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salvete omnes/obligatory introduction

Hello all,

I'm a long time lurker.. here's a bit about myself:

Background: Lifelong interest in history and language. Started studying latin on a bit of a whim ~5 years ago in my junior year of college. Being an engineering student and having already fulfilled my gen ed reqs, I didn't want to risk taking a 4 hour elective. So started off with a $9 kindle version of Wheelock's and it kind of snowballed from ...
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Salvēte omnis!
Ego discipula Latinae Linguae sum. Nomen pura at tortura habeō. (derivatives of my name)
I am currently in my second year of a Latin course offered by my homeschooling board using Lingua Latina by Hans Orsburg and I am really enjoying learning new words and phrases through it. I found this site while searching for what tunē meant and then felt really silly afterwards. :D ...
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How to type in Greek on a MacBook?

Hi, I just wondered if anyone could help - I would like to type in Ancient Greek on my laptop (which is a MacBook, if that makes any difference), for example in Google (I've already figured out how to type in Word) and on this forum? Currently I can only use a Greek keyboard on my mobile devices because I've installed keyboards on them, but am not sure how to do this on a mac. ...
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New member from the Philippines

Hello. I'm Ralph, college graduate from the Philippines and helping out in my parent's store for the last 2 years. As for why I'm interested in learning Attic Greek...it's because of this story I'm writing.

Yes, I really am going as far as learning an ancient language for my story, which I hope in the future, once I finish it, would be the first non-Japanese Light Novel to break into the Light Novel market, and ...
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Could I advertise another forum?

I do not want to be rude or disrespectful, so I would first like to ask permission. I happen to know an active Latin forum and a budding Greek forum that might interest users here. Would it be okay for me to advertise these forums on this thread?
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New Member...from Western Australia

Hi all,
I'm a teacher of the Bible down here in Western Australia, and more importantly a learner 'disciple' of the Lord Jesus. Still hanging onto my Greek from College days, but it can be a pretty lone journey with the Koine Greek of the Bible. Was hoping to find some wiser Greek students of the Bible, could help with some questions, here and there.
Is that ok to prove I'm real.
Totally cool about ...
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Saluete. Nomen mihi est Kleo, studiosusque linguae Latinae sum. Lectiones omnes libri Wheelock's Latin iam exegi, et eos qui auxilium petunt iuuare uolo, auxiliumque cuius egeo ego accipere uolo. Linguam Graecam tamen non didici, at eam mox discam. Linguam Hispanicam, Anglicam, et Albanicam quoque cognoui. Si Latine loqui auxiliumue cupitis, ego hic uobis sum. Valete, et semper amate linguam Latinam! Quoque mihi dicite quam bene Latine scribam loquarque (sed id ignoratis)!
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Learning old [insert language name]


I have considered for some time now to learn old norse, old english and old german, (not necessarily in this order, certainly not at the same time).

Can anyone recommend me some fine resources to study them? If it is not useless to mention, I am primarily interested in literature, v.g., Beowulf, the nordic sagas, Nibelungenlied.

Many thanks in advance. :D
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Obligatory Introduction

Hello, all.

It was requested of me during the registration process that my first post be an introduction in this forum, so here are some highlights from my career as a Classicist:

  • I recently finished my MA in Classical Languages and am now teaching Latin I–IV at a public high school.
  • My greatest achievements include reading the entirety of Aeschylus' Agamemnon in Greek and acquiring the first two volumes of Fraenkel's commentary.
  • My favorite Latin ...
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New Forum User - Grk NT Student (Self Teaching at Home)

Hello All --

I am a NT Greek Student trying to teach myself greek from home. I have read all of I John and am starting GJohn. I'm learning pronunciation by using Vasile Stancu's web site. I began my studies by using Summers Greek Grammar but quickly got overwhelmed with paradigms. So I switched to Dobsons method and then aquired other grammars just to have them around for reference. (Mounce, Robertson, Wallace, Croy, Peter Jones, ...
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