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Textkit is a learning community- introduce yourself here. Use the Open Board to introduce yourself, chat about off-topic issues and get to know each other.

Geriatric Learner


Am I too old to re-learn Greek? I am British and passed the basic exam in Greek (General Certificate of Education, Ordinary Level) 56 years ago! I have forgotten practically everything in the ensuing years, but now, in my dotage, I have a real longing to recapture the little Greek I had, and perhaps add to it. My life is very restricted as I care full-time for my severely disabled husband so I try ...
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New member, learning to read Epic Greek

Hi, just dropping in to introduce myself and say hi, and thanks for running this forum. I recently started reading Beetham's Beginning Greek With Homer. I have never learned any Greek before. I've been lurking here from time to time and found some great info, and I might want to post a few questions. I'm unlikely to be answering any hard ones for a little while though!

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new user learning greek, saying hello!

Hi all! I'm a new user and just wanted to drop in and say hello to introduce myself (and also to follow the forum rules).

Anyways, here's the cheat-sheet version on me: my name is Greg, I'm 24 and got my BA in Linguistics and Japanese lit a few years ago. I actually initially wanted to do a PhD in Japanese literature focusing on Japan's equivalent to the Classical era, but wound up deciding the ...
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howdy all. my name is charlie and i am 50 yrs old. i have been trying to learn greek for some time now. i have a pretty good selection of books that i am currently using, but am having trouble memorizing all the various terms. i am absolutely fascinated with the greek new testament and look forward to learning from all you guys in here. any insight is greatly appreciated.
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new member writing sci-fi with some Latin words

Hi. I'm currently writing a sci-fi series of books set in the year 4017 that includes a ressurected Roman Empire. I'd like to include some Latin terms and titles for added realism. I'll post specific requests for help seperately.

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Introductory Post

Hello (I guess I should write Salvete),

I have been reading this site for some time but have never posted before. I am nearing the end of Wheelock's textbook and so in a couple of months will be looking for a good selection of Latin texts to read. I'll describe my studies and ask for some advice in a topic where it would be appropriate.

I have always been interested in the ancient world and ...
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Introducing myself - and about Old French

Dear all,

I have come to our Textkit forum nearly 1 year ago. And until now, it is still my great base for my Latin - Classical Greek learning. I am very interested in studying Old Language. I would like to send my grateful words to all of you - my brothers and supporters, from the bottom of my heart

Beside, I just started to study Old French, it seems ...
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Typing Greek alphabet

Perhaps this is already on another thread- can someone give basic instructions on typing the alphabet and accent marks? thanks

Using windows 8.1 and IE11
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Hello everyone,

I have looked at many threads on this forum for a long time without an account. I was taking Latin in school at the time, and I found that I had a passion for foreign languages in general. I didn't need any help, I was simply curious how people were learning Latin without a teacher. I found this one guy on YouTube, Deka Glossai, who read hundreds of pages of Latin and had ...
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Future of Textkit


it has been noticed that Jeff Tirey, the founder of Textkit, could not be contacted for some time, which has some problematic side effects. The reason for this may be simply that he is too busy with work. However, the possibility of serious repercussions up to and including the demise of Textkit itself, cannot be excluded.

Please use this thread to:

  • report attempts (hopefully successful) to contact Jeff,
  • discuss alternatives in case of ...
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