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Traditional Greek Costume

This post is really a response to the one called Avatars by Jeff on the Forum Guidelines board; those are always locked messages. <br /><br />Anyway, the traditional male Greek costume is..... no costume at all. Some brilliant quotes from Oscar Wilde are a propos here:<br /><br /> To be truly medieval one must have no body;<br /> To be truly modern one must have no soul;<br /> To be truly Greek one must have.... ...
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hi everyone!

hi all!<br /><br />I'm Emma and go to a german state grammar, where i'm in the middle of doing the abitur (sort of like A-levels only with 12 subjects, which is just nightmare). <br />i am english, my dad had to move to germany cause of work, though.<br /><br />i've had Latin as a main subject (that means 5 hours a week) for 5 years, since i was 10. at abitur level i've only had ...
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Textkit Link Drive

The fall semester is just around the corner and I need to drum up some attention for Textkit. While you obviously know about the site, Textkit is still very new in the online classics community and really has had low visibility in the academic community.<br /><br />If you are able to do so, adding a link to our site is most appreciated. In-bound links will help increase our search engine results with Google and higher ...
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Gk & Lat audio

I have come across a site (http://wiredforbooks.org/) that purports to have audio recordings in "Real" format of Book 1 of the Iliad, and Book IV of the Aeneid. However, I have been unable to play them, since an error message states 'these are not true RealAudio files'.<br />Can I ask if anyone has heard these excerpts, what one needs to play them, what they think of the readings/recordings and ...
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Is there anywhere newer members can see back copies of the newsletter?
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Other languages?

I was just wondering if any of the language-lovers out there might also have an interest in German, and perhaps know of a good German grammar to learn from, akin to JWW's First Greek Book, or North & Hillards Greek Prose Composition. Thanks.
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New member

Hi<br />my name is Raimondo and I live in Italy. I hope not to be too much old to start to learn ancient Greek (I'm 43) and to join your group!<br />Any advice about how to begin to study without a teacher? I know very well Greek alphabet because I'm an amateur astronomer since my youth and I have been in Greece many times. However it seems to me very difficult to learn without exercises. ...
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Just a thought

and my apologies if this has been raised before, but shouldn't a site devoted to the learned languages be able to spell neophyte? :o :)
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Hello. I took a year of Latin when I was a freshman in high school. Unfortunately, my parents moved after that year to a different state, and the school didn't offer Latin, and I studied Spanish instead. In my first two after high school, I studied a couple other languages, but now that I'm about to graduate, I regret not taking Latin when I had the chance...I transferred to a technical institute, which has no ...
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Hi Everyone,<br /><br />My name is Jill. I'm a high school student studying latin. This looks like a great site for learning!<br /><br />Jill
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