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Thermae Romae

Thermae Romae is a Japanese movie about a bath-maker who gets transported to modern Japan every once in a while where he gets ideas on how to improve public baths. It's one of those WTF Japan films but is pretty enjoyable, and highlights some interesting commonalities between Japanese and Roman culture. There is some Latin used in the film when he is in modern Japan, otherwise it is in Japanese.
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Hello, first year Greek student new to board

There are a lot of rules to abide by in your first posts here so I hope I am remembering them all! I am a 2nd year masters student at Eastern Washington University (EWU), and am double-majoring in History and Anthropology. To my dismay there is no Ancient History department at EWU, but we have a wonderful Ancient Historian who is tailoring my studies towards the ancient world. My first year, I focused my ...
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Hello, amici!

I'm Rodrigo Verano, from Spain. Currently I work on my Ph-Dissertation (Ancient Greek Linguistics) and hold a position as "kind of" assistant at the University of Sevilla (Spain). This year I will be in charge of the "Ancient Greek for beginners" courses. As I prepared some materials for these courses, I run into this website for Latin and Ancient Greek learners; I find it a fortunate idea. I hope that the all this uploaded literature ...
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χαίρετε, μαθητής εἰμί

πάντας χαίρετε. Ἀτρεύς εἰμί. βούλομαι μανθάνειν τό λέγειν ἐλληνικην. ἕν ἔτην ἐσπούδακα περί μανθάνειν ἀλλά οὔποτε ἤσκησα λέγειν και γράφειν, μόνος ἀναγιγνώσκειν. διδάσκετε μοι τήν γλῶσσαν καλήν!

(currently using Athenaze italian version and assimil ancient greek)
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Hello Everyone!

Well, after reading through the rules for posting, I'm not sure if I'm suitable. Please, I'm not a spammer, just a lowly indie author looking for help with some ancient Latin (which I must tell you, I have never had the pleasure of learning :( ).
If someone out there is willing to help me I would be most appreciative, but unfortunately, I can give no help ...
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Language Book Similar to Orberg for Other Languages?

I really enjoyed reading Orberg's LLPSI, and found it extremely helpful in reinforcing grammar and vocab.

Does anyone know of books in a similar format for other languages? I am especially interested in Spanish and French.

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I don't know what to say but I've decided to learn lingua latina after postponing it due to the grammar difficulties. This time, I've decided to stick with it until I can get the hang of it. I'll be visiting this site often to ask lots of questions. :D

Besides latin, I've learned Japanese for 6 years (however I'm no where near the fluency of a ...
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The longer version since I just read the rules and definitely don't want to get kicked off!

I'm studying Wheelock's Latin in higher education. I've taken Latin since highschool and used Latin's Not So Tough early on before switching to Henle. I got a Latin Scholarship at the university I now attend.

I've gotten a little rusty, so using these forums have helped. I want to continue to do so and help others out as ...
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Hi, I'm going through Wheelock right now and enjoying it. These forums have been a huge help to me. I look forward to joining and helping others as well!
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new member

My name is Richard Ross and my interest in the classics is a type of delayed gratification since I have been doing other things most of my life. But when in bookstores I always find myself gravitating to the Loebs and wondering what secrets do these books hold and what am I missing? Not everything in classical Greek is straightforward, however, and I frequently need help. Hence my application.

Richard Ross
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