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the high resolution printer friendly format of Pharr

I read from its downloading page that "A high resolution, 16.5 MB, printer friendly format is also available for download", but can't find it.
Could anyone tell me where it is? I don't think I can go though this book on the screen...Thanks.

Translation to latin; quotes from Confucius

I found some quotes by the sage Confucius on the net. I'll translate a few into latin. In some cases I might not translate perfectly literally but will still try to convey the same idea. Please take the time to comment if you detect any blatent errors or even something that is just awkward. Thanks in advance.

Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it.

Omnibus est forma quam tamen multi non vidunt.

Forget ...
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The difference between "classicists" and "lat

Hey all,

I've been thinking lately about the differences between "classicists" and "latinists". Here's what I've come up with.

A classicist is one who delves into the Greek and Latin languages that he/she might have access to the cultlural and linguistic artifacts of antiquity. If he/she goes on to become a professional in the field, he/she works very much like a archaeologist, except that it is linguistic evidence that is examined instead of sherds. Everything ...
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Translation to latin

Is my translation ok?

1) God Mars didn't want to protect offspring of Rhea Silvia.
Rheae Silviae prolem Deus Mars non cupiebat protegit.

2) Diana was goddess of hills and arbors.
Dea montium et nemorum Diana erat.

3) Greeks were teachers of literature and sciences.
Magistres literarum et scientarum Graeci erant.
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Some Dutch Help Please.

Someone gave me an old clock that has a something in old Dutch written on it. It says; NU ELCK SYN SIN.
I think it means something like; 'to each his own' but I am not sure of that. I would have expected it to have some reference to time.
Can any of my fellow Wooden-heads help me out here?
Bij voorbaat dank.
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Translation to latin

Is my translation ok?

1) Romans had many gods and goddesses.
Romanis multus dei et deae erant.

2) In spring many rivers overflow because of snow.
Vere tempore ex nive multus flumina crescunt.

3) Romulus and Remus have builted city on river bank.
In litore fluminis Romulus et Remus urbem aedificabant.
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What's the best Iliad


Can anyone recommend an Iliad in Greek with an English translation side by side?



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Quick question....

Which is more accurate for the phrase "FEAR NO EVIL" and why...

"non malum timere"

"non malum timete"

I thought that the second one would be because it is in the imperative, but on a webstei they have the phrase as the first one.
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Translation Theory

There are a number of translation theories and one way is not neccessarily right when contexts are considered. When producing a translation for broad use and study many people believe that there is essentially one theory which is acceptable (incidentally I believe that formal equivanlence is THE translation theory 8) ).

This does not take into account all the different uses of translation. Translation can be a ...
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Translation to latin

Is my translation ok?

1) Aeneas with his father, son and companions is fleing from city of Troy.
Ex Troiae urbe Aeneas cum patre et filio et comitibus fugit.

2) King Latinus and Aeneas fought against neighbouring nations.
Rex Latinus et Aeneas cum bella propinquis populis gerebant.

3) Aeneas, Trojan leader, creates city Lavinium with his wife.
Aeneas, Troianorum dux, cum uxore Lavinium urbsem creat.

4) Many birds are in swamps.
In paludibus multitudo aves ...
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