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Wow! Spoken Latin & a good documentary too!

The docu is, "Nat Geo's Battle of Phillipi".
Copious spoken Latin throughout, especially by the Antony character.

Now to be brutally frank, I probably would have trouble discerning Latin from Italian
as I am a Newbie. But still I thought heard enough "est"s and Roma versus Romani to
call it legit. Maybe the better students can confirm for me. Overall is was well done
and I enjoyed it a lot. So check it out!

Cathexis ...
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New Facebook Group: Nerdy Classics Majors

Salvete omnes. It's high time to have a Facebook community for Classics. Thus I've created the new group Nerdy Classics Majors. Please check it out.

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Hi, Hello

So, my turn I guess.
I live in Berlin. I love animals, but I can't have a pet, so I play with strays while walking anywhere around the city. I can walk the whole day, and never get bored. I do tire, though. Especially if there's sun.
I, um, can't swim, can't cycle, or whistle.
I study philosophy and I plan to go Greece for some student exchange.
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Hello! I am a PhD candidate and a medievalist. I have been learning Latin essentially as an autodidact (while also auditing courses at my university) for the past four years. In addition, two years ago I attended the Summer Greek Workshop at UC Berkeley, and then audited a number of classes in Ancient Greek, as well. My current field is Old French, but I am cultivating a broader late antique/medieval perspective in order to understand ...
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Salvete omnes!

B.A. in classics, M.A. in Greek and Latin, currently working part time as a tutor. I've been nebulously aware of this site for years, but only just decided to make an account due to a very specific question on the hexameter that I encountered with one of my students and that I will detail on the appropriate board. Hope to engage in more interesting discussions with you all in the future.

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indo-european root

This is Idoneus again.
Can anyone help me? I have been Googling, trying to see whether the Indo-European root of the word "cosmos" is known. All I get is the information that it is from ancient Greek. I already knew that!
The frustrating thing is that when I searched it last month, I got the answer. That there was a root "kwehre-," or something like that, meaning "arrange."
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introductory, salvete, chairete, etc.

Hi! This is my first post. I first became interested in the ancient world as a teenager, from reading Durant's "The Life of Greece." I had 2 years of Latin in high school, in Michigan.
I taught myself Greek, starting with "Homeric Greek" by Clyde Pharr.
Don't get me started on the Peloponnesian War!
I just started reading Aratos' Phainomena.
Oh, the username? Well, I once read this piece by George Orwell, in which he ...
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Did Jowett know Greek?

A.E. Housman was not a fan:

https://sententiaeantiquae.com/2015/03/ ... or-jowett/

“The Regius Professor of Greek throughout Housman’s time was Jowett, and from the single lecture of Jowett’s which he attended, Housman came away disgusted by the Professor’s disregard for the niceties of scholarship.”

-A.S.F. Gow, A.E. Housman: A Sketch (Cambridge : Cambridge University Press) p.5

“The story is current in Oxford, I am told, that the particular offense of the ...
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Web Software for Dictionaries?


Is there any expert among you who could write some web software for searching dictionaries? I am thinking something like these pages:


There are several interesting freely available works that it would be nice if they were searchable. For example,

https://archive.org/details/bub_gb_oR0LAAAAIAAJ ...
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Middle High German

Dear all,

Is there any one who is interested in Middle High German? I am just a newbie of the matter, and will be happy to discuss with someone fluent. I knew Old English and Old Norse

Sincerely yours,
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