in ancient Greek and Roman history, with a primary focus on the late Roman republic and the early empire – roughly the time spanning the civil wars involving Julius Caesar on thru the reign of Vespasian. Although I’ve done lots of reading on these topics, I’m far from an expert.

However, despite my interest in Roman history, I have minimal knowledge ...
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LLPSI Cap XLV: Ceterum et...

Having indicated that the pact between the Romans and the Latini was more beneficial to the Romans Orberg (Livy) continues:

"..ceterum et capita nominis Latini consentire cum rege videbant, et Turni supplicio terrebantur. Ita renovatum foedus, indictumque iunioribus Latinorum 'ut die certa ad lucem Ferentinae armati frequentes adessent."

.. the heads of the leaders and the rest of the Latini saw to it to agree with the king, and were terrified by the supplication of ...
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Using PP Predicatively

Can you use the PP predicatively? For example, suppose I want to say "He is the undisputed victor." Could I translate this thus: "Hic est victor indisputatus." If so-- if at all besides context-- to be distinguished from "He was the undisputed victor"?
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