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Mariza with κοινή Greek Narration

A nice simple story with beautiful aniamtion which has been given a Koine narration and Koine subtittles:

Henle Latin

IS it reasonable to think you will be able to read Latin fluently or pretty well after finishing Henle I, Henle II, Henle III, and Henle IV? How modified are the Latin sentences he uses? They seem to be modified and adapted to be easier. I Would not want to spend that much time while not receiving the due progress and benefits. Maybe combine it with the direct method as well? But the mind can ...
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new member from Indonesia


I live in Jakarta, Indonesia. having been self studying biblical greek for just an introductory level.
yes, my interest is the BGreek. Not sure about classical Greek yet, because I am overloaded with the "more simple koine" already. never exposed to Latin,yet... (If I can maybe I will learn it some other time on the future)

by the way, one of the reason I am picking the BGreek is due to Mounce-Wallace popularity (not ...
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pronounce σκοτάδι+φως help me

how are you?
please i need to help you
i don't know how i can prononce this word in greek

φως in english mean light
is pronounce like "fosh or foz".?

and this word

is pronounce "skotathe"..


please tell me how i can prononce this word
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BLD 1st year Latin, what for 2nd year?

I'm using BLD Latin for Beginners for my 1st year of Latin, and am making a SRS online flashcard set of the 8,000 most common words in Latin with principal parts which I hope will be finished by 2017. Is there anything I should be doing in addition to working on Latin for Beginners, and once I complete this, what books should I buy for the 2nd and 3rd year of Latin? I wish to ...
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Help me to sketch a plan of reading to this year

mwh wrote:"The end approaches. You'll never get to read the Odyssey for the first time ever again!"

I've finished the Odyssey this week, and maybe because of the end of the year, maybe because of the comment above, I feel a little nostalgic so as to post my usual questions. I'd just like to say that I've enjoyed very much the last books, maybe in part because of the incidental reason that at that point ...
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this thread will collect my translations of Astronomy Picture of the Days explanatory texts. Corrections are welcome.

So, here's the first in this thread:


NGC 7331, galaxia spiralis magna et pulchra, saepe Viae Lacteae nostrae persimilis esse dicitur. NGC 7331, quae circiter quinquaginta milliones (50,000,000) annorum luce mensorum in constellatione Pegasi abest, maturê quidem nebula spiralis esse cognita est. ...
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Hi to every one here!!!

Very good web page.


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Ranking Greek writers by difficulty

I think you'll find, as you progress, that this scale of measurement, which may work for modern foreign languages, isn't really useful or valid for ancient Greek. Some texts are easier than others; some authors have a style that's very difficult. Plato reads somewhat more easily for me at least than Isocrates; Isocrates is usually easier (but blander) than Demosthenes; and Thucydides' speeches are the most difficult prose of all--even the ancient Greeks and those ...
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Translating "less than should have been"

Given the following English-to-Latin translation:

"Yet the oath of his own son and the evil deeds that it had wrought did injury to the design of the king, and he had less aid than should have been."

Sed ius iurandum ipsius filii et scelera ex eo orta ita consilium regis laeserunt ut minus adiumenti comparandi acceperit.

I'm looking to determine whether "minus adiumenti comparandi acceperit" aptly translates the less-than-should comparison, and/or if there are alternative ...
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