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Northern France bookshops?

Well, in textkitian custom, I am going to inquire about bookshops in my destination of travel. I will be very close to Lille and Douai. Of course I will be in Paris, but that will be only for a short while. So which bookshops have a good ancient language section yo?

Here's a scenario that I will dream in France: I haphazardly escape some random riot and then hide in this quaint bookshop. Then tucking ...
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There must be a shorter way

I've got this very old schoolbook (1893), exercises only, no grammar explanations. In the exercises on verb forms, there are a couple of sentence fragments like these (translated from Dutch to English):

The friend, who was warned
The danger, that has been deflected
The laws, that will have been abolished

Obviously, I can translate them with a relative pronoun, but I'm still wondering if there is some other way to render them in good Latin. ...
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More translation confirmation...

I know I've been asking alot, but when I am good enough, I will help out. This is important, so be strict.

Translate into Latin
1. The whole state will thank our leader. -Civitas omnis gratias agebat noster
2. Five of the women will be looking for water- Quinque feminarum petent aquam
3. Fortune helps the brave. - Fortuna iuvat fortem
4. The brothers were fighting about the fertile land of that .- frates pugnant ...
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which universities in world have ancient greek department?

which universities in world have ancient greek department? by country and city and university name ?
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A couple books I found

Hi there, I recently found Abbott & Mansfield's A Primer of Greek Grammar and The Hillard/Botting Elementary Greek Excercises. I was wondering if anyone has had any experiences with these texts? They both seem pretty weighty, and I don't think the primer would be exceptionally useful for self study, but the option exists. I also have a Collins Greek / English <> English / Greek dictionary on hand. Any comments on these two texts would ...
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Nonsense with Quam and libenter

Hi all,

I am having a very hard time rendering the following sentences into English:

"Quam libenter eum rursus videbo! Sane tamen multo libentius te videbo ubi tu Romam venies! Tum te libentissime nos omnes accipiemus!"

My attempt at translating:

How gladly I will see him again! Certainly, however, much more gladly I will see you when you will come to Rome! Then we all will receive you most gladly!

Is my translation completely off ...
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SPionic, SPIonic, Where art thou, SPIonic ?

Hi, all !

For some days, I have not be allowed to see Greek glyphs on the forum anymore. Also the fonts button has disappeared (the one with Verdana and SPIonic) from my screen. :cry: :cry:

Can something be done to fix it ? Is something wrong in my setups ?

Happy Thanksgiving ...
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wikipedia in latin


this might be interesting to those studying latin. there's a wikipedia in latin - vicipaedia latina - . http://la.wikipedia.org/wiki/. Most of the articles I've seen don't look complete, but still this might be somewhat useful to a beginner.
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Roman comedy, fifth century A.D. ?

This page mentions in passing that one Roman comedy survives from the fifth century A.D. Do any of you happen to know about this play, or who the author might be?


The only surviving ancient Roman plays are the 21 comedies (one only in fragments) by Plautus listed by Varro as authentic, six comedies by Terence, ten tragedies by Seneca in the first century CE, and one comedy ...
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Declining the indefinite pronouns and adjectives

To Everyone--
My teacher taught us about the interrogative pronouns and adjectives last semester, providing a chart at the time, which declined the interrogative much like we would decline a noun, with Masc and Fem., neuter and singular and plural. However, she is now teaching us indefinite pronouns and adjectives, and although they are very simiular, she has not provided a chart like she did with the interrogatives.
If there is someone here who understands ...
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