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Textkit is a learning community- introduce yourself here. Use the Open Board to introduce yourself, chat about off-topic issues and get to know each other.

Western Dream Time's first post

Hello, I'm Elizabeth Burns, from Buffalo, New York. I am a doctoral candidate at the University at Buffalo in American History with studies in the Atlantic World and American Literary History. I studied Latin for two years at James Madison University under Carrington Petras and took a class in the translation of excerpts from Ovid's Metamorphoses taught by John Dugan at the University at Buffalo.
I have a blog at which I keep my Latin ...
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I earned a BA in Classical Languages from LSU, graduating in Dec., 1971. Life led me in a different direction, and I now find myself age 66 wanting to reacquaint myself with my studies. I may not be a regular poster, since I have other interests and obligations, but I would like to participate as much as possible.

I want to thank Mr. Tirey and whomever else is involved in this endeavour for this opportunity. ...
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Spam "Important announcements"?

There are two posts from Mann_Youth that look to me like spam that have appeared in the User Control Panel.

Mann_Youth has not made any actual posts so I wonder if this is a bot.
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A Friendly Halloo from South Africa

Hi all!

I am really glad to find websites like this one - I love languages and I want to learn as many as I can, unfortunately in South Africa we do not have Language Electives like in USA. We only learn English and Afrikaans.

Well, I'm off to start my journey of Latin and the Roman culture! And then I'll pay a visit to the Greeks, I think! ...
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Χαίρετε ἀπὸ Καταλονίᾳ

Saluete, amici dilectissimi! Si ualete, ualeo. Litteris bellis motus linguam Latinam Graecamque in uniuersitate Barcinonis studeo.
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Using Latin Series

Using Latin is a series of three books which takes the student from basic grammar(not just Latin but English as well) to longer and more difficult stories plus there is a plethora of illustrations. I used the first book myself back in the 60s when I was a freshman in high school. I always thought these books gave a good balance between the grammar and real reading experience as opposed to many books today which ...
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Salvete / χαίρετε

Hello all,

I'm a Latin teacher from Sydney, Australia, who has also taught Greek in the past although I'm quite rusty with it. Currently attempting (thus far in vain) to get a Greek class going at my school, and thus reading a good deal to keep in practice. I imagine that I will be involved with the Greek board mainly, although I'm happy to help with queries on the Latin board as well.

Best regards, ...
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Forum for Biblical Hebrew?

Hello everyone,

I'm wondering if anyone here is aware of any boards similar to these ones but for Biblical Hebrew. The idea would be to find somewhere that would have a specific place for grammatical questions (often even basic ones). Anyone aware of anything?

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Hello, all!

I am a recent college graduate ('12) who majored in Classics. Since I graduated, I have unfortunately let my Greek and Latin slip a little. Recently I decided to jump back into the fray. While searching for various resources, I found Textkit, and decided to join the community.

Two weeks ago, I started reviewing Greek. I'm working my way through good ol' Crosby and Schaeffer, the textbook from my freshman Greek class. On ...
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Greetings, all — 

I stumbled across Textkit while researching something for work. I'm looking at our institution's official seal, and it has a latin phrase on it. Although I know the general meaning of it, I'm hoping someone over on the Learning Latin forum will be able to provide a translation.

I'm also really be interested in knowing the phonetic pronunciation!
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