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I'm a first year Classical Greek learner taking Classical Greek learner. I just want to say hi (as I am required to) and thank you for this wonderful site. I hope you can be of help to me on this site, and in the future I in turn will be able to help you.

By the way, if you are interested in voting to get a Classical Greek Q+A site online under the Stack Exchange, ...
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Hello! I joined last week and this is my second message. My first message hasn't been posted yet. I look forward to some discussion about Latin and Greek, if that is possible.
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Introduction- 1st post

Hello everyone.

I've been looking at this site for a long time, but never decided to register until now!

I've been trying to learn Latin for years, and now I want to learn Greek as well. I've started by using John Taylor's Greek to GCSE and so far I'm finding it useful- at least I know more Greek now than I did a week ago! One of these days I'll get my head round how ...
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Praefatio prae in lingua latina.

Studying emergence of christianity. Having difficult time using proper grammar, singular vs plural and distinguishing between feminine and masculine grammar, pronouns and antecedents. When attempting to translate verses, grammatical antecedents are giving me a hard time. For example "my life" could be translated as "mea vita" vita having a feminine antecedent, but I'm also coming across animam meam. I want to ensure Im capturing the best translation. Would appreciate others insight in this matter. Very ...
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Are English Speakers Slow speakers?

Hey guys, a question for you (υμιν).

Is it just me? or does it seem like native english speakers speak they're language slowly? When I listen to someone speak in French of Spanish, even a native greek reading the NT, I find their tempo for the language is much quicker than we as english speakers!

any thoughts on this?
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Hello everyone. This is my first post, so I will try to thread the passage between the Scylla of human-spammer resemblance and the Charybdis of odd-ballitude.

I'm 67, retired teacher of English and Statistics, living in Japan, and once again picking up the study of Greek: first in high school, then 4 years later in college, then 9 years after that to fulfill my doctoral foreign language requirement, and now to study Homer.

I feel ...
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Hello, I’m Amanda. I’m a high school student and I started teaching myself Latin about a month ago. I’m mainly using D’Ooge’s Latin for Beginners and Lingua Latina Pars I, and I’m hoping I’ll be able to read unadapted text by December 31st this year. I’ll probably start Ancient Greek afterward, although I’m a bit nervous since I’ve heard it’s so difficult. Anyways, I look forward to meeting all of you. ...
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Language Game

Ancient Greek and Latin aren't included, but some of you may enjoy testing yourselves with this game anyway.

Try it!

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How do you delete own post?

I accidentally posted the same post twice
So how do I delete one of my own posts?
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Re-learning ancient Greek

I have been using some of the resources on Textkit for the last couple of weeks, but would like some advice. I did a double major in Greek and Latin from Queen's University in Ontario and am now retired. One of my goals in retirement is to relearn what I learned in university so many years ago. It is coming back fairly easily but would like suggestions on what texts and courses might be most ...
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