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Anyone, anyone at all, know anything about the NT MSS? I'm translating the Bible, and I'm trying to find transcriptions of them. I'd rather not use only Textus-Receptus or Westcott-Hort... Any idea?
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If you could be...

...a God or Goddess from the Greek / Roman mythology, who would you be?
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How do you pronounce ...

D'Ooge? What nationality did that name come from? And also, how do you pronounce it. Whenever I see the name I get an image who is oozing over in ... juice? fudge? ice? something edible?

Edit : Did I mention the alternative image - "D'ooge Dude!"
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Ablative confusion

Page 46, Exercise 107, end of chapter XV.
The sencence :The Germans, with (their) sons and daughters, are hastening with horses and wagons. is translated as :Germani cum filiis filiabusque cum equis et carris properant/maturant. in the answer key.

:?: Why is the cum used? I interpreted the English sentence as: The Germans along with their sons and daughters are fleeing by means of horses and ...
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Rosetta Stone

Hello everyone. I have absolutely zero experience with latin. I plan ont aking Latin in college starting next fall. I want to have a decent feel for the language before I go in cold to the classroom. I was looking at the Rosetta Stone software and it really caught my eye. I tried out the demo and it taught me a few basic words in a great innovative way. For instance it would have "Canis" ...
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Quod and Quia?

Are these two words interchangable, or do they apply to certain situations?

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Salvete and Greetings!

Salvete, omnia! I'm a third year student of Latin and someone on a different website recommended this site to me. I am very impressed with it and, as someone struggling to keep a Latin department going on aforementioned website, I am thrilled to see Latin so delightfully paid attention to! :D

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Question Words

In Lesson VII of D'Ooge we are asked to translate the sentence, "Where does the farmer live?"

I wrote, 'Agricola ubi habitat?' but the answer key says, 'Ubi agricola habitat?'

I know Latin word order isn't set in stone but what about questions? Must the question word come at the beginning of a sentence?
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Some Comments about the Epic Caesura

In response to some questions about the caesura in the Odyssey-a group, I was able to indulge in my taste for all things metrical.

In Some Comments on the Epic Caesura I give a possible origin for the heroic hexameter which accounts for the caesura, and then analyze the first 21 lines of Iliad A with special attention on interesting things that happen around the caesura.
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An overview of Greek Subjunctive, s'il vous plait

I have studied a lot of French, so I have a general idea of what the subjunctive is. However, as 70% of the time the subjunctive is inflected indistinguishably from the indicative in French, it is not the ideal language to master this mood. Also, I understand that some of the functions assigned to the French subjunctive are assigned to the Greek optative.

I know these sentences use the subjunctive in English :

I insist ...
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