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Translation to latin

Is my translaton of sentences to latin ok?

1) We are talking about collapse of ancient Troy.

De ruina Troiae antique narramus.

2) Greeks are heading into Asia and there they are fighting with (against) Trojans.

Graeci in Asia navigant et ibi contra Troianos contendunt.
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A dozy question

This is probably a dozy question, but here goes.

I learnt Latin at school eons ago and I have recently started reading 'Learn Ancient Greek' by Peter Jones.

My dozy question is "will learning to speak modern Greek enable me to read ancient Greek texts?" (I'm thinking of getting a CD based course on MG to learn pronunciation)

Please excuse my ignorance on the subject.


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Latin MUD


I have just found this MUD in Latin:


I don’t know if the game is good or even if the Latin within it is good. My Latin isn’t good enough (yet) to go around in that MUD but I thought it was a great idea.

Best regards,

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Alexandrian grammarians

I tried to find in Internet Dionysios of Halikarnassos' famous instructions about ancient Greek poetry, his instructions that are so many times mentioned here in this forum by many people who use him ad nauseam to justify pitch pronunciation, but, alas, failed to find any link.

Can anyone please post a link for Dionysios' or any other original instruction written by ancient Greeks about correct pronunciation of Greek and proper use of the acute, grave ...
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Today I had a chat with some friends about cloning. "Should we create human clones?" and, "Should we make human enhancements or human therapy." It was quite a broad range of topic, but we took it one step at a time.

I disagreed wih the the production of human clones. One reason was that I could not think of a practical reason to make more people. Don't we have enough already? One might say that ...
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Aoidoi.org: The Shield of Achilles

Hi Everyone,

With some very expert help from two Textkit members, William Annis and Chad Bochan, I've created a document (available here) with notes for Iliad 18.478-608, the construction of Achilles' shield by Hephaestus. It offers grammatical details for nearly every word, as well as additional notes I've collected about the passage.

The Shield of Achilles is a fascinating section. It reads like a self-contained section, and, indeed, some scholars have suggested that it is ...
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How would one form in Latin the following type of construction:


Would it just be the nominative (Feles-Deus, Puer-Rex) or some other way?
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Huge Latin Language Resource on Net Temporarily; HELP

Hi all,

I've just received notice that a there is a pdf on the net of a document called something like "Phraeseologia Wagneri". This supposedly is a great resource for people wishing to write/speak latin. The problem is that this file is too big apparently for me to download and that it won't be available on the net for long. It's like a one time deal. Can someone try to snag it for US. We ...
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Translation to LATIN

I have translated next sentences to latin:

1) Roman people have many gods.

Populus Romanus numeros deos habet.

2) It is a great glory of greek poet Homer.

Graecie poetae Homeri gloria magna est.

Is my translation ok?
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Latin and Greek texts

I am curious if there are any good Latin versions of some of the Greek works, a Latin Illiad?, or the Homeric Hymns (my favorite) perhaps? The Roman writers seemed to be knowledgable with Greek, so did any translate these works, or was one simply expected to learn Greek back then?

Ok, maybe I should have went for Greek first, but I am enjoying Latin and thought it would be interesting if there were such ...
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