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Textkit is a learning community- introduce yourself here. Use the Open Board to introduce yourself, chat about off-topic issues and get to know each other.


hey! here is my Official Introduction Thread ;)<br /><br />my name is Holly and I am in the process of learning classical greek and latin... I'm still a beginner in both, and am teaching myself (or, attempting to ;).<br /><br />I do, however, have three years of formal study in Koine Greek, and have since kept up simply by reading on my own and with partners... nothing too in depth since my classes though.<br /><br ...
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Hello. <br /><br />I'm new here. My name is Keesa. <br /><br />I've been wading through Ancient Greek on my own for a couple of months now, and wanting to learn Latin "someday". (Maybe today!) I hope to study English and the Classics at Oxford University someday; for now, I'm still a high school student (homeschooled) here in America. (I'm also learning French and Spanish; I just like languages!)
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Kia Ora, dudes

Good morning all,<br /><br />I'm Phil, a new member to the forum, and I'm from the antipodes.<br /><br />I did a year of Latin in high school, and after a short break (20 years) decided to try again. I'm currently working through Wheelock's Latin (6th revision). I decided to learn Latin for two reasons: firstly, to really appreciate the graffiti sketch from 'Life of Brian', and secondly, I hope one day to be able to ...
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Textkit Mistake (posted disrespectã D'Ooge)

In Learn Latin section, Latin For Beginners, "...who's".<br /><br />Sorry for being picky but that = disrespect. <br /><br />Otherwise textkit RULES ;D
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Font Button

If someone wants to post some of his message in Bold print, all he has to do is click the B Button, or type in.<br />Would it be possible to have a button that would replace typing<br /> and ?
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New Guy

Hi all<br /><br />Firstly, I must say I'm thoroughly impressed with this site. Not only is the content relevant and useful, but the site itself is visually stimulating and a pleasure to surf. I have been looking for something like this for qutie sometime now, I don't know how textkit has escaped me for so long. I look forward to being an active member of the community.<br /><br />Warmest regards
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MOVED: Oblique Optative (was: New Member)

yes, a new thread is best - I'm moving this to the Greek board as well.

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Gods and Zealots

I've noticed that as I post to forum, I keep getting advanced to a higher state of being. Recently apotheosized, I am currently a "Textkit God" and I assume that my next stage of advancement is going to be "Textkit Zealot." A curious inversion, there.<br /><br />I feel like I'm living the Hypostasis of the Archons or something.<br /><br />Jeff, can you change the stanges to something silly and Neo-Platonic or Gnostic? ...
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Aristotle Physics

Does anyone know where I can find an ebook version of Aristotle Physics (in english)? I've googled to no avail.<br />
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