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I'm curious what everyone thinks about this topic. I've noticed that it can be a very heated subject on wikipedia articles. My personal view is that the BC/AD system is better on practical grounds: 1) the uniformity of two characters in each 2) easier to distinguish at sight 3) easier to say in speech.

As I christian I don't really care which system is used, but the motive (as I understand it) behind the BCE/CE ...
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New Latin Teacher

Salvete Omnes,

I have studied Latin for the equivalent of five academic years, and Greek for four. I have a B.A. in Philosophy, and have been considering graduate studies in classics, ancient philosophy, or patristics.

I have been hired to begin a Latin program at a Catholic grade school in the U.S. and mean to resort to this board frequently in the near future for advice from other teachers and for help with my own ...
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My Self-Intro: Please Allow Me to Join!

OK. I have made two different posts which were both serious, but neither appeared. I guess they were not serious enough. So I must be "beyond clear" that I have an interest in Textkit. I studied Latin first in high school (2 years) then a year at the University of Arizona, and then I decided to be a Classics major and chose Greek as my specialty. I specialized in Greek tragedy, and graduated Summa Cum ...
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My aspirations

Within the past two months I have been embarked on the daunting - nevertheless rewarding; task of reading all of the Great Books of the Western World. I do not exlusively intend to read these books but to also learn both the Ancient Greek and Latin languages that comprise the orgins of Western culture. Besides the copious quantities of benefits from fulfilling this endeavor - learning, writing, and speaking Ancient Greek and Latin is astoundingly ...
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New comer from Hong Kong

Salvete omnes! My name is Sydney, a college student from Hong Kong self-learning Latin and Classical Greek. While I am not studying Humanities at university, and my schedule for major is fairly occupied, it is still my earnest wish to delve into the treasury of the Western Civilization, which I'm sure will bring me new perspectives in understanding our modern society.

I did not learn Latin grammar from Wheelock. Rather, I relied on the notes ...
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Appropriate term to describe someone as a "faithful skeptic"

What would be an acceptable pair of Latin words to describe someone as possessing the sometimes opposed qualities of faith and skepticism?

I realize that "skeptic" is a Greek word and the first philosophers to describe themselves with the term were Greek. But surely many persons have been "faithful," in the sense of loyal and believing and adhering to an ethos, while also being "skeptical" in the sense of challenging assumptions or propositions. I expect ...
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New member

Hello to all Textkit Latin students.
This is my first post. Learnt Latin at high school for 3 years, starting in 1939, then went off to join in the war effort. Always enjoyed the sheer logic and economy of Latin, so have now resumed studies with a cheerful volunteer tutor and a happy group of likeminded people at U3A, Adelaide , Australia.

My educational status, acquired late when my children were at school, is as ...
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Other Greek Textbooks subforum

Σαῦλος mentioned that it would be nice to have a subforum where we could make a new topic for every composition exercise in Sidgwick, without cluttering up the main boards.
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New arrival

Hello everyone,

I am here mostly to improve my Latin. My educational background is in linguistics, as well as having taken a couple of years of Latin before university. While this has been helpful, it's the sort of background that can tempt you to read a lot of grammar books (to learn rules that you can apply everywhere) instead of actually getting into real Latin texts and picking up the vocabulary.

As a refresher I ...
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I'm a Classics teacher in London, teaching girls in Years 7-13 Latin, Greek and Classical Civilisation. This year I've been teaching some Pliny (two letters about his uncle), Virgil 4, Plato Protagoras and Iliad 22 - have really enjoyed all of them. I'm gearing up for next year when Catullus is on the menu and I'm going to be teaching a twilight GCSE Greek class. I run lots of extra-curricular Classics, most recently trips ...
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