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Olá amigos (χαιρετε)

 χαιρετε everyone,

I am in graduate school, writing a dissertation about Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics. About his discussion of σωφρoσύνη to be more precise. I studied greek for 2 yrs. (2009-11) and then started again earlier this year. I am really excited about it and since this board has been so helpful for me, I thought why not take part in it.

So right now I am also translating Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics Book I and III ...
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Hello everyone. I'm learning Ancient Greek with the help of old books and my computer. I'm starting with Homeric Greek because it has epic stories of gods and heroes, but my goal is to be able to sight-read any dialect of Ancient Greek. I own Liddell and Scott, and have access to Pharr (an eighties reprint) and Schoeder/Horrigan (the original, forties edition) via my local library. I completed the first quarter of Schoeder/Horrigan vol. 1 ...
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Newbie with many questions


I'm supposed to create a topic here, yeah? I was going to post one in the learning Greek forum, but since I'm supposed to post here first, I'll just post here and copy paste later (if necessary.)

I've been studying Greek recently. Even more recently, I've been studying how to study Greek. The basic battleplan is looking like this, so far, not necessarily in chronological order:

1) Grammar rules/terms
2) Index cards (organizing vocabulary ...
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Self introduction

Hello, I'm a classical language enthusiast and am currently in the process of self learning Latin.

I went to school in China and majored in Biology in college. It is uncommon for schools in China to offer Latin courses, but by a strange stroke of luck my school hired an instructor from the Netherlands in my senior year in college and he taught two classes: Ancient Greek and Classical Latin. I took both courses in ...
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My name is David Marks, in listening to discussions about Bible translations I decided I wanted to learn koine Greek to learn what the text actually says. I am mostly using William Mounce's Basics of Biblical Greek 3rd edition. I had the opportunity to get it in a kit for a good price (and I read good reviews about it). I chose to do self study since it takes me a longer time to remember ...
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I've always wanted to learn Latin and had a Latin-English dictionary in high school but never really applied myself.

Fast forward 20+ years and I finally started to learn through self study in earnest. That was about three years ago now and I have made some headway. My goal is to be able to read Latin and Greek.

At first I found some YouTube Learning Latin with Virgil by tesla man and Visual Latin by ...
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Learning Norwegian

I have a 10-day trip to Norway planned for September; we'll be staying at an Air BnB near the Urnes stavkyrkje. I'd like to be as fluent as possible in the language before I go, so here's my plan:

1) Listen to an audiobook of the Gospel of Mark until I get the flow of the language. The Jehovah's Witnesses make a full audio book of the Bible in Norsk (likely Bokmål, but I can't ...
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Hello everybody,

My name is Tom, and I'm new to Textkit. I am a latin beginner, trying to learn the language using a mix of techniques. I have completed Book I of the Cambridge latin course, but am now using a combination of Adler's grammar, Evan Millner's recordings of the same, and Familia Romana by Ørberg. It is a refreshing change, and I'm enjoying an approach that is more immersive and less grammar-focussed.

I found ...
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I'm a college graduate who has never really studied Greek or Latin to any meaningful degree, but now wish to do so by myself; how feasible that is with my schedule is dubious. I originally simply wanted to acquire a familiarity with Latin and Greek vocabularies and to understand the processes which brought many pieces of them, in one form or another, to English, but I find as I am reading that I am ...
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Greetings to all. I have been perusing Texkit for a while and have finally decided to join in. My interest is studying Greek, with a chief focus on Koine, though I have done a little with Byzantine and a little with Attic and, time permitting, will push further in those directions. I have been actively studying for around 4 years to date and am busy working in the direction of doing more composition and speaking, ...
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