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Can you help me translate the title Ornithogonia?

Hi everyone, I'm a new member. I've always been interested in ancient languages and history. Today though I have a very specific question...

Can you help me translate the title Ornithogonia from ancient Greek? I know 'ornith' means bird, and in my research I keep seeing that 'gonia' is 'angle', but I wonder how that fits or could be understandably translated as a title. I'm not convinced it's the right word.

I'm just really interested ...
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In Flanders Fields, Latin translation help

Remembrance Day is coming November 11. In our times of great conflict, we must not encourages war but, instead seek peace. Remembrance Day was formerly known as Armistice Day, to commemorate the end of World War I. How many wars since then! This is why I shall never wear a red-for-bloodshed poppy on Remembrance Day but rather wear a white poppy for peace.

To that end, I’m hoping a member may be more expert in ...
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The Classical Wizard / Magus Mirabilis in Oz

Fulfilling my obligations to the group. I am co-translator with George Van Buren of The Classical Wizard / Magus Mirabilis in Oz, Berkeley: Scolar Press, 1987.

I am currently preparing a full-colour first edition facsimile edition, hopefully, in 2017.

CJ Hinke
Thammasat University
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Untranslated Latin Texts?

Are there any Latin texts (or Greek texts) that haven't been translated?
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Victorian Language and its Discontents

The comment that got me thinking about this was from Timothée in the Cambridge Greek Dictionary thread:

Timothée wrote:To me it feels always weird when native English speakers complain that a work has an archaic Klang about it.

I have heard the same complaint that Timothée has from several sources. One person even told me that he had a constant dread that he was subtly mis-understanding Greek because of all the archaic 19th century words in ...
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New member!

Hello everyone, new guy here.

I'm not a professional, student or academic in any way, though I've loved ancient history & antiquity since I was probably 10 years old or so (I'm almost 37 now, so it's been a couple decades of interest). While I had wanted to go to collage for ancient Greek or Roman history, my path didn't turn out that way (4 years in the Army and then became a paramedic when ...
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New member introduction - softarae


This is my new member intro post, so some background information is appropriate.
I have a BA in Philosophy from University of Wisconsin-Madison. My focus (as much
as a person can have one as an undergraduate) was on Ancient Greek Philosophy,
especially Socrates via Plato. I was sidetracked (or side swiped) by life before
I could pursue a graduate degree.

Years later, I am now retired and demonstrating that I am both faithful to ...
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A Latin -Latin dictionary?

As a new member of your forum, who has been studying Latin for 3 years -and is often disappointed, even discouraged, with my slow progress -I picked up on this site because of the discussion on the availability of a Latin-Latin dictionary. Such a dictionary would be, I think, very useful in beginning to think in Latin. (As it was years ago, when I was astudent of French and got my first 'Dictionnaire Larousse'. ...
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Greek Mythology

I am fan of movies showcasing about greek myths like greek gods, may I know if the movies we've watched like Clash of the Titans were exactly the same written in books?
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Hello all, I'd like to introduce myself and explain my interest in this site. My name is Indra Sinha, I am a novelist currently working on a story set in the ancient world. I find myself wanting to quote sometimes from classical texts, but would rather not simply lift other people's translations (even with permission) as translation is such a personal business. I read Greek, but my pronunciation is certainly dodgy and my understanding of ...
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