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Stem? Base?

Section 462 of the appendix in D'ooge lists the Second Declension nouns
as "o-stems". The "stem" of dominus is listed as "domino", and the "base" as "domin".
I read in Henle's, and other grammars, that the "stem" is that part of the word which remains the same in spelling throughout the declension.
Henle (and others) lists the stem of dominus as "domin", not "domino".
DominUS, dominI, dominO, dominUM, dominO??? The "stem" is clearly changing here. ...
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German? Italian?

Can anyone recommend a good introductory level book to either German or Italian? I've come across a great number of these and am not sure how to choose one.
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Imperatives: Aorist stem, -mi verbs

I have two questions about Greek Imperatives, either in general or as they concern New Testament Greek in particular.

1. Are all imperatives built off the aorist stem thereby considered aorist in tense? Or, can you build, for example, a present tense imperative off an aorist stem?

2. What are the rules for forming the different imperatives of -mi verbs? I can't seem to figure out any consistent rules. Is it best to just memorize ...
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Introducing Quotations

I notice that sometimes when a quote is introduced, instead of just saying "Quote:", it will say "Somebodys-Name wrote:".

How do you do that?
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Newbie pronunciation question, "i consonant"

Hi all,

I am just starting Latin For Beginners, and I already have a question about pronunciation. The book states that "i" before another vowel in the same syllable is considered a consonant, i consonant, and has the sound of "y" as in yes. So am I correct in thinking that in the word "iam" the "i" is not considered a consonant and has the sound of short i, because the "i" is a syllable ...
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lexicons, ????

I decided to start with Homeric greek. however I wanted to know if the BAGD would suffice?
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Funny Books: In Memory of Hunter S. Thompson

Hunter S. Thompson's suicide this week reminded me of how hard I laughed while reading Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas---the only work of his that I've read.

It's high on my list of laugh-out-loud books, along with Don Quixote, and just about any Kurt Vonnegut novel. Catch 22 and A Confederacy of Dunces aren't far behind.

Which books have made you laugh-out-loud?
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Latin study group

I would like to collect some information for a possible future Latin study group. Please do not vote for one of the textbooks unless you would actually join a group using that textbook; i.e. do not vote for a textbook just because you like if you already know Latin.

If you have an advanced knowledge of Latin and would like to help lead the study group, please PM me.
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More Treasure from the Egyptian Sands

Coptic Trove

Egypt is such a great papyrus preservative. Someday someone is going to dig up a tattered scroll of most of a book of the poetry of Sappho, or Ibycus or Archilochus. I will make it a holy day.
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De Minoris Senecae Litteris

Meae traductiones valde sugunt, ac persaepe auctoris sententias nequeo discernere. Itaque tanto melius eas anglice pro tam multo solvendo deposcere, si quis sciat ubi inveniantur.


Multas qui reperiat episcopo latintatem suam exhumante gratias!
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