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...inter verba et cruciatus

From Orberg LLPSI Cap XLIII: the Horatius' father defends him against a charge of treason (for taking the law into his own hands and killing his sister) and pleads directly to the people

Inter haec senex iuvenem amplexus, spolia Curiatiorum fixa eo loco qui nunc 'Pila Horatia' appellatur ostentans, "Huncine" aiebat "quem modo decoratum ovantemque victoria incedentem vidistis, Quirites, eum vinctum inter verbera et cruciatus videre potestis?

In the meanwhile (as he was speaking)..the old ...
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Suetonius on J. Caesar, chapter LXXX

Context: Suetonius describes the growing fear that dictator Caesar intends soon to make himself king.

Quae causa coniuratis maturandi fuit destinata negotia, ne assentiri necesse esset.

Translation: This was why the conspirators accelerated their planned efforts , in order not to give assent .

After much thought, I am reading it like this:

Quae fuit causa: this was the cause. I am reading "quae" here as if it were a demonstrative ...
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Aeneas & Priamus

Iliad 13, 459-461
βῆναι ἐπʼ Αἰνείαν· τὸν δʼ ὕστατον εὗρεν ὁμίλου
ἑσταότʼ· αἰεὶ γὰρ Πριάμῳ ἐπεμήνιε δίῳ
οὕνεκʼ ἄρʼ ἐσθλὸν ἐόντα μετʼ ἀνδράσιν οὔ τι τίεσκεν.

So, what's going on between Aeneas and Priamus? Ameis mentions rivalry. Is something more to be said about this, some other source than Homer for instance?
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Venus in the Aeneid

She has to combine two roles: her traditional universal one of driving people crazy with sexual passion (via Cupid), and her particular role as Aeneas’ mom and protectrix. It’s an awkward combination, and the two clash badly when Aeneas hits Carthage (bks. 1 & 4). She has Queen Dido—infelix Dido—fall for Aeneas in a big way (role 1), which does her son no good at all (role 2 forgotten). Vergil has somehow to blow smoke ...
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Iliad 13, 441-444

δούπησεν δὲ πεσών, δόρυ δʼ ἐν κραδίῃ ἐπεπήγει,
ἥ ῥά οἱ ἀσπαίρουσα καὶ οὐρίαχον πελέμιζεν

That's just gross; straight out of a low budget splatter movie.
Idomeneus' speech to the dying Othryoneus, while dragging him to the Greek line, is particulary harsh and sarcastic too. Book 13 so far is certainly not for the faint of heart.
Tough ombre this Homer dude.
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Orberg Cap XLIII

Adapted from Livy Orberg tells the story of the battle of the Horatii and Curatii. It's down to the final two and he tells us:

Prius igitur quam alter — nec procul aberat — consequi posset, et alterum Curiatium conficit. Iamque singuli supererant, sed nec spe nec viribus pares. Alterum intactum ferro corpus et geminata victoria ferocem in certamen tertium dabat; alter, fessum vulnere fessum cursu corpus trahens victusque fratrum ante se strage, victori obicitur ...
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..corpus sineret.

Ergo, ut divideret pugnam eorum, capit fugam, ita ratus Albanos secuturos ut quemque vulnere affectum corpus sineret.

There's something I'm not getting. The part from ...ita ratus - in this way he thought the Albani following...' and then ut quemque vulnere affectum... so that he? / it? (the tactic) would allow each body to be affected with a wound...'

I'm having trouble with the subject of sineret.
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translation problem

In Italia urbem desideratam habebitis. I think desideratam is a perfect participle and the way I translate this sentence is 'you will have longed for a city in Italy'. But this sounds like the future perfect tense which is covered later in the book. This one has me stumped.
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Key to Crosby?

There used to be an answer key to Crosby online, but the links are all dead. Does anybody have a copy?

A digital copy of the textbook itself is available here:


It's my favorite traditional textbook. I tried going through it early last year, but I felt that there wasn't enough reading / input practice, and I spent too much time in analysis of Greek compared to reading Greek. This year, the compactness is ...
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Metaphorical language use

Why does Greek have so little, and Latin so much?

Here, for instance, is Cicero in the 2nd Catilinarian (thanks to swtwentyman’s thread on the Latin board):

iacet ille nunc prostratus, Quirites, et se perculsum atque abiectum esse sentit et retorquet oculos profecto saepe ad hanc urbem quam e suis faucibus ereptam esse luget: quae quidem mihi laetari videtur, quod tantam pestem evomuerit forasque proiecerit.

Catiline has left Rome. Leaving aside the somewhat absurdly sustained ...
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