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Hello all, my name is Tom.

I am sixty-six years old, and grew up in Boston, MA. When I was young I was fascinated by the ancient Mediterranean world. I loved watching what became know as "sword and sandal" movies.

When I entered middle school I wanted to take French, but instead I was put into the Latin class. The poor woman who was a teacher was one of the most boring teachers I had. ...
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Greek and Latin Summer School, UCC, Ireland

June 19th – August 10th 2017

For the 18th year running, the Department of Classics at UCC offers an intensive
8-week summer school for beginners with parallel courses in Latin and Ancient Greek. The courses are primarily aimed at postgraduate students in diverse disciplines who need to acquire a knowledge of either of the languages for further study and research, and at teachers whose ...
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Hello everybody. I'm the new guy. The only thing more awkward for me than a self-introduction on a forum would be one in front of a crowd. So... Yeahhh.

All serious joking aside, I do love language. Always have. I would often take out books on foreign languages from the library when I was kid. I didn't actually learn anything then but I enjoyed the novelty of it all the same.

Since that time, I ...
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My name is Ron and I live In Springfield Ohio in the United States. I'm recently retired about two years ago. I have studied some Foreign Languages in the past. Now I would like to try Latin. I'n not a expert just somebody with extra time who would like to expand his mind into learning Latin,Colleges and Universties nearby,do not offer Latin. I just want to learn the Language
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anti democracy member

hullo hullo
I'm new but Zeus rules as always. He went to the Indo-Greek Bactrian and Kushan kingdoms who sent ships to Indonesia and Cambodia about 2000 years ago. Zeus was depicted as an eagle with shining thunderbolts like Indra with thunderbolts who was an eagle at times. Indra and Garuda the eagle ( "Garuda" airlines) have statues in Bali Indonesia. The eagleman who threw dyte stars at bad people has a statue in Melbourne ...
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New member introduction

Salvete omnes!

I'd like to introduce myself: My name is Lars, I'm from Germany, and I'm a student of British and American studies and history with an interest in Latin, especially in teaching and learning Latin using methods more commonly employed in modern foreign language learning. This means I'm into communicative Latin teaching, spoken Latin, extensive reading and the like.

I had four years of Latin at school, where traditional methods were used, with a ...
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New member introduction

Hi; new member here!

After wanting to take Latin in high school but not going to a school that offered it and then not going to a university that offered it I've finally decided to take matters into my own hands. I started using Lingua Latina a few months ago and while I loved it I found I missed the grammar focus of a 'normal' course :shock: ...
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Can anyone tell me about this coin I have?

I picked up this coin and would like to know more about it who is on it and what it says. If I'm right it says (Kritikos Stoikos) don't know what it means. The word (stoikos) is Stoics I think. I have a Picture but don't know how to post it.
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γγ for κκ

Does γγ ever replace κκ in the way that Attic ττ becomes σσ in Ionic?
I'm trying to figure out the source of a word used in modern botanical nomenclature: coggygria. It's very close to κοκκυγέα, a word used in the same sense as the modern word.
I'm also curious about how, if a word such as κογγυγρια existed, it would have been pronounced. In particular, if the γγ is derived from κκ, would the ...
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