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Both tragw|di/a and kwmw|di/a end with w|dia, song. Now kw~mos means something like a party, but I can't find out where the trag bit comes from :(.
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The Sound of Ancient Greek - Classical Pronunciation

The Sound of Ancient Greek - Classical Pronunciation<br /><br />Sound clips of excerpts from Homer(Iliad), Aeschylos(Agamemnon), and Plato(Symposion).<br /><br />I don't know whether it's the most plausible sample. Just the longest I picked up in the web surfing.<br /><br />Also try the "visit-also's" there ; Ancient Greek Music and Homeric Singing.
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Greek = tonal language?

Geía sou<br />I'd like to know if the accents (grave, acute, and circumflex) were pronounced as in Mandarin Chinese (high-falling, low-rising, and high-falling suddenly to low-rising again). They exist in Spanish and Latin (except the circumflex) but are not tonilised. Euxasistw' gia to boh'qhma saj
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"Humanities and the Liberal Arts" by William Harri

http://community.middlebury.edu/~harris/<br /><br />Web site of emeritus professor of classics at Middlebury. While there is plenty of non-classics content, the Greek and Latin sections are wonderful. Essays on random classical topics, some language and grammatical discussion. He also has commentaries (with greek text) on poems by Archilochos, Sappho, Pindar and Homer. Some Latin poets and prose, too.<br />
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Hi everyone,<br /><br />my name is Clemens and I'm from Austria (that's the reason for my (sometimes at least) terrible English, feel free to correct my mistakes if necessary... ;))<br /><br />I'm trying to learn Classical Greek because it's a fascinating language.
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hi people!<br /><br />i'm a farely new member of the Textkit forums, you probably saw my msgs in the Outside Links of interest ;) now here's some stuff about me...<br /><br />My name is (online of course lol) Ptahhotep and I live in South Africa (Ptahhotep was an overseer/vizier of some phrahaoh of Egypt in the Old Kingdom.)<br /><br />I'm studying Middle Egyptian grammar as well as ...
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Is there an obscure rule, subsumed with the other rules by the concept 'Euphony of Consonants,' to which one can ascribe the present perfect active form of the verb pe/mpw being pe/pomfa? I really do not want to have to memorize six principal parts of each verb; the four principal parts of Latin verbs are hard enough to remember... (all I do is complain ;) )
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beta test the new Details page

Textkit's details page is the web page that pulls specific file information from the database - terrible file name for a web page I know, but hey, I'm a programmer and we're known for unfriendly terms like this.<br /><br />please test this new page and if there are problems/suggestions let me know. <br /><br />http://www.textkit.com/details2.php?ID=6&author_id=5<br /><br />the whole 'top downloads' thread motivated me to make some long coming changes. Basically i want to compress the ...
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I see from LSJ (http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/cgi-bin/pt ... %3D%231212) that a)delfo/j means brother or more specifically son of the same mother.<br /><br />Does this mean it usually refers to half-brothers? If so, what about half-brothers through the father or full brothers? What were they called?
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M&F Unit 11

My English to Latin translations are:<br /><br /><br />1. Having dared to enter the neglected house, the children fled as soon as possible when the guardian approached.<br /><br />Custode aggrediente, nati in domum neglectum ingredi ausi quam primum fugerunt.<br /><br />2. Desirous of money, the young men attempted crimes, nor did they fear the punishment which threatened.<br /><br />Pecuniae cupidi, iuvenes scelera conati sunt neque poenam minantem timuerunt.<br /><br />3. Famous consuls, don’t use all ...
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