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χαίρετε, ὦ βέλτιστοί τε καὶ βέλτισται!

My name is Orestes Papazisis. I have had a love affair with the Classics from a very tender age, and it is great to be able to talk with with people that share this enthusiasm.
A little about myself: I was born in Thessalonika, Greece, and emigrated to the USA when I was 3y/o.
Now, in my late 40's, I am back in Greece, likely to stay. I did my undergrad work at the ...

Query about πλέω

Is πλέω (I sail) an ε-contract verb? I know this is probably a really simple question, but I'm a complete beginner and I'm having trouble finding grammar help online (such as somewhere which shows the conjugation of specific verbs - could anyone reccomend?). Thanks in advance :)
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Hey, I'm Phoebus Apollo. I will be starting my Classics degree at Oxford Uni this October. I have done A level Latin, and have just started learning Ancient Greek (definitely glad I learnt Latin first!... :lol: ). Joined this site because I already have lots of questions regarding the grammar.
Thanks :)
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corvus eī suprā - Roma Aeterna XLVI Lines 164–166

Tum sē M. Valerius tribūnus mīlitum obtulit, et cum prōcessisset armātus, corvus eī suprā dextrum bracchium sēdit.

Then Marcus Valerius, a tribune of the soldiers, presented himself, and when he had gone forward armed, a crow sat above his right arm.

Why is in the dative? Also, why is it in this sentence at all? It seems superfluous.
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Paus. 3.14.10

This is Pausanias describing the rites which parties of Spartan youths put on:
ἐπὶ δὲ τῇ θυσίᾳ κάπρους ἠθάδας οἱ ἔφηβοι συμβάλλουσι μαχουμένους: ὁποτέρων δ᾽ ἂν ὁ κάπρος τύχῃ νικῶν, ἐστιν ἐν τῷ Πλατανιστᾷ κρατῆσαι τούτους ὡς τὰ πλείω συμβαίνει.
This is the closest I can get
At the sacrifice the youths put to fight trained boars to fight. Of (whom) whichever of the boars should by chance win, these overcome as the (things) in ...
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how the latins tell other ppl

I always wonder how the romans, especially the latins, differentiate other people of ethnicity.. even though I myself believe that etnicity or nationality does not mean anything, but if allowed to be curious, approaching a people with a fairer skin than me I will ask whether he is from europe/ america/australia.. likewise if he has an african complexion I would be equally interested..
what will be a factor for the ancients to tell other group? ...
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Demosthenes and Plato

As I was working through Dickey's book, I decided I needed to read some Greek prose. First, I pulled out Demosthenes' Against Meidias in MacDowell's edition, which has been sitting on my shelf for years waiting for me to get to it. For the sheer enjoyment of engaging with Greek prose, a speech like this can't be beat, and MacDowell's edition is full of information about Greek law and procedure, historical background, Greek idiom, textual ...
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Wow! Spoken Latin & a good documentary too!

The docu is, "Nat Geo's Battle of Phillipi".
Copious spoken Latin throughout, especially by the Antony character.

Now to be brutally frank, I probably would have trouble discerning Latin from Italian
as I am a Newbie. But still I thought heard enough "est"s and Roma versus Romani to
call it legit. Maybe the better students can confirm for me. Overall is was well done
and I enjoyed it a lot. So check it out!

Cathexis ...
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About the acute accent

I'm learning the ancient accent and there is something confusing me a lot. I'm a beginner to ancient Greek and I'm reading the book "Greek, an intensive course". In that book, there are three pitches. But I listen an audio recorded by Stephen G. Daitz and it sounds like there are some conditions that a syllable is pronunced with a lowing pitch, like the word "λόγος"(and I find there's actually NO grave mark in Daitz's ...
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A country house inscription

Yesterday I visited Hammerwood Park near East Grinstead, an attractive country house designed in 1792 for John Sperling by the distinguished architect Benjamin Henry Latrobe, who subsequently moved to America and did much work on the US Capitol and White House, as well as other commissions.
My visit involved a guided tour, and I only acquired a guidebook at the end. Leafing through the latter last night, I belatedly discovered that the reverse of the ...
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