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Scanning Line 1.8

I think that I have scanned this line correctly:

ti/j t a)/r sfwe qew=n e)/ridi xune/hke ma/cesqai

- - | - u u | - u u | - u u | - u u | - -

But I would want to know why ma in ma/cesqai is long, since it is followed by a double consonant, or I am completely wrong.
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It's a new day!

Yip...go see my brother...

The topic title is a lyric from the song "Right On", by TQ, from his new album Listen If you have been convinced by anything that I have reason and wish to know what makes me it's listening to a cd like Listen. "Adore" makes me cry; "Fly" makes me fly. True singing in my eyes. I had waited 6 years for something like this.

Or if you want to see ...
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Cherokee in Latin

Osiyo! (Salve!)

Does anyone know if there are Latin names for the various American Indian tribes? I am looking for the Latin for 'Cherokee'. Does anyone know of such a Latin word?

I have contacted some Cherokees on the internet to see what their opinions would be of what word to use in Latin if I have to invent one. It appears that the consensus will be that I should use 'Cherokee' instead of a ...
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how do you write unicode?

hi all, i've got a quick font question, and unfortunately the answer can't be spionic. basically i can't install anything on my pc: not fonts, applications, anything. i've got windows xp prof, ie 6, word 97 and outlook 2002: i can't upgrade anything...

if i open up greek in perseus and set it to 'unicode with pre-combined accents' i see a mass of boxes over the pre-combined characters but the rest are fine. then if ...
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Greetings Attic students from an aging beginner

Hi all,

I'm 49 years old, and am just starting Greek. To sum up my so called life, I have spent most of my adult years in the software development biz. My personal interests have been quite diverse, but I have spent a fair chunk of time at one time or another playing chess, bridge, and backgammon, practicing magic, and watching movies and TV. In the last 5 years or so, I have gotten pretty ...
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Palm software

I am now the proud owner of a PalmOne PDA/handphone. I have a vague memory that at some point someone mentioned Palm software for Latin and Greek learning. Can anyone make any recommendations?
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Hi, I am PeterD and I approve the following message.

Please, America, choose a president ...

    ...who can speak better English than a foreigner learning English as a second language.

    "Is our children learning?" is just inexcusable. America, are you not embarrassed?

    ...who at least reads, now and then. My Pet Goat is not proper reading material for an adult.

    "One of the great things about books is sometimes there are some fantastic pictures."

    ...who ...
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Significance of accents in ancient Greek

What should I do with Greek accents, when reading ancient Greek aloud?

Is it a question of pitch? I presume it isn't stress.

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Greetings. I'm new. I am really only interested in brushing up my Latin skills, learned decades ago. I would appreciate any helpful hints about how to begin. In particular, I am trying to translate something for my son. A short poem, I believe. But this seems like a great place to learn and relearn an enjoyable language.
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Hi guys, need some help with indirect statements.

they confuse my brain.

"The old man thought that his son was calling to him"

I'm going with "senex putavit filium eum advocisse". Is that OK? Having two objects confuses it i think. Would "the old man thought that his son had called him" be better??

Also, when relative clauses appear things get confusing. eg. "The merchant replied that the slaves who were pouring out wine had been bought for a great price". I went ...
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