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neon melos

Chairete, o anthropoi! <br /><br /> now isn't this a brilliant site about Classical tongues, and with so many interesting people from around the globe! <br /><br /> I am new in here, and hope to make most of my learning Ancient Greek, a language I always wanted to master, before moving on to discover the world of Hellas, its wisdom and celebration of man and nature. <br /><br /> Currently studying Ploutarchou - Bios ...
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Prospecting in Used Bookstores....

I went cruising used bookstores this weekend to see if I might happen to trip over anything on Jeff's wish-list.... I didn't, but I did find a whole lot that wound up on bookshelves! I've been endlessly choked due to not being able to find books in Latin in new bookstores.... and here in the used bookstores I found a complete Horace (useful for upcoming Latin course), some Ovid, Pliny's letters (which I've been looking ...
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A linka linka link

Might I suggest a thread just for posting links to sites or pages we've found useful or simply interesting in our studies?<br /><br />Ideally such a thread would consist of mainly the links and brief notes on why the link-er (poster?) found it interesting or useful rather than endless "I thought it was great" v. "I thought it was dreadful" discussions.<br /><br />The links might be to language sites, dictionaries, texts, or cultural information. <br ...
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I see some people have many stars after their name ans I only have one, ??? ??? ??? ???. Whats does it mean? <br /><br />
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favourite learning tools

Just curious as to what kinds of different tools everyone uses for language learning. Maybe we can all find some new stuff. As for me:<br /><br />Latin - <br />Wheelock<br />Vocab flashcards (courtesy of Vis-Ed)<br />Learn Latin Now! cdrom<br />occasionally Crammer (http://www.korzh.com/crammer/index.shtml)<br />Textkit, of course<br /><br />Koine - <br />vocab flashcards (again, Vis-Ed)<br />Kubo's Reader's Lexicon<br />QuickmemGreek for vocab (http://www.headthirst.com/greek.shtml)<br />Parsons Greek Tutor ...
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MOVED: Declension

Language-learning queries belong on the respective boards

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Quo loco?

Just curious, where do you guys live? I don't want your address, just Country, State, Territory, Province, City, whatever...<br /><br />I live in California, USA 8)
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What do those # mean?

Beside the column of subjects is a column indicating the author of the message, then one with a number which I think is the number of replies to this message. What does the next number represent? This is not a very important question but it must be worth knowing if someone bothered to put them there.
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Spinoff from BLD Ex117 Pg49 Is Ea Id

Just moving my reply to the Open Board since it's off topic. Wouldn't want to see the wrath of our Warden... ;)<br /><br /><br />See - American TV convinced me that canadians were worthless...I should stop, like many others should, believing everything that I watch on T.V! <br /><br />I've never seen "Bowling for Columbine".<br /><br />What did you see on American TV which ...
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I was about to buy a Wheelcock...

On ebay, I was about to purchase a glossy Wheelock textbook. <br /><br />But then, I thought: NO! <br /><br />I read one book. One book only. <br /><br />a) "Latin For Beginners" has not only taught me everything I currently know but it has also taught me to accept Latin despite its relative difficulty. I owe all to textkit and Dr. B.L.D<br /><br />b) Even touching a Wheelcock book would be worse than adultery. ...
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