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Textkit is a learning community- introduce yourself here. Use the Open Board to introduce yourself, chat about off-topic issues and get to know each other.

New to the forum

I have been working on Latin and Greek, mostly Latin, over the past months; picking up as much as I can at the used book stores to (very slowly) peruse and translate. The most fun that I have found so far are How to Insult Abuse and Insinuate in Classical Latin and Harrius Potter et Philosophi Lapis. Some more traditional sources I have would be the Vulgate, Aeneis, Metamorphoseon libri, and Ιλιασ and Οδυσσεια
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Requesting spell check of two Greek quotes

I am a Wikipedian researching 19th century life and joined because I am very interested gain familiarity with the Greek language, which is often used when quoted by classical scholars of the era.

Came across two quotes (so far) in Greek, in a book which I am proofreading on the English Wikisource (a sister project of Wikipedia). I have doubts about the accuracy of the proofreading. Could anyone please help to check and provide here ...
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Seeking Greek fluency in Atlanta, excited by living language

χαίρετε φίλοι!

My name is Christopher McGarvey. I'm a Greek-learning reprobate who has studied Greek privately and in official academic settings on and off for enough years to regret the sad shape my Greek has fallen into. I first strove to teach myself from Mounce, then took several years of Greek in an Orthodox seminary, including a summer intensive in Attic Greek at the University of Chicago under Helma Dik using Mastronarde's Introduction to Attic ...
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Can we try to get new member Θωμᾶς approved?

He says he has posted several times for several months and is still not approved. Can a moderator look into this? He is not (as I think the vast majority of attempted new members are?) a spammer.

thanks. I will delete this message one he is approved.
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Hi and a Translation Q

Hello - I just registered and am just beginning to learn Greek. As in I just started this week.

I do have an off-topic question that, I suspect, in some months of years I might be able to answer myself, should study progress well, but am hoping someone could provide insight at present ... how would one translate the following into English?

Δικαια Υποθηκη

Best - Max
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Greetings from Hylander/Qimmik

I've posted on this site many times using the name Qimmik. I've decided to change my user name to Hylander.

Qimmik was the name of my dog, whom I had to put to sleep in January of this year. "Qimmik" is an approximation to the word for "dog" in the Inuit language. My dog Qimmik was a Siberian husky. I wanted to give him an Arctic name, but the word for "dog" in the language ...
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Ancient Greek Pronunciation

Hi, I'm a total beginner and I would like to know how to pronounce a frase in ancient greek I'm getting tattooed next week:


Could anyone help me with that? A phonetic version would be great, a recording even better.

Gratias maximas tibi ago!
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Just by way of introduction- I'm not an academic, but learned Homeric Greek in school years ago, and have kept up with it over the years on and off. Hope I have something useful to offer on occasion, and I've enjoyed reading what's on the site already.
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Hi all;

My name is John Hadwin. I started trying to take the Bible seriously a few years back and have recently come to the conclusion that I will need to know Koine Greek. After learning a little about how the language works, I began trying to translate some verses that were troubling me out of the Textus Receptus found in Blue Letter Bible. The problem I hope to address by learning more about Koine ...
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Early Modern Italian (?) in relation to Latin (reading)

I hope this is not too off-topic for this section of the forum.

I introduced myself a couple years ago and got apparently solid advice on returning to Latin and getting started with Greek -- advice that I admit I have done little with. Excuses, excuses.

I am here to ask if anyone knows of resources that would be helpful for reading what I guess is Early Modern Italian - Leonardo, to be specific. I ...
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