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Textkit is a learning community- introduce yourself here. Use the Open Board to introduce yourself, chat about off-topic issues and get to know each other.

Hello from WA

my name is Bob. I started learning Latin about 3 years ago with the Cambridge Latin Course 4th Ed. using ebooks from iTunes. I made up to the end of Unit 3 almost to 4. Then I realized I needed more work in grammar and I started on Wheelock's made up to Chapter 20. Then I just got a little burned, out and stopped for about 4 months. Now I want to continue on. ...
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Is Textkit dead, administratively?

Several times this year I tried to login to Textkit, after a long absence, and found my username+pw combination was rejected. i couldn't create a new account, because it recognized my email address as "already in use." I tried emailing Jeff Tirey, as instructed by the site, but apparently he is MIA. Last week bedwere was kind enough to send a note to the site administrators in my behalf, but I didn't hear from anyone. ...
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Latin in the news(well, sort of)

link here:

Interesting read and a good repost to all those many fine people who think
The King James version is the be-all and end-all for any "real" Christian.
I can't tell you how many Baptists and other Protestants have told me
over the years they could care less, and have no idea, what a "Vulgate Bible"
or a "Septuagint" is because the King James is the only real bible.<sigh>

No hate, just saying, ...
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web app version of D'Ooge (looking for feedback)

I've been teaching myself web app development and, since learning by doing is best, have put it to work making a web app for learning latin.

Since making original content is out of my scope (and a bit outside my expertise), I've pulled all the content from Benjamin D'Ooge's "Latin for Beginners". I hope you'll find that made clear on the site. The content however isn't hard coded so I could just as easily replace ...
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My name is Kristijan (Christian), I come from Illyricum, Colonia Aurelia Cibalae to be exact
A small town that gave 2 Roman emperors (Valens and Valentinianus)
I'm currently here since classes are over, but in October I'll be going to Pola where I'm studying

I'm currently on my first year of History&Latin
In Pola :mrgreen:

I've aced all my history classes however, almost none ...
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Salvete Textkiters:

Thirty-three years after my final high school Latin lesson, I am back. Back at the beginning, it seems.

My long term goal is to be able to read Seneca's letters, but the immediate effect is to exercise my brain a little on a daily basis and to enrich my English.

After two months of solitary work I'm finding that I have some questions about what I encounter and doubts about what I create; ...
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The word philosophy comes from the Greek word φιλοσοφία, which means philosophy.

James A. Sadowsky, SJ (1923-2012)
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Greek or Latin affinity?

First off, sorry if this is the wrong board for this.
So I was thinking today about how Greek and Latin seem to be different in character. Kind of how there are dog people and cat people, or emacs users and vi users. Something about one's personality that reflects in one's taste.
Often I've seen the Roman referred to as "square" or "legalistic", while the greek were more concerned with beauty and idealistic, with an ...
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On-Line Latin College Degree

I am considering an attempt at obtaining an on-line college degree in Latin and I am looking for recommendations regarding schools.
I can't get in, let alone afford any of the big name colleges, but would like to 'graduate' from a relatively well known university.
Also, if anyone has any experience in the area of on-line courses and wouldn't mind sharing it, I would appreciate that.
Thanks for any help,
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ἡ ἐμὴ σύστασις

I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Bryson; I'm a PhD student in Classics. I'm very interested in writing, speaking, and listening to ancient Greek, whether Attic or a more generalized educated koine.

I wanted to ask if anyone on this forum knows of a text-to-speech program for Greek (on a Mac) that uses the Erasmian pronunciation, or something similar to it. I have several voices for modern Greek, but I'd really love something ...
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