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Good translation site?

Does anyone know of a good online English <-> Latin translation site? Preferably complete with grammatical correction capabilities...?
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How much do you study?

Just wondering how much you study Latin on a daily/weekly basis.
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What do those # mean?

Beside the column of subjects is a column indicating the author of the message, then one with a number which I think is the number of replies to this message. What does the next number represent? This is not a very important question but it must be worth knowing if someone bothered to put them there.
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Pharr para 107 line2

My question is concerning the subject of dhqu/nei in <br />)Agame/mnwn ou) kixh/setai geronta para\ koi/lh|si nhusi/n, ou) ga\r dhqu/nei e\n stratw|= )Axaiw=n <br />Agamemnon will not overtake the old man by the hollow(empty?) ships, for he did not loiter in the camp of the Achaeans.<br />If I take Agamemnon as the subject of both overtake and loiter, the sentence does not make sense. It would follow logically that he did not overtake him if ...
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Spinoff from BLD Ex117 Pg49 Is Ea Id

Just moving my reply to the Open Board since it's off topic. Wouldn't want to see the wrath of our Warden... ;)<br /><br /><br />See - American TV convinced me that canadians were worthless...I should stop, like many others should, believing everything that I watch on T.V! <br /><br />I've never seen "Bowling for Columbine".<br /><br />What did you see on American TV which ...
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I was about to buy a Wheelcock...

On ebay, I was about to purchase a glossy Wheelock textbook. <br /><br />But then, I thought: NO! <br /><br />I read one book. One book only. <br /><br />a) "Latin For Beginners" has not only taught me everything I currently know but it has also taught me to accept Latin despite its relative difficulty. I owe all to textkit and Dr. B.L.D<br /><br />b) Even touching a Wheelcock book would be worse than adultery. ...
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Dr. B.L.D P78

Of Many things am I unsure so...apologies for the mistakes but I'd like to know the right answers and perhaps explanation so that I may improve ;D<br /><br /><br />1. The weary sailors were approaching a place dear to the goddess, Diana.<br /><br />Nautae defessi loco caro Dianae deae adpropinquabant.<br /><br />2. They were without food and wine. (not using sine)<br /><br />(a?) Cibo vinoque egebant. (I knew not, whether "a" should be used) Literal/Figurative ...
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Wheelock - illa

Hi all,<br /><br />I'm working through my Wheelock, and have a problem with this sentence from chapter 9 'In illo libro(in that book), illa de hoc homine scribet'.<br /><br />I looked at the 'scribet' (scribo, scribere) and thought '3rd person sing' - (s/he will write), so looked for a noun or pronoun to suit. I saw 'illa' and thought nominative sing fem - 'That woman will write about this man.' But the answers took illa ...
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Salvete!<br /><br />Allow me to introduce myself. I'm a self-teaching student of Latin and (eventually) Greek, with my goal being to read as much Classical Literature as I can in the original languages, from Homer to the Vulgate. I also expect much slamming of my head against a wall during this process. ;)<br /><br />I'm a Wheelock's student (and I've read the rant thread already), and I'm ...
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Pharr para 102 line 4 & 5

Line 4 of paragraph 102 of Pharr reads gh=raj e)/sxen i(erh=a<br />I know what the individual words mean (I think) but I can't seem to make a sentence out of it.<br />gh=raj= nom. masc. sg. old age <br />e)/sxen aorist active indicative 3 rd. sg. he had<br />i(erh=a acc. masc sg. priest.<br />Old age had a priest. Does not make much sense.<br /><br />Line 5 gh=raj ou)x i(/keto basilh=i )Atrei/dh, e)/qane de\ kakw=j e)ni\ oi)/kw| ...
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