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Need some help - et pur si mouve

I'm a philosophy student currently writing an essay on Zeno's paradoxes, and thought it would be nice to bring in a disquotation by galileo...

Instead of "and yet it moves" I would like to write "and yet we move" ...if only I knew latin...

I'd apreciate some help... thanks.
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Feeling Low

I've lately been really depressed and sad. I hope it's just a teenage phase, even though its lasting a long time. It's a long personal story as to why I'm feeling low, but the bottom line is that I almost feel that my sheer existance is interferring with other peoples' lives in a bad way. I usually cry myself to sleep and most of my friends don't seem to care that I feel like crap. ...
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translation puzzle on Aristotle's De Coloribus

Hi all,

I've been working for two years on Aristotle's Peri\ Xrwma/twn and i still have one huge translation problem (at least it's huge for me for it has been puzzling me so far :? ).
Before all just a bit of introduction to this treatise. No-one knows who actually "wrote" it, we just know it's been composed by one of Aristotle's followers probably under Theophrastus or ...
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Picture Thread

Ok....at the request of 1% Homeless I'll take a at starting a picture thread....all who can and are willing to contribute, please do....

Here is a picture of my wife and I when we were visiting our family in San Diego last summer...


FWIW....I have quite a bit more hair now (it's about 1 1/2 inches and kinda spikey) AND, my wife is even more lovely now (I keep telling her she gets more ...
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Got an "okay" from Perseus

I got an okay for my request to use the Greek text for my compilation of Euclid's Elements. :D

Thanks for writing. We are currently working on a new version of Euclid which will feature completely new drawings and a restructured text.
If you wish to host your own text, you may of course do so. We cannot assert any copyright over the Greek text. ...
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Chana Masala Mix

Are there any Indian food fanatics here?

I'm making a big pot of Chana Masala using one of those store bought spice packs and it's excellent. Normally I avoid those ready made spice packs but this one is out of this world. The brand name is MDH and it's called "Chana Masala (Spice Blend for Chick Peas)" I'm using dried chick peas that I soaked for 12 hours.

Thumbs up.. just in case someone else ...
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Free speech

It seems we are stuck.

For centuries we, us great old westerners, have boasted the right to free speech, to religion, political persuasion! But the great old west is slowly being inhabited by those who have a very different opinion than we do: those who truly believe, something we have lost about 400-500 years. Faith that God is the almighty, and truly believe it, not just sing it in the same old songs on Sunday ...
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more translations (please confirm)


The following sentences are inter-related in theme. Hence, the translations are executed in context. Please confirm.


1. What are you doing, Quintus? Why aren't you helping the farmer?
--Quid facis, Quinte? Cur colonum non iuvatis?

2. I'm working hard; I am tired.
--Diligenter laboro; fessus sum.

3.What are you doing, Horatia? We are going to market (forum). Aren't you ready?
--Quid facis, Horatia? Ad forum imus. Nonne paras?

4. I am ready. I'm ...
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Greeks! Donald Mastronade's site.

This is pretty good. There's a vocabulary quiz (of around 1000 words), a quite detailed pronounciation section, and all kinds of other javascript applications which, I judge, are really rather good and useful.

Not to be missed, I think...
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sentences (interrogatives)


I am pretty sure they are correct. Posing questions in Latin is in current practice for me. Please confirm translation.


1. Cur non festinas, Quinte?
--Why are you not hurrying, Quintus?

2. Quis Scintillam Iuvat?
--Who is helping Scintilla?

3. Quid facis, fili?
--What are you doing, son?

4. Quantus est ager?
-- How large is the field?

5. Domumne me ducis?
--Are you leading me (or, taking me) home?

6.Nonne domum me ...
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