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Textkit is a learning community- introduce yourself here. Use the Open Board to introduce yourself, chat about off-topic issues and get to know each other.

Harry Potter in our favorite languages

I've heard rumors about this for a while. Apparently, it's true:<br /><br />(From the Bloomsbury web site, H.P. faq).<br /><br />
<br />When are the Latin, Welsh, Ancient Greek and Irish editions coming out?<br /><br />Latin and Welsh editions will be published by Bloomsbury in July 2003. Ancient Greek will be published in July 2004. The Irish edition is also planned for 2004. Translators for all these book have already been commissioned.<br />
<br /><br />I've avoided ...
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To Reva

<br />Hi,  <br />My name is Reva and I am a non-traditional full time undergrad studying Classics at Syracuse.    I've just completed my first year of Ancient Greek and will be studying Latin independently this summer. <br />This is a really great website and I am looking forward to the exchange of ideas with forum members.  <br />Regards,<br />Reva<br />
<br /><br />Chaire!<br /><br />Welcome to the forums - I hope you enjoy your time ...
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For new members

The rest of us would really like to get to know you, don't just lurk back in the shadows. Tell everyone else your names; where you're from; whether you are learning Greek, Latin, or both. Any interesting hobbies? Do you speak any other languages? (Whatever you want to tell the rest of us, so that we can start getting to know one another and become friends. :)<br ...
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Member submissions to Newsletter

New members, congratulations on having found our group. We're still small but growing fast. If you haven't subscribed to the Newsletter yet, please take the time to do so on the Textkit Homepage:<br /><br /> http://www.textkit.com/<br /><br />that'll be faster than scrolling up or sliding over to that back button. ;)<br />Anyway, the Newsletter (which someday will have a real name; ...
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Do people with interests in ancient Languages end up having the same colour preferences?<br /><br /><br />hmmmmm, let's find out.
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HELLO!!!! New member!!

:o "a new member wow"<br />iced over by the cold hate and feelings which form ice sickles ready to plundge into our hearts and make us part of the cold world...within this world our ideas might be old, who few have told.. we must heat them up and kindle the flame once more..<br />Ian is my name..
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Jokes Board anyone?

How about a jokes board - classic jokes twitching into posthumous life through classical languages?<br />Here's one I heard the other day...<br /><br />homo qui male tussit in tabernam medicamentariam ingreditur, accedit ad mensam, petitque pharmacopolam. cui venditor juvenis dicit pharmacopolam usui non esse. homo a venditore juveni quaerit num aliquid tussiculare commendare possit. venditor ei tradit ampullam medicamenti pro tusse. emptor<br />magnum haustum sibi sumit, tum post paucis minutis, nullo solatio senso, alterum sumit, ...
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Classical Beginnings

I think it would be great to hear stories from our members about how they came to the study of Greek and Latin, why they wanted to learn it, and whether they have any good stories for the rest of us???<br /><br /><br />Seba
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Cast your Pebbles!

Come on everyone! We have a hundred and fourty members and only two or three people vote on any of the polls!!! (ok 5 in one of them) <br /><br />What's the problem? Are they that boring? I find it fun to cast a vote and then watch the changing results as more and more members chime in, it's like a game. <br /><br />But of course it's not exciting if nobody plays.<br /><br />Can ...
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I am starting to learn Greek

:)<br /><br />Hello<br /><br />Can anyone recommand L.A. Wilding: Greek for Beginners?<br /><br />Andrew
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