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I'm from Yorkshire , currently living in Wales, I am self studying Punic, Latin and Greek , I am interesting in the mysteries of Dionysus, Lexicology Septuagint and Mycenaean Greek.

I am also an opponent of PIE linguistic reconstruction.

My interest in language began when moving to Wales and being exposed too the Welsh language.
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Huh? First *four* declensions?

I got a copy of A Progressive Greek Treek Delectus” by Henry Musgrave Wilkins, and he has sections called “The first four declensions,” and”The fifth declension.” But all I know are three. Presumably, they classified things differently in older times?
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Ovid's Metamorphoses - Commentary recommendations?

Today I stumbled upon this fantastic thread where people recommended and discussed a variety of commentaries of Vergil's Aeneid:


Could we have something similar for Ovid's Metamorphoses? Can anyone here please provide me with a brief overview or navigation on the main existing commentaries (or even scholarship)?

Thanks in advance.
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Lover of the Muse


Please forgive my ignorance. I know very little about ancient Greek (though I've read much ancient Greek writing in translation as a philosophy undergraduate). I am in the midst of an art project, and am hoping that there may be a way (even if not entirely--or at all--orthodox) to translate "muse lover" or "desirer of the muse" into ancient Greek (sort of on the model of philosophy as "lover of wisdom"). I realize that ...
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imperfect of πειθω?

This replaces a query I answered on my own. I don't know how to just delete a query once it has appeared. :-(

The way I found the answer was this: I did a google search on the exact Greek word that was bothering me. Among the hits was a dictionary entry that showed me that I had confused one word with another word.

That's my "Hail ...
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The three varieties of standard Greek

“Beyond Standards: Attic, the Koiné and Atticism”
Faculty of Classics, University of Cambridge 13th-15th September 2018.

Standards of ancient Greek have begun to receive more scholarly attention in recent years (e.g. Horrocks, 2007, Greek: a history of the language and its speakers; Silk and Geogakopoulou, 2009, Standard Languages and Language Standards: Greek past and present). Three varieties of ancient Greek emerged to become standards of the language: Attic, the Koiné and Atticism. Each does so ...
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I'm from Barcelona and I have studied quite a lot of Latin in high school and in university, but never enough to be close to read texts directly and following the old fashioned "translation method" which is not very helpful. I really liked the classics and I studied Humanities, but my professional career ended up in a close, but different area. Now, with life practicalities sort of solved, I find myself pursuing a Masters ...
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Fully Digital Forcellini now online

A follow up to viewtopic.php?f=3&t=60081

Fully Digital Forcellini
Lexicon Totius Latinitatis

Here: http://lexica.linguax.com/forc2.php

A beta version of a fully digitized Forcellini from which you can copy-paste or search by CTRL+F.
This one took several years to release and it's still not fully finished (although quite ready to use)...

If you wish to motivate me continue in this kind of work and finish this project in my spare time, ...
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Translation of Simocatta's History of the reign of Maurice?

Besides the Greek text of Theophylact Simocatta's history of the Emperor Maurice (VI century) reproduced from Migne at patrologia.graeca.tk and an early French translation, does anyone know of an online English (or less preferably, German) translation of the work?

Beginning vs Ending of Clause

Occasionally it is asserted that a word in a clause is placed at the begining or the end because the author is trying to highlight the word.

My question is which holds more weightiness? The front or the back of the clause? Also why would you choose one or the other?
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