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Middle High German

Dear all,

Is there any one who is interested in Middle High German? I am just a newbie of the matter, and will be happy to discuss with someone fluent. I knew Old English and Old Norse

Sincerely yours,
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How is "Liddell" pronounced?

I believe I have read conflicting information on the pronunciation of the name Liddell. Some have (in writing) said it should be stressed on the last syllable (liDELL), that is not actually merging with the American pronunciation of little, but some will stick to the famous wordplay, stress on the first syllable (lidl).

Which one is (a) preferable, and is it known (b) how the famous namebearer himself pronounced his name? Do (a) and (b) ...
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Salve Omes

Salve quiscumque
Hinc sum quoniam necessitatem habeo, si non de obligatione existans, vero vouluntate desiderare linguae crescendi Latinae scribere et habeo spem ut haberes patientiam lacunis erroibusque meis. Anno bis millesimo octo operi discendi commitebam sed non ab hinc magistrum habui ergo nunc quero. Nutrix occupatus sum curam senioribus, curans habeo mentibus corporibusque illorum. Mense Julio anno ipse diebus undecimo ad sedecim in Coenaculo Familiae Sancti Hieronimi fueram, in quo affuisem tempore bis millesimo doudecimo ...
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Will there be an eighth edition of Wheelock?

Do you guys think that there will be an eighth edition of Wheelock's Latin? The seventh was published in 2011, so it is becoming older. Also do you guys think there will be a new edition of the reader as well, this time having macrons?
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Hi everyone, I'm Louis. I got introduced to Ancient Greek at St. John's in Santa Fe last years. I only stayed about a month, mainly because of health reasons. I dragged all my books home with me, though, and had already fallen in love with Greek. I've decided to pursue Greek further because at St. J's when we read Aristotle in Science class the teacher would occasionally be like "the greek word they translated their ...
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How to tell if you're reading too much Greek

Today I was looking on the library shelves for Aristophanes and was puzzled not to find him. I was looking for him after Aristotle.
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From Hell

A short moment of delight during an exhausting nine-and-half hour stay at Europapark, Germany (what wouldn't you do for your kids? :) ). It was excruciatingly hot and I was almost dying in the heat, far from my books, when I noticed the inscription above the entrance to the attraction called Poseidon.

Unfortunately the text is not too readable even if I zoom it, but I ...
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Native OSX ancient greek dictionary and spellchecker

Hello everyone,

I was unsure where to post this. If this is not the appropriate place, I apologize.

I was searching around for the possibility of adding a native ancient greek dictionary to OSX. I didn't succeed, but after doing some research I noticed it shouldn't be too hard setting up one. Others have done it for other languages (several unoffical native dictionaries for osx are available here http://clasquin-johnson.co.za/michel/ma ... tionaries/ ...
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Chairete, o philoi! My name is David Ring. I am joining because I have noticed for months now that this is where all the juicy threads about Ancient Greek for proficiency, i.e., Renaissance style, live happily. I have been a Latin (and sometimes Greek) teacher for 7 or 8 years. When I graduated college with a degree in Ancient Greek, my Greek was far better than my Latin (albeit in the normal philological sense). But ...
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I am Albert. I wish to learn to read and listen to Homer with a secondary focus on prosody. Then on to Attic, I suppose.
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