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Sabrinae Corolla

I have found a long collection of English poems and translations of them into Latin, called Sabrinae Corolla, at

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Mimnermus Fr. 2

ἡμεῖς δ’, οἷά τε φύλλα φύει πολυάνθεμος ὥρη 1
ἔαρος, ὅτ’ αἶψ’ αὐγῆις αὔξεται ἠελίου, 2
τοῖς ἴκελοι πήχυιον ἐπὶ χρόνον ἄνθεσιν ἥβης 3

But we, like the leaves the much-blossoming season of spring grows, when they grow in a spurt with rays of the sun, like to these we enjoy for a span of time the blossoms of youth,

. πρὸς θεῶν εἰδότες οὔτε κακὸν 4
οὔτ’ ἀγαθόν· Κῆρες δὲ παρεστήκασι μέλαιναι, (5) ...
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question about the word "ceteri"

Nutting exercise 38, English to Latin. "Three boys came to school today. Tomorrow the others will be punished." The key translates the second sentence "Cras ceteri poenas dabunt. Ceteri I suppose is masc., pl.
nominative referring to "boys". But why wouldn't "others" be considered the direct object of "punished" and therefore in the accusative?
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My first post

Thank you for allowing me to join this forum. I am a theology student from Poland and this is my first year. I am an English teacher and I have never been studying Greek. I would need some help and believe that this forum is the right place :)
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audio latin

hi textkit
does anyone know if there is an audio of lingua latina available online (book 1 or 2)i was told that scorpio martianus has a version on youtube but i cant find it.
little flower
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From Apuleius' Metamorphoses

The following occurs in Apuleius' Metamorphoses

The narrator is describing how he almost choked on cheese pudding...

Ego denique vespera, dum polentae caseatae modico secus offulam grandiorem in convivas aemulus contruncare gestio, mollitie cibi glutinosi faucibus inhaerentis et meacula spiritus distinentis minimo minus interii:..

In my case, eveningtime, while I ventured, after the manner of my dinner companions, to scoff a slightly larger piece of cheese pudding and the soft food clung to my throat ...
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2 questions about dried fruits - παλάθη and σταφίς.

● Were raisins dried in bunches or individually? (σταφιδόω LSJ / σταφίς in the LXX rather than LSJ sense)
● Were "cakes of dried fruit" (παλάθη - figs, ie דְּבֵלִ֑ים in the LXX and prunes in Herodotus) caked together when they were fresh or after they were dry?

Longus 3.20.3 wrote:Κἀκ τῆς πήρας προκομίσασα παλάθης μοῖραν καὶ ἄρτους τινὰς ἔδωκε φαγεῖν:

Herodotus 4.23.3 wrote:καὶ ἀπὸ τῆς παχύτητος αὐτοῦ τῆς τρυγὸς παλάθας συντιθεῖσι καὶ ταύτας σιτέονται.

[quote="1 Kings ...

τὸ ἵππιος


The other day I was working again on Greek Boy at Home (from Rouse) when I encountered this sentence which I'm trying to understand since the writer seems to be using a neuter pronoun τό with a masculine adjective ἵππιος, although he uses the normal masculine pron. in the sentence before.
What do you think of this?

ὁ δ' ἵππιος διπλοῦς ἐστι δίαυλος , διαθεόντων τῶν δρομέων δὶς πρός τε τὴν βαλβῖδα καὶ πάλιν. ...
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use browser to study Latin composition

I use the Chrome browser, which "just works" to display a pdf file in a Chrome tab.

Step 1: I load the North and HIllard Latin composition book in one Chrome tab, and then load the corresponding answer key into another tab.

Step 3: I load an online English-->Latin dictionary into a separate tab. Now I have three tabs in Chrome: North & Hillard qestions, North & Hillard answers, and an English to Latin dictionary. ...
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Date of Vesuvius Eruption

https://www.cnn.com/style/article/pompe ... index.html

The question I have is just how long could a charcoal graffito survive? Could it be from the year before? Does the rest of the inscription give us any clue?
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