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Textkit is a learning community- introduce yourself here. Use the Open Board to introduce yourself, chat about off-topic issues and get to know each other.

New member

Just by way of introduction, I am not an academic but learned Howeric Greek in school and have read on and off for many years now. In Il. 21 right now and Ach. dispassionate manner as he makes piles of hamburger out of the Trojans is a little unsettling. Anyway glad I found this forum because if I start talking about the differences between uses of the optative and subjunctive to any of my family ...
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I'm new here!

I'm so glad to have found this forum. I've wanted to learn Latin for a while now, and have finally gotten Wheelock's Latin, 7th ed., and am on my way. I'm looking forward to "meeting" others who are also interested in Latin. :D
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Hi textkit

my name is Elisabeth and I'm doing a Classics degree at the Open University in the UK, this is my final year.
I'm learning both Latin and Greek (intermediate levels) and found this forum because I was looking for a key to Latin Sentence & Idiom which we will be using on my Latin course.
This seems a great resource I'm more of a Greek-ophile than a Latinist I must admit, but next year ...
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spam account?

The account africa has made a single post and it does look as if it was created simply to provide a link to an off topic film site:
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Salvete Omnes! (Introductory post from galiana)

Greetings everyone,

I'm happy to have found this forum. Having taken a break from Latin for many years in favor of French and German, I've decided to resume my Latin studies. Since languages aren't much fun without compatriots with which to share them, I began searching for a Latin-learning community, and stumbled across this one.

I learned Latin in secondary school many years ago, but have since forgotten everything except "Caecilius in forō ambulat" - ...
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Hello to All: My Introduction

I am Don. Ancient Greek is my primary interest here.
I first studied Ancient Greek a long time ago using the JACT textbooks. My study lay dormant for the most part until a couple of years ago. Using LWT (Learning with Texts) as my modus operandi and texts downloaded from Google Books, Perseus, Bibliotheca Augustana, Hodoi elektronikai and here, I work pretty much daily on Ancient Greek.
From time to time I have peered into ...
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χαίρετε φίλοι,

ὄνομά μοι Θωμᾶς (Thomas). I’ve been doing Greek and Hebrew for a few years now, but have really just begun to give a lot of attention to Greek over the past year. I teach Biblical Greek primarily to lay people at a Bible school run by my Church. The course is taught with the same rigour as a typical first year seminary or university course in Biblical Greek.

While my primary interest is ...
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Introducing myself


I am a portuguese high scool (here it is called "Secundario") freshman so sorry if my English is not too good.

I have been learning latin (first through video lessons but now through Lingua Latina Per Se Illustrata, I am currently on the second book Roma Aeterna) for 6 months and I am now able to read simple classical athors (with a lot of effort) such as Caesar and a few of Cicero (VERY ...
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my name is Josh and I recently started learning Latin. I've always had an interest in history, philosophy, and prose, and recently developed an itch to be able to read some Latin texts in the original language. Presently I've started using D'ooge's Latin For Beginners. I'm also learning some other languages but Latin is my current primary focus. Hope to learn a lot from these forums.
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An introduction.


I have often browsed this forum for the past few months without making any posts and have learned quite a bit from those who frequently post in the Greek forum and from reading older posts. There comes a time, though, when observing fails to be production and participation is required.

A short autobiography:

I am currently enrolled in an Undergraduate program in Canada majoring in Classics and minoring in Medieval Studies and Philosophy. I ...
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