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My name is Evan Kramer. I'm new to the board. I am currently enrolled at the University of Iowa as a double major in Classics and Philosophy and hope that this board will enable me to better sharpen my Latin and Greek.
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Problem posting

I tried to post twice (once in Open Board and once in Learning Greek) but none of my posts have appeared.
Is there some problem with the server or with my account?
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Unsure if my copying the Greek is correct

I am a proofreader on English Wikisource, a sister project of Wikipedia and often come across quotes in Greek. The words are assembled letter by letter from the original as shown on the right side of these pages, but am not sure if they are accurate. Could someone please look at these two pages. The page numbers preceding the links are the references where the quotes are. Thanks.

Page 36 (1) ...
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New poster here


Joined to ask questions while furthering my autodidactic studies. I used to post here ages ago but forgot the password.

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Greek Text of the Alexiad?

Does anybody know of an online or print text of the Alexiad of Anna Comnenus? Thanks.
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Salvete omnes, Χαιρετε παντες

Hello all, שלום לכולם,

My name is Amplaos, I live in Israel, and I'm a budding amateur classicist. I've been studying Latin since May, and Ancient Greek since July. I'd classify my reading level in Latin as intermediate (can sight-read easy authors like Eutropius, Caesar with a very occasional dictionary lookup, and with a little comprehension effort, read Tacitus. Not very good with poetry though.)

In Greek my level is a upper beginner - I ...
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Introducing myself ("Salvete!")


You can call me Seth, and I just discovered this forum.

I'm getting back into writing my own Latin poetry (I started taking courses for the language in school about a decade ago), and I'm trying to learn how to write Latin poetry like they did back then, couplets and meters and all. Even beyond poetry, I'm planning on using the Latin language in other works of mine (I'm also an aspiring writer for ...
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the need for deputy administrators

Textkit has well set up so it go on for some time without anyone checking on it.
However approving new members is essential and seems to be a growing delay in this.

The obvious solution is a team of deputy administrators so that if somebody has a period when the are unable to devote much time to textkit others can take up the slack.
If those deputies also have the power to remove spam accounts ...
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New Comer Greeting

Hello, I started to like Greek writings after reading some accounts of greek philosophers. Although there are English translation of their writings. There are still big different reading their original form of writing. Thus, I'm doing self- study on ancient greek writing.
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alexander's observations in india

hello everyone,

i would be grateful to anyone who could tell me where to find the reference for alexander's observation that the local indian language (sanskrit? vedic?) was similar to greek, and that in fact some basic communication was possible. i combed arrian's account but couldn't locate it. thanks a lot in advance
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