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My name's Trevor Price and I've been teaching myself Latin for about a year now, using D'Ooge, and others. I've started Colbourn's "Latin Sentence and Idiom" a few weeks ago and I'm hoping I can ask questions now and then when I get stumped.
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Hi All:

I am an English teacher pursuing graduate study in Latin hopefully to at some point teach Latin at my college. I have finished a Latin Prose Composition class but am working through the rest of BA in hopes of making my Latin excellent, hence my desire to get some advice here. I have quite a bit of fluency in Koine Greek and 7 graduate classes in Greek literature, where I read works such ...
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What happened to Linear B skepticism?

The more I find out about Linear B, the weirder and wackier the claims about its decipherment seem to be. For example, in the first chapters of Horrocks, we get repeated claims about the unexpected absence of expected linguistic developments. This is all very strange.

However, these sorts critiques seem explosive:

http://www.sunypress.edu/p-494-the-line ... contr.aspx


So where is the modern skepticism? I can’t ...
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Hi, my name is Legion

... for I am all of me.

I'm a military history geek and by extension I have learned some Latin. I actually registered here to ask a specific question which I thought would be very easy to answer, but no one has been able to help me so far. Rather than open a thread in the Latin or Greek subforums I'll just ask my question here; I hope that's okay.

Basically, I'm looking for a ...
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hi all

Hi all,
My name is Nikolaj Baranov and I was looking for a place on the internet to discuss ancient greek grammar problems, because I got some. To tell you a little about myself: I'm a college student who has some spare time and recently I decided to continue with ancient greek. I already have some knowledge from highschool so I decided to refresh it with the translation of the play Alcestis by Euripides, I ...
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Howdy hey

My name is Jeremy. I am currently studying Greek in seminary, and doing some independent study as well. I am about to finish my first semester and have been through chapter 22 in Mounce with my class. Besides that I have used John Dobson's book as well as Croy's. I am currently concentrating on the Living Koine books put out by Randall Buth and Co to try and increase fluency and to think/read in ...
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new to textkit

My name is Jeff and I have for years been trying to fulfill a dream of learning how to read Latin. My sister was able to take these classes in high school; but when I went through the same school these classes were no longer available. When I went to college/university I was more focused on getting the courses pertinent to the career I was chasing. So here I am much older and revisiting ...
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Salvete de Nova Anglia

Salvete, Χαίρετε,

I teach classical languages and humanities at a small private secondary school in New England. I have long been interested in the ancient world and its tongues, but only in the past two years as a teacher has my proficiency really begun to improve. Teaching truly forces one to learn the material! I have taken a group of students through most of Wheelock and about a third of the English Athenaze. Next year ...
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Hello everyone!

I've been studying Greek (13 months) and Latin (7 months) on my own and have been religiously stalking Textkit for answers to newbie questions for about 10 months, and so I thought it was time that I break down and create an account for myself. I'm not sure if I could have survived the treacherous waters of Mastronarde and Orsberg (still trying to survive Roma Aeterna, if we're being honest) if it weren't for the ...
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Hi, my name is John

I'm trying to learn Koine greek. I'm using Mounce and supplementing it with Machen's text. I would appreciate all the help I can get. I'm semi-retired, have wanted to know greek for years, and have started many times only to stop. Hopefully I'll see it through this time. :)
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