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Paragraph help please.

Latin to English. Be VERY strict, this is very important. Thank you. I changed a few things by editing.

Germânî rêgês ex nôbilitâte, ducês ex virtûte legunt. Nec rêgibus înfinîta aut lîbera potestâs, et ducês exemplô potius quam imperiô agunt; sî ante aciem pugnant, admîrâtiône praesunt. effigiâsque et signa ex silvîs sacrîs in proelium portant. Ad mâtrês, ad coniugês vulnera portant; nec illae numerâre aut exigere plâgâs timent, cibôsque et hortâmina mîlitibus dant.

The Germans ...
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First latin prose- Matris Patri

Hi, this is my first bit of latin longer than just a line or two that was thought of without having to translate English-Latin. I'm actually kinda pleased that I thought of some of it in latin. haha. baby steps. :) That said, I need practice and criticism, so here it is.

Sōle trāns caelum rubrō ardente et, ultrā caelō, lūnā caelum idem nocte dōnante, caelum caeruleīs ...
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Perfect Active Participle

Does any one know why there is no Perfect Active Participle in Latin. How reasonable would you consider the idea of formation thereof from the perfect active stem + present participle of ire. I am not saying that Latin should have it, as I love absolutes, and would welcome alternative suggestions. Since the perfect active terminations are -i, -isti, -it; -imus, -istis, -erunt; those of ire ii isti etc. is it so ridiculous for the ...
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How can you tell whether a noun or adjective is neuter or not?
For example -- flumen, and templum ?
my teacher didn't really say anything when I asked.
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Usage of implied indirect discourse in the Aeneid.

In Liber III of the Aeneid, following usage of implied indirect discourse occurs: "...Huic me,quaecumque fuisset,/ addixi" (Aen. 3.652). In one of the footnotes on the page, it states that the subjunctive is used because of implied indirect discourse. I understand that subordinate clauses within indirect discourse take the subjunctive, but I do not understand why this particular sentence is considered to even be indirect discourse. Addixi does not seem like a verb of saying, ...
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Ideal vs True Culture in Latin Readings

When reading the classics (or attempting) and studying the language of such we are getting an idealized view of Roman culture and speech.

An analogy is this, if you visit China and take a tour you will see the bright and bustling new China that is overflowing with technology and livety. Take a step off the main streets in Beijing and you see neighborhoods of dilappidated buildings shareing bathrooms per block.

I am looking for ...
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Conversational Latin

Sunday my mother bought me a book called 'Conversational Latin for Oral Proficiency' It's a phrase book and dictionary meant as a classroom excercise book. I read through it, and It doesn't have any direct grammar in it, but it does have very useful phrases and words for modern things. I was wondering if anyone has encountered it and if they could share their thoughts.
Lucus E. would be pleased to know that it gives ...
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Perseus "Greek Words in Context"

Be always careful in using it ! Searching for ei)/wqa, "I am used to...", from an almost unused e)/qw, I was given the form e)/qeto, obviously from ti/qhmi. Formally, e)/qeto could be a passive imperfect from e)/qw, but this form is unused.

So be also careful in using the "Greek Morphological Analysis" tool : it would give all the theoretically possible forms, even if these were never used in real Greek.

Nevertheless xai/rete
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Asking question about exercise 211


After feeling lost with the amount of vocabulary when reached the 3th declination I decided to re do all exercises of the book from the beginning.

I’m glad I had decided that because I could see that I have learned well the concepts given in previous lessons and also found some details that I had overlooked the first time I study that lessons.

I also had improved my reading skill, being more careful with ...
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What are the kids listening to these days - Round 2

I asked this question I think about last year and had fun checking out everyone's music suggestions. So let me ask it again, what's everyone listening too that's cool?

Let me start be making some suggestions of my own, I have been listening to Spanish music for about 6 months now. My recommendations are probably pretty typical top 40ish/somewhat sissy suggestions, but hey, I like them.

Cafe Quijano
La Ley
Cafe Tacuba
Control ...
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