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hi. :)

what is the dictionary form (finite present indicative singular) of katante^santes ?
I think it is the aorist participle of katantao^, but what is its root verb ?
kata + anti + what ?
In the intermediate Liddell&Scott, I could find, in the antao^ article, that aor.1 was anta^sa,
but I couldnt make sure if there was another form ante^sa (for katante^santes).
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lost the point of view in an indirect discourse passage

Suetonius, Divus Iulius, 17

Context: In the controversy following the rout of Catiline, informers are suggesting that Julius Caesar himself
was one of the conspirators. Caesar needs to squelch this incipient McCarthyism.

id uero Caesar nullo modo tolerandum existimans, cum inplorato Ciceronis testimonio quaedam se de coniuratione ultro ad eum detulisse docuisset, ne Curio praemia darentur effecit;

Caesar, thinking this must not be endured, when he implored Cicero for his testimony that ...
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Quae ubi intravere portas

Orberg (from Livy) is describing the unusual mood of the Albani when their city is occupied by the Romans. I't seems that down to flammaeque miscet, the description is of what one would normally expect in a captured city. But 'sed silentium....' is what's different about the Albani city. I'm sure that at best my translation is inelegant. But is it accurate?

Quae ubi intravere portas, non quidem fuit tumultus ille nec pavor qualis captarum ...
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result clause equivalent?

Suetonius, Divus Iulus, xvi.

Context: Caesar's conflict with the ruling faction in the senate.

ceterum Caecilio Metello tribuno plebis turbulentissimas leges aduersus collegarum intercessionem ferenti auctorem propugnatoremque se pertinacissime praestitit, donec ambo administratione rei publicae decreto patrum submouerentur.

trial translation:
Caesar most stubbornly supported Caecilius Metellus tribune of the plebians , who was proposing some very seditious laws, despite the opposition of the other tribunes, until the senate by decree debarred both of them from ...
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Should education be fun?

I'll get around to transcribing people's recently posted audio shortly, but I saw this on Laudator Temporis Acti:

Aristotle, Politics 8.4.4 (1339 a; tr. H. Rackham):
Now it is not difficult to see that one must not make amusement the object of the education of the young; for amusement does not go with learning—learning is a painful process.

ὅτι μὲν οὖν δεῖ τοὺς νέους μὴ παιδιᾶς ἕνεκα παιδεύειν, οὐκ ἄδηλον· οὐ γὰρ παίζουσι μανθάνοντες, μετὰ ...
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need help with pronoun antecedents

Suetonius, Divus Iulius, XIV

As many senators press for harsh measures against the Catilinian conspirators, now under arrest, Julius Caesar scares them with the prospect of an enraged plebian class filled with hatred for those who would punish Catiline and his alllies.

I need help on the pronouns marked with asterisks.

quin et tantum metum iniecit asperiora suadentibus, identidem ostentans quanta eos in posterum a plebe Romana maneret inuidia, ut Decimum Silanum consulem designatum ...
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Qui vs. Quis/, Quid vs. Quod


I am not quite clear about when to use the interrogative pronoun and when the interactive adjective pronount. Take the following sample sentences:

  • Qui est aspectus campi magnetici galaxiae nostri? (my own translation of an English sentence) In this case I am unsure whether it should not be Quis est aspectus....
  • Quid est nomen tibi? (taken from Traupman's Conversational Latin). Here, I am wondering why it does not say Quod nomen est tibi?.
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Learning French and Greek at the same time!

In high school, my dad (who is French) studied Greek for some time, mostly because that way he didn't have to take German. He told me that the only thing he ever learnt was οὐκ ἔλαβον πόλιν. For some reason, my dad thought it was very funny, but I didn't get it... But I just bumped into whole piece, and now I know what was so funny. For those of you who know French: ...
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Rex cetera ut orsus erat peragit

Orberg LLPSI Cap XLIII (again). Tullus is condemning Mettius for treason:

Centuriones armati Mettium circumsistunt. Rex cetera ut orsus erat peragit:

I'm perplexed by the sentence Rex cetera ut orsus erat peragit:

I can sort of deduct that Mettius gets up to speak but how does the Latin work? Here's my reasoning:

Rex (the king) cetera (whilst) ut (in order to? to? so that?) orsus erat (had arisen) continues:.... mmm

Cetera I think means 'at ...
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