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Hello all,

I've recently started trying to relearn the latin I had in high school, mainly using the older "Teach Yourself Latin" by W.A. Edward as revised by F. Kinchin Smith. The original, Self Education in Latin, is in some ways better but using a real book instead of a pdf from the internet archive is more to my liking. I'm using Lingua Latina for a reader. I'm mainly here to get an occaisional question ...
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Intro Lingua Latina and Wheelock


We (my teen an I) are studying Lingua Latina and Wheelock. Although we have a tutor for Wheelock and it is so much easier to follow, we are currently working independently through LL, slogging through Chapter 31. We find the grammar particularly challenging - as sometimes we don't realize we've made mistakes in our understanding/translation until we are far down the path.

Has anyone see a correlation of LL chapters and Wheelock grammar topics? ...
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Introductory Post

Hi everyone,

I've just finished my BA (Hons.) in Classics with a focus on languages and despite working full time, I've found myself a little bored with my free time as well as missing my immersion in Ancient Greek and Latin. I'm hoping to do some Greek and Latin prose composition as it was lacking in my programme. While we were quick to read unadulterated texts, we did very little composition.

One of my professors ...
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Ask for Help! A Line from Isocrates

Ask for Help! A Line from Isocrates

Dear all, I recently came across this line in an English text of seventeenth century. And as a beginner of Attic Greek, I am unable to completely decode this sentence, especially its mysterious last part joined by a hypen. Could anyone offer me a literal translation of it? Thank you all in advance!
In the original text, there is a sign on the epsilon in this part “σιμβ&λευσαι”, ...
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Aloha all. My interest in learning Latin stems from my interest in British history from roughly the Norman conquest through roughly Elizabeth I. I find that authors will quote someone in Latin but not provide a translation and I can't help feeling that I'm missing interesting details. I did a lot of searching for Latin textbooks and finally ended up here at Textkit. I am impressed both at the resources offered as well as the ...
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Salvete omnes!
Nomen mihi est Michael, XXV annos sum natus, Hierosolymis habito. Enixe operam do litteris antiquis, Graecas dicam atque Hebraicas necnon Latinas. Hoc vero anno studeo litteris in instituto quodam Polis nomine, quod Hierosolimis nuper conditum est et quo vetere lingua Hebraica et Graeca ita erudior, ut magistri non nisi veteribus linguis usi doceant. Eo modo linguas ediscere non modo placet, sed multum prodest ad celeritatem legendi, facultatem intellegendi, denique ad veram linguae scientiam ...
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Oxford Classical Texts

My email to Oxford University Press customer service:

I recently purchased Opera Omnia (Tomus III: Expedito Cyri) from the Oxford Classical Texts series, and I write to report several major issues with the print quality.

The current text is unreadable. According to the publication page, the work was digitally transferred in the late 1980s. I have a 1920s edition and the new edition in front of me, and the new edition is best described as ...
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Hi, I'm new here.

Hello, Everyone. I am new here, so, let me tell you a little bit about myself.
First of all, I'm old. :lol: 45 to be exact. Second, I am deaf, on disability because of other health problems and live with my parents. I have 2 older brothers and 2 younger sisters. Of the three boys, I am the best looking one. ...
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My name is João Vicente Dias and I just registered in this forum. I am PhD candidate for Byzantine studies in the University of Mainz (Germany). My research theme is Byzantine political history of the 11th and 12th Centuries.

I ve been learning Greek for some years, but I still have a lot to learn (I posted a problem that I aways face in the Ancient Greek forum, hopefully someone can help me). In ...
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I'm a beginner at greek and I don't know much latin either. Its mostly the text of revelation that i am interested in and it centers around 'apviov' and the words surrounding it. The kai ligature is something else that I am interested in, I wonder if sometimes they have been added to manuscripts later than the original writings. Must be said, but if i am told to 'beware of the scribes' then thats exactly ...
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