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χaῖρετε / salvēte!

χaῖρετε / salvēte!

I have been studying Greek with an excellent tutor here in NYC for 3 years now (he is a graduate of the "greats" program at Oxford, how lucky am I?) and have recently been working on Latin too (I maintain they're the same language just the words are different. :lol: ). Its twice the work, but also twice the fun.

In Greek we first ...
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Ars transcribendi


I was approached concerning the subject of transcriptions. How do I transcribe texts? I started writing an answer and after a while it got rather long, so long in fact to merit placing it somewhere where others can read it as well.

How did I create transcriptions for Project Gutenberg-versions, for example the Project Gutenberg-version of Meissner's "Latin Phrase Book"? First of all, I did not create the Meissner-transcription explicitly for Project Gutenberg (PG). ...
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Salvete participes!

Salvete participes!

Cum Germani, quorum propago sum, me ipsorum Lingua Joschua appellent, Iosue mihi nomen Latinum est. Habeo in animo hic aliquem, si fata non obstant, Latine colloquendi causa invenire. Mea vis dicendi, ut verum dicam, non tam bona est. Sed cito, ut puto, colloquiis frequentibus in ea proficiam. Itaque, si vobis item certum est Latine loqui discere, de proposito vestro mentionem facite!
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I am just new here. Is this forum okay to post and need help in translating english to latin? I am having hard times using google translate in translating the phrase I want. :( need help please thanks
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Hello to all Textkit members,

I am briefly introducing myself: I have studied Latin and Greek for several years now in school and I am planning to study Classics in France (Paris-Sorbonne) next year. My favourite Latin works are Vergil's Eclogues and Aeneid, Horace's Odes and Ovid'sTristia. I quite like Seneca and Terence too, but I would not call them my favourite writers. I prefer not making any judgment about Greek authors, because I started ...
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Introducing myself

Hi guys,

I first discovered Textkit several years ago when looking for Latin learning materials, and lurking since. It's been an on and off hobby for me, and right now I'm wrapping up Wheelock's Latin and beginning Mastronade's Introduction to Attic Greek. You'll see me if I have any questions about the material ;)

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Hello from New Zealand

Hello, I am Katie, and this is my first into post to show I am real!

I live in NZ but was born in the UK. I had a wonderful opportunity to have a traditional classical education, but messed things up badly at school. I spent most of my high school years protesting against the imprisonment and confinement of a sector of the population based on nothing but age (school....) I therefore ended up woefully ...
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The Lark of Dusk

I come by my interest in learning Latin by a somewhat roundabout route. Once upon a time I had a strong interest in the 11th century King of England and Denmark, Cnut. This led to an exploration of Old English, which led me to an American college classics department website with the motto, 'Keep Dead Languages Alive." I first examined their material on Ancient Greek, but it seemed far too difficult for a man who ...
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Username change


Whom do I ask if I want to change my username here?

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I made some audio today for Hans H. Orberg's Colloquia Personarum. I wanted to open up my pronunciation up for critique if you all would be willing to offer it.

Link: https://soundcloud.com/johannes-ursinus ... m-primum-1

Edit: I have updated my upload, because I converted it to an MP3 for more universal access.
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