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Textkit is a learning community- introduce yourself here. Use the Open Board to introduce yourself, chat about off-topic issues and get to know each other.

Introduction for James Rothering

Hello Everyone:

Normally I'd lurk for a while before posting at all, but the "Read Me" seems scary & you must have had some nasty experiences which require such stringent account deletion rules! But I'm happy that the spammers are not welcome.

I just started dabbling with Classical Greek a few weeks ago. I took one quarter of it in college, but didn't continue because it was just too much work in conjunction with what ...
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I introduce myself

Hi everybody,
First of all thanks you for opening the doors of the forum ! I am 35 years old, I have a fantastic wife who unfortunately doesn't speak Latin and who doesn't speak ancient Greek either. We have three children - four in a few months. I am keen on speaking about Greek and Latin litterature and I try to improve my Latin and ancient Greek writing proficiency, therefore I subscribed to this forum. ...
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No good history of the Renaissance?

Anybody know of a good, general-with- some detail, history of the Italian Renaissance? I am NOT looking for a cultural history-there are too many of those- I mean a good POLITICAL history. I have searched a lot, but it seems all the histories of this period have two focuses (foci, I should say): 1. Art & cultural history and 2. Bios of a few of the famous characters (Borgias, Medici, et al).Any advice? I have ...
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Good morning!


Thank you for the admission into your group. Briefly, I'm a first-generation Andalusian raised in New York City. I have an interest in the study of languages. I had learnt some Latin from my father, who attended a Traditionalist Catholic school during his youth in Spain.

I'm also studying Classical Arabic as well.

I'm re-focusing my efforts via 'Lingva Latina, Pars Vnvs' by Orberg. I've completed reading out loud 'Capitvlvm Vnvm'. I'll begin the ...
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Geriatric Learner


Am I too old to re-learn Greek? I am British and passed the basic exam in Greek (General Certificate of Education, Ordinary Level) 56 years ago! I have forgotten practically everything in the ensuing years, but now, in my dotage, I have a real longing to recapture the little Greek I had, and perhaps add to it. My life is very restricted as I care full-time for my severely disabled husband so I try ...
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New member, learning to read Epic Greek

Hi, just dropping in to introduce myself and say hi, and thanks for running this forum. I recently started reading Beetham's Beginning Greek With Homer. I have never learned any Greek before. I've been lurking here from time to time and found some great info, and I might want to post a few questions. I'm unlikely to be answering any hard ones for a little while though!

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new user learning greek, saying hello!

Hi all! I'm a new user and just wanted to drop in and say hello to introduce myself (and also to follow the forum rules).

Anyways, here's the cheat-sheet version on me: my name is Greg, I'm 24 and got my BA in Linguistics and Japanese lit a few years ago. I actually initially wanted to do a PhD in Japanese literature focusing on Japan's equivalent to the Classical era, but wound up deciding the ...
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howdy all. my name is charlie and i am 50 yrs old. i have been trying to learn greek for some time now. i have a pretty good selection of books that i am currently using, but am having trouble memorizing all the various terms. i am absolutely fascinated with the greek new testament and look forward to learning from all you guys in here. any insight is greatly appreciated.
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new member writing sci-fi with some Latin words

Hi. I'm currently writing a sci-fi series of books set in the year 4017 that includes a ressurected Roman Empire. I'd like to include some Latin terms and titles for added realism. I'll post specific requests for help seperately.

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Introductory Post

Hello (I guess I should write Salvete),

I have been reading this site for some time but have never posted before. I am nearing the end of Wheelock's textbook and so in a couple of months will be looking for a good selection of Latin texts to read. I'll describe my studies and ask for some advice in a topic where it would be appropriate.

I have always been interested in the ancient world and ...
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