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PM Outbox behavior

When you send an Personal Message sometimes the message sits in the Outbox for ages and sometimes it is gone almost as soon as you post it. Does the system only send messages when the person you are sending to is online?
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weather thread on the Agora locked

Why has the "What's the weather like where you live today (Greek)" thread on the Agora been locked?

Is it just because it is long?
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Hi everyone. My name is Eric and I just made an account here!

I'm 18 years old, freshly graduated from highschool. Now I'm in college studying to become a pharmacy technician. In the pharmacy world, latin abbreviations and acronyms frequently appear, especially on the prescription notes written by physicians. That prompted my interest in learning Latin!

When I first considered learning Latin, I thought it would be a bit daunting. I was scared by things ...
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Posting Images/Hotlinks - Don't Do It

Hello Textkitters,

I must please ask that everyone refrain from posting images in their posts and signatures, including using hotlinks IF the image is not your own.

Textkit recently concluded a legal dispute with Getty Images where we were accused of copyright violations. At issue was an image which was hot-linked by a Textkit forum member and this image was a copyright protected Getty image. The forum has over 100K pages and it's impossible for ...
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I am John Preston. I'm a retired high school mathematics teacher.
I studied Greek as an undergraduate a long time ago and have been enjoying reading Herodotus Histories lately.
I used Wheelock's books to study Latin last year and have been reading Cicero's works in Wheelock's Latin Reader. I plan to work through this before moving onto other texts.
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amicus novus

Hi everybody,

This year i have started studying classic philology in istanbul university and i am happy :)

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Mea Fabula


I am new to the boards here and I am semi-trying to get back into Latin. I first learned about 9 years ago through the books of Ecce Romani in my Latin I-III classes. The main reason I want to get back into Latin is some of my friends wanted me to translate tattoo ideas for them, plus it was a really fun language to learn. I'm looking throughout the internet to remember the ...
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A salutation

I typed a longer intro and it never saved or somehow it is stuck in some approval process.

My name is Mark, I am 42, married with four children. I want to learn Latin and teach my children Latin.

I am a writer and a musician. I want to use Latin in my songwriting and short stories as well.

I recently purchased these resources to begin studying:

A Primer of Ecclesiastical Latin: John F. Collins ...
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Hello and thank you!

Hello and thank you for providing this website - I have already downloaded several Greek and Latin texts which have proved enormously helpful. I teach Latin and Classical Civilisation in England and have been teaching myself classical Greek the past 3 years or so, with a long background in NT Greek. I have concluded it will help my reading a great deal if I undertake the hard slog of Greek composition, hence the usefulness of ...
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I found this site a few times and thought that these forms would be a good place to live while I do not have a physical classroom to centre my thoughts. I am a graduate from University of Victoria, working on Latin and reading the classics while I pay off my student loans. I have academic and writerly ambitions toward the classics, and a deeply embedded love of the Greek language in particular. I find ...
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