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Textkit is a learning community- introduce yourself here. Use the Open Board to introduce yourself, chat about off-topic issues and get to know each other.

Dominus Faba hic est

Dominus Faba optimis amicis novis S.P.D.

As per the requirements of the sign-up procedure, I am making my first post and intro here.

I am a Latin beginner using LLPSI. I also use Desessard and hope to get onto the Schola Latina course in September as I have an interest in spoken Latin as a means to improve reading ability.

Having browsed the archives, I see there are lots of brains worth picking here. I ...
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First Post

I am beginning a PhD program in ancient history at UCLA this Fall and am required to take diagnostic exams in Greek and Latin before my first quarter starts. Thus far, I have been immersed in both grammar and reading all summer . I hope to participate in many constructive dialogues about grammar and texts, and hope to get constructive help on many translation issues. My initial question is, how are people posting Greek font ...
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Greetings - Greek teacher returns to board

Greetings (this sounds like a draft notice) :D
I have not visited Textkit for several years but am now back.
I first studied Latin in 1956 and Greek in 1960.
Taught both for a few years but was distracted away from the field by business and only returned a few years ago.
I currently am coordinating 4 study groups on the GreekStudy List and coordinated a ...
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Was here some time ago

Lost that account and password info, but I'm back. Will be posting for answers to Greek and Latin questions. Hope y'all are enjoying your summer.
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Well, hello

Right now I'm studying Attic Greek in order to read the classics (and the bible- correct me if I'm wrong, but Attic Greek is close enough to Koine, right?), and just because, I mean, because I've been a language enthusiast for as long as I can remember (since ten years old, 'kay?), but I haven't really studied languages that much, just read about them (except for French, which is at an intermediate level right now, ...
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comp lit / hist of sci student - new member

Hi all,

I've been a lurker for a while -- now that I'm diving into Greek this summer, thought I'd actually make an account!

I studied math and poetry as an undergrad, and I'm continuing that now reading about history of science and poetry of various sorts. I'm especially interested, besides in the ancient world, in "Early Modern" English poetry, before the "two cultures" of science and literature split. As a poet myself, and someone ...
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Hello everyone,

I just joined and would like to introduce myself. I have been learning Latin through self-study, on and off, for about four years now. My studying has been much more “off” than “on”, and I estimate I have spent only about six or seven months actually learning. I am currently working through the first volume of Lingua Latina again and will read chapter XXXV today.

My most consistent and intensive period of study ...
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Hello Everyone

Hello Everyone

I have just started my Latin journey. I hope that I can ask you all lots of questions, and I hope none of those questions are dumb.

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greetings from Bayside, NY



My name is Steven Avery, from Bayside, NY.

As a believer with Bible interests that include apologetics and infallibility issues, I've been interested in Greek, and some Latin, discussions in Bible text studies for many years.

Often I like to see how the historical views of an issue developed, and if they differ from the modern views. So in that sense some of my interest is more journalistic than text-geek. However, in so ...
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Hello Latin-loving world :)

Hi All,

I am from Bangalore and I love the Latin language. I dream of the day when I can take a Virgil and read it completely on my own without needing a translation tool! I have just begun to actually start learning the language using D'Ooge and I hope to make the best out of it *fingers crossed*. Finding this forum was a great encouragement as well... Oh, and if there are Latin learners ...
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