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Attic Greek Textbook

Are any of the Textbooks on Textkit.com ATTIC Greek? I know many are New Testament Greek but I need to learn Attic Greek?
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new to Latin and i need a quick translation..... lazy i know

i have recently begun studying M&F's Latin on my own. i have a phrase that i would like help with translating from english into latin. not sure if i have the right conjugations, so any help would be grateful. the phrase:

Only the Rainmaker can help cleanse me.

also the "Rainmaker" is a female, so.....

please help

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help with english to latin translations

Can somebody please tell me if the following english to latin translations are correct:

1. From the middle of the sea
Ab media mare

2. A brave soldier
Fortis militis

3. Something bad
Aliquid mali

4. More food
Plus cibi
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Loci Antiqui and Loci Immutati question

I'm on the second chapter of Wheelocks (Yay me!) and it's going well. I do have a question about the Loci Antiqui and Loci Immutati. When should I start trying to do those? They don't seem to be coordinated with any particular chapters.


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de ciceronem incerta

Visus est similis in orationibus eius consulibus (id est 'politicians') nostris ut vomere volo. In epistulis autem atque libellis amo satis.

Quid dixit sapientes? Verene 'Romam ex igne et ferro eripuit'?
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Would I be cheating myself in class if...

If I posted a paragraph I translated from Latin to English and asked you guys/gals to correct it? I say this because I have to hand it in for marks in my course. Is there a way that I could post my translation and you guys/gals could just point out what I did wrong or something without telling me the answer? I don't want to cheat myself here and not get an honest mark, but ...
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Medieval Latin

Hi Everyone

I am new to this site, but it seems a great resource - I am glad I found it.

I had a classical eduction, learning the usual Latin authors (say approx 100 years either side of Caesar or Cicero).

However, my main interest now is in medieval Latin - from say Augustine right through to the 16th century.

How much different is medieval Latin from the classical period ? And does it change ...
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Declension of Nouns

Greetings all fellow Latin learners (and experts!). I have just started an MA degree in Ancient Myth & Society and am currently taking beginners Latin to complement this. However, I am a little stuck on learning the declension of nouns. Does anyone have any learning strategies for over coming this obstacle? In fact, if anyone has any ideas about studying Latin at home without instant access to a tutor I would be most grateful to ...
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The Bible: the word of God?

In another thread on another board Rhuiden wrote:
I believe the Bible to be the inerrant, infallable, complete and perfect word of God.

I am puzzled by this. My belief is that the Bible was written by people. Otherwise, how can one acount for inconsistencies within the Bible?

(It seemed best to debate this point here, rather than in its original thread, since it seemed to be something of a spin-off there)
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Manuscripts and Homer

Hi Everyone!

I was wondering if anyone has found any pictures of the manuscripts of Greek authors on the web?

Also the variant readings to the beginning of the Illiad, does anyone have any idea where I might find this?


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