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Hello, I am Colby Glass, Professor Emeritus (retired). I was an academic librarian, department chair, and taught library science and philosophy. I have studied Latin since middle school, and got a minor in it for my BA. All these years I have promised myself that when I retired I would learn Greek, especially Homer.

Well, now I have retired and I have quite a few texts and textbooks on Greek and am wading through it. ...
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Hello from New User

Hello all who read this -- I'm coming back to Latin from a lengthy absence. I've studied several modern languages and enjoy them primarily for reading. Latin has always had a particular fascination for me, and even after several decades, while the precise forms have become fuzzy in my aging memory, the inner logic of the language seems to still be there. As I am conditioned to learning modern languages, my first goal upon reacquiring ...
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Greetings! (An Introduction)

Hello, all!

Meka here. I am currently completing my MA in English, specializing in Old English literature, after which I plan to pursue a PhD in the same subject. In the past I've studied classical and ecclesiastical Latin at the introductory level, using the 7th edition of Wheelock's Latin and John F. Collins' A Primer of Ecclesiastical Latin, respectively. Alas, my study has lapsed a bit since then, and my foundation is shakier than it ...
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Hello from new Textkit member

Hi All,

Here is a little background regarding my Greek interests :

I continue in my own Greek odyssey - which is to learn ancient Greek well enough to read Homer's Odyssey in Greek with some level of appreciation. I started this project 5 years ago ( ! ) and have spent most of that time circling around the beginning. [ I suspect that sight-reading of Greek sentences - ability to read aloud and pronounce ...
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I am a new member here on Textkit, and I wanted to introduce myself. I am learning Latin using Wheelocks, plus two supplementary texts: Scribblers, Sculptors, and Scribes; and another book called 38 Latin Stories. Since I work full time, I study independently, and don't really have anyone to ask questions. I joined in the hope that I could get some occasional assistance and just absorb more Latin in general. Hopefully in time I'll be ...
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hey all, I noticed that Jeff needed some help moderating new users/posts so he has reinstated my mod abilities from long ago (!) and I've just spent some time going through *hundreds* of first/second posts from new users, all of which have to be approved manually because we're trying to screen out spammers!

Some of these posts have been waiting for moderation since January.

I did my best to weed out the spam and keep ...
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Dominus Faba hic est

Dominus Faba optimis amicis novis S.P.D.

As per the requirements of the sign-up procedure, I am making my first post and intro here.

I am a Latin beginner using LLPSI. I also use Desessard and hope to get onto the Schola Latina course in September as I have an interest in spoken Latin as a means to improve reading ability.

Having browsed the archives, I see there are lots of brains worth picking here. I ...
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First Post

I am beginning a PhD program in ancient history at UCLA this Fall and am required to take diagnostic exams in Greek and Latin before my first quarter starts. Thus far, I have been immersed in both grammar and reading all summer . I hope to participate in many constructive dialogues about grammar and texts, and hope to get constructive help on many translation issues. My initial question is, how are people posting Greek font ...
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Greetings - Greek teacher returns to board

Greetings (this sounds like a draft notice) :D
I have not visited Textkit for several years but am now back.
I first studied Latin in 1956 and Greek in 1960.
Taught both for a few years but was distracted away from the field by business and only returned a few years ago.
I currently am coordinating 4 study groups on the GreekStudy List and coordinated a ...
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Was here some time ago

Lost that account and password info, but I'm back. Will be posting for answers to Greek and Latin questions. Hope y'all are enjoying your summer.
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