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Textkit is a learning community- introduce yourself here. Use the Open Board to introduce yourself, chat about off-topic issues and get to know each other.

Greetings | χάρις καὶ ειρήνη

Greetings Textkit Community,

A small confession before introducing myself: I haven't had the opportunity to take a very thorough look around, but I am looking forward to doing so.

A bit about me:
You will probably see me most in the Koine and Biblical Greek section because that is my main focus. I've learned a bit of Latin over the years but I am more interested in Greek right now. The Koine period is my ...
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I currently live in Munich but will be moving to Vienna in September. I'm originally from the USA.

I'm reading the Iliad right now and sometimes stumble into words and phrases I can't figure out on my own.

I hope you guys can help! And I hope I can help you guys as well!
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Hello gentle reader.
I am starting to learn Latin by my own volition, and am looking for places to actually speak latin with other peoples. It's no fun learning a language if you can't use it!
I am still a beginner though, am starting Wheelock's and LLPSI. What a beautiful language. I hear that greek is also beautiful.
It's so awesome that there is a continuity of people who are interested in the language and ...
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I'm not sure if i'm a new member because i'm following and learning with you for 3 o 4 years regretted quimnik dog loss and cheered when he reappeared as Hylander. I felt anxious when Jeff was missing and the future of textkit was uncertain. I thank you all who regularly post in the forum for sharing your knowledge.
To introduce myself I'm a Spanish psychiatrist who is enjoying learning latin, fighting and losing with ...
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Introducing Myself

Greetings to all,
Like many on this board, I have a strong passion for language learning, with a small bent towards classical languages because of my interest in language change, etymology, and ancient history. My classical languages don't seem to overlap the interests of the contributors to this Board, however, except for my short renewed and recent interest in Sahidic Coptic.

I also like to read books on linguistics that are not too technical and ...
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Introducing myself


Linde M. Brocato, here, PhD in Comparative Literature 1991, MLS 2007.

I'm a medievalist in Spanish, with a good bit of attention to classical thought and literature. At present, I have a day job as a catalog librarian, working largely in 15th-c. Castilian literature, culture, and intellectual history, with a strong dose of book history/bibliography in my approach, as well.

I want to bring my skills in Latin to a much higher level of ...
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hi, and what language?

This is not ancient, and I'm not sure it's even Greek ... but I haven't found anyone else to ask. :D

I'm active on findagrave.com and its related forums. Recently another user posted a photo of a grave marker in Syracuse, New York, which looks to my untrained eye like Greek but not quite. Of course, being in the US, it could be a combination, for ...
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Tantum ergo

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I've taken Latin since I was little, but I graduated from New Saint Andrew's College. The Latin professor, Tim Griffith, does Latin as immersion. I live in Seattle now and was hoping to sharpen my Latin conversation skills, with the hope that I can read old texts fluently.

Anyone in the Seattle area want to meet up? =p
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email address?

Are we allowed to reveal here our actual email addresses?
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