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Textkit is a learning community- introduce yourself here. Use the Open Board to introduce yourself, chat about off-topic issues and get to know each other.

May I introduce myself?

Skylax omnibus salutem plurimam dicit.<br /><br />As you see, what matters in my case is the use of the English language. But it is an opportunity for me to train a little and for you to exercise skills in linguistic deciphering.<br /><br />As a former Greek and Latin teacher, I spend years teaching rudiments of both languages to French-speaking children in Liege, in the French-speaking part of Belgium. Now I'm retired, living in a green ...
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Greetings from Episcopus!

(what's hello from episcopus in Latin?)<br /><br />Hello! I am episcopus and I epitomize the word 'beginner'!<br /><br />Please check my thread regarding Benjamin D'Ooge in Latin board!<br /><br />Thanks<br /><br />Finally I just want to say that I am extremely jealous of all these freaks' being able to read Ancient Greek?! Can you speak it?<br /><br />No well done I hope one day I may be able to too!<br /><br />First latin ...
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Another Publisher I thought of

I was just thinking I should post this publisher to Textkit. I have a few books from them and they have been excellent.<br />The publisher is Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers, Inc.<br />The URL is: www.bolchazy.com
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Paddington Bear

Hello<br /><br />I like to know if anyone has read Paddington Bear in Latin. Also, does anyone knows if Paddington Bear has been translated into Ancient Greek?<br /><br />Best wishes to all<br /><br />Andrew Ellis
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Hi, my name is Emil and I am interested in New testament koine greek. I am learning on my own so I hope this forum will help me. <br /><br />I live in Bulgaria, just north of Greece! So I speak Bulgarian and here we use the cyrilic alphabet and some of the letters are same as greek. <br /><br />Greetings to all :)<br />
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What's the protocol?

Am I supposed to delete my messages after a certain time or do they disappear automatically ( of do they just stay and clutter up the board ?) What's the protocol?
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New Member

Hi everyone!<br /><br />I'm 17 and I live in Luxemboug (Europe). I'm doing Latin at school and I've just decided to teach myself some Greek. Next year I'll be doing my baccalaureate and after that I plan on studying PPE (Philosophy, Politics and Economics) in the UK. Unfortunately, I've never bothered to read a lot of Latin, but I'm willing to change that. I hope that this forum will inspirate me ...
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New Member

I'm a classics student living in Nova Scotia Canada. I have very little time to read at the moment as I am also married with three young children and run a business which needs much attention (mostly I read in the bath or in the car). I've been studying Latin for four years and Greek for three with my enjoyment running at a much higher level then my aptitude. I am currently plodding through Ovid's ...
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New member

Hello. My name is Ron, I live in India, and I have recently finished high school. I will be going to college in the US in the fall. I know English, Hindi, Bengali, Indonesian, French, and some Thai. <br /><br />I've been reading classics in translation for some time now (specifically Homer, Vergil, Cicero, Caesar, and Aristotle's Ethics). Curious about the originals, I'll be doing at least a year or two of Latin in college, ...
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2 Topics: Ovid and Latin Epigraphy

Question 1: Is there any Ovid going to be posted? I thoughly enjoyed Ovid. :)<br />Question 2: I had a course in Latin Epigraphy as an undergraduate. Anyone have any experience in this area! :)<br /><br />Dean
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