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Textkit is a learning community- introduce yourself here. Use the Open Board to introduce yourself, chat about off-topic issues and get to know each other.

A new Classicist in the making

Salvete omnes!

I am extremely excited to begin contributing and learning to a forum about classics. It has been a growing passion of mine for several years now.

About myself:

I currently work as a programmer, but I have a dream of going to grad school for Classics in about 4-5 years. I currently take online Greek courses through Carmenta, and I can say that I have nothing but positive reviews for them!

I took ...
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Introducing myself

When I first started writing this introductory post a little over two hours ago, my ambition was to sketch out a brief personal reception history of me and the Classics, starting in 2001, when I was seven years old and visited Knossos with my family. I would then move on to when I was 11 and played the role of Hermes in a musical theatre adaption of The Odyssey. Then I would detail some more ...
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Hello all from Tokyo

Hi all,

My name's Jon and I am currently living in Tokyo. My experience with Greece and it's language begin a long way's back. My mother and grandmother are both Greek and have grown up speaking the language. However, since moving to Tokyo about 10 years ago, my Greek levels have been dropping and my grasp of the language is fading slowly. Anywho, I have been starting my studies again and found this site which ...
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A new commer

As a Asian student who studied Latin language alone, I found myself getting answers from this forum which couldn't be found everywhere. Being my first romance language, Latin always overwhelmed me with it's complex grammar. At least some borrowed words can help me with vocabulary, like what I've done to japanese with my chinese background. Unfortunately, the difficulty between grammars of japanese and latin is not at the same level, so here I am, ...
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Greetings Greek and Latin Singers!

We are looking for a singer or singers that can sing Greek and Latin. This is for one or two days of work. We need somebody who has a range of at least an octave and a half (preferably from a C on the bottom end although this is flexible). Both male and female singers are possible as the range can be lowered. So we want somebody who has a good voice and some experience ...
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New member, introducing myself.

Hi there,

Just joined the community and want to introduce myself. I'm a complete beginner looking to learn Latin. I've recently developed an interest in history and philosophy, and the urge to read texts in their original languages came with it.

I've picked up some tricks over the years when learning Chinese and Japanese, and I'm looking forward to the challenge of learning a new language.

:D ...
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well... it's certainly been a circuitous homecoming!

Greetings everyone. My story is a little weird so bear with me.

I was a cryptologic linguist in the Navy years upon years ago (the 90s); while on board the ship, after I'd knocked off from duty, I'd read what I then referred to as "long nonfiction books about history" -- I started with books like the Penguin translations of Herodotus, then read Moses Finley's survey of Greek literature, which sent me to Xenophon, at ...
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Hi - joining post

Hi all. Just found this after someone pointed out some of the great links to help with prose composition.
i am a Latin and Greek teacher and keen to improve my own prose comp and find good resources for pupils.
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Az New Here.

I own to have had difficulty finding a class for studying Greek at my level. For the past 3 years I have been attending reading groups doing Medea, Iliad 6 & 22, and Herodotus Bk1. In my experience such groups are mixed ability with a lot of time spent explaining elementary grammar. Of course we all have concepts we are struggling with. One gent with acquired fluency told me he has finished with struggling and ...
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Hello from Marissa Halligan

I've just registered with Textkit, I hope to have a wonderful time with you guys.
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