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Textkit is a learning community- introduce yourself here. Use the Open Board to introduce yourself, chat about off-topic issues and get to know each other.

My Projects

A post to have quick access to my projects. For personal use, but feel free to use. Of course, your corrections are welcome.

Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp.
Μῦθοι Αἰσώπειοι.
Little Nemo. On hiatus
Beh-Hur translation project. Completed.
Greek Phrase Book. Completed.
Sprechen Sie Attisch? Completed.
Καταστερισμοὶ ἢ Ἀστροθεσίαι. Completed.
Key to Greek Ollendorff. Completed.

My library at archive.org
Recordings at librivox.org
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Hi everyone,
I'm currently doing my first year of Classics at undergrad in England. I've done Latin at school since age 11, though I've got the typical problem with traditional methods that, though I could recite to you all sorts of grammar, my actual reading ability is far from what I'd want, and so I'm now starting to look into active methods - and I've started doing Greek this year at uni. My main interests ...
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New member

Hi -- Just introducing myself. I'm a postgraduate linguistics student currently undertaking some ancient language teaching research. Not much to say - just doing my obligatory sign on :)
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Salvete - Greetings from a new member


I am a complete beginner in Latin, I have only been learning in a disciplined way for a fortnight or so.
I have just finished an undergrad degree in English Literature, and my favourite literary periods are those of the restoration and eighteenth century. A particularly prominent feature of literature of this time for nearly any author or poet hoping to make a name for themselves was imitation of Latin poets in English. Alexander ...
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Salvete Omnes

I am an excited new member.

I started learning Latin in January through the LLPSI series. I am currently reading Roma Aeterna with great joy, and I hope to continue my progress with this exquisite language to the point of mastery, and then nose my way into attic Greek.

I am grateful for this community of classicists, autodidacts, and great souls.

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new member to Latin forum

Hello, I'm new to the board. I do occasional Latin translation, and sometimes require assistance. My regular Latin troubleshooter has grown quite infirm, and I want to spare him the burden of answering my questions. I hope this board can serve me as well as he has.
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Scholae aestivae in Italia: 2nd-16th July, 2017

Scholae aestivae in Italia:
2nd-16th July, 2017

Montella, et gelidi valete fontes,
et silvae, et nemora alta castanetis.
Tunc me frigoribus tuis tenebas,
Montella, alpigenum e choro sororum
una nobiliorque laetiorque,
cum Canis rapido aestuabat ore.
Janus Anysius
(Iani Anysii Varia poemata et satyrae,
ad Pompeium Columnam cardinalem,
Naples 1531, f. 25 v. – 26 r.)

What are they, and whom are they for?
The Scholae aestivae in Italia offer an intensive Latin course at ...
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How to delete an account?

I would like to do this. Could a mod delete my account and all my posts please.
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French Wheelock?

Salut mes amis qui parlent le français ! J'apprends le français depuis Décembre parce que moi je pense que les langues étrangères sont très intéressants, et il y a deux ans, j'ai commencé apprendre le latin à l'école intermédiaire, et je suis tombé amoureux des mots étrangères. J'ai complété un manuel par le nom de <<Language Hacking French>> et maintenant je parle au niveau B1. Mais j'ai besoin d'autres livres puisque je voudrais parler couramment ...
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Hello everyone!

My name is Louise. I'm a law student living in Germany, though I won't be situated there for much longer, since I will move to London in a few weeks- so excited!
Since I currently have a little more free time on my hands than usually, I have decided to study classical Greek, because apparently, I am simply incapable of relaxing and enjoying some time off like a normal human being. ...
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