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Textkit is a learning community- introduce yourself here. Use the Open Board to introduce yourself, chat about off-topic issues and get to know each other.


Hello I am john from London.I am a researcher,doing researcher in old books and their knowledege through webinars.
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A pleasure to join this wonderful forum: Xairete!

Good day all,

As is required and incumbent on new members of the forum, please allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Gerson, I am 27 years old and am currently trying to improve and refresh my ancient greek knowledge and reading as well as communicate with fellow learners and adepts.

To give my background on this subject, I took Ancient Greek back in high school (I am one of those people that never ...
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change pasword?

How do you change the pasword on your account?
I expected to find tha that in the user control panel but I can't seem to find it.
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Hello Everyone

Hey everyone. I've recently decided to commit to leaning a new language, Latin. In high school I took 3 Spanish classes, but I wasn't that inspired to work at it; I just needed the credits. Now that it is of my own accord I think I think I can do better, but I don't have the l luxury of having classmates or real life teachers to help. I'm also in my second year of college ...
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Hello from the Frigid Midwest

Hello all,

I have been frequenting Textkit for over four years now, and it has been an invaluable resource and supplement to my undergraduate education in Classics. I graduated in 2013, and am biding my time before I send off the application to graduate school. I hope here to continue my consistent practice of Attic (and Homeric) Greek, and begin to learn Latin.

I have worked through some Xenophon (selections from the Anabasis), some Plato ...
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Hello everyone, my name is Ron!

I've never been very good at introductions so this will probably err on the short side. I'm 26 years old and live in Illinois, USA where I was born and raised. I moved out of state, merely across the way to Indiana, for a couple years before moving back to pursue a career as a chef. Cooking is one of the things that I just like doing! I really ...
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Howdy from Tennessee.

I am from a small city in TN. I've only recently started my journey into the languages. I have no idea where to start, but I do plan on attempting Latin first. I, one random day, decided that learning Latin is what I should do. I have made more obscure choices and they have paid off 90 percent of the time (we don't speak of the rest). I do look forward to seeing all the ...
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Greetings from a new member


my name is Nikolas, I am currently doing a Master's degree in Byzantinistics and am always looking for ways to improve my command of Greek (and Latin for that matter). I was delighted to discover there is a forum one can write and converse in the ancient tongues, since this is an activity better practised in a group rather than alone.
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Greetings from (another?) Australian

Hi all,

I'm an undergraduate classics student in Australia.

For Greek, I am currently reading Thucydides Book 1 alongside the Hornblower commentary.

For Latin, I am reading the ad Lucilium epistulae morales, by Seneca, which are thoroughly enjoyable and come in easily digestible segments :)

I'm using the OCT texts for both. This year I'm also hoping to tackle Thucydides Book 2, Plato's Republic Book 1, and ...
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Hello from Arkansas

Hello, my name's Alexander and I'm from rural Arkansas. I found this site while searching for Latin and Greek language learning textbooks online. Some friends and I have decided to start a group for men, young men in our generation specifically, but open to men of all ages, and one of the things we want to do in this group is study the writings of the Greek and Roman philosophers. We also have an interest ...
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