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Textkit is a learning community- introduce yourself here. Use the Open Board to introduce yourself, chat about off-topic issues and get to know each other.

favourite learning tools

Just curious as to what kinds of different tools everyone uses for language learning. Maybe we can all find some new stuff. As for me:<br /><br />Latin - <br />Wheelock<br />Vocab flashcards (courtesy of Vis-Ed)<br />Learn Latin Now! cdrom<br />occasionally Crammer (http://www.korzh.com/crammer/index.shtml)<br />Textkit, of course<br /><br />Koine - <br />vocab flashcards (again, Vis-Ed)<br />Kubo's Reader's Lexicon<br />QuickmemGreek for vocab (http://www.headthirst.com/greek.shtml)<br />Parsons Greek Tutor ...
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MOVED: Declension

Language-learning queries belong on the respective boards

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Quo loco?

Just curious, where do you guys live? I don't want your address, just Country, State, Territory, Province, City, whatever...<br /><br />I live in California, USA 8)
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What do those # mean?

Beside the column of subjects is a column indicating the author of the message, then one with a number which I think is the number of replies to this message. What does the next number represent? This is not a very important question but it must be worth knowing if someone bothered to put them there.
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Spinoff from BLD Ex117 Pg49 Is Ea Id

Just moving my reply to the Open Board since it's off topic. Wouldn't want to see the wrath of our Warden... ;)<br /><br /><br />See - American TV convinced me that canadians were worthless...I should stop, like many others should, believing everything that I watch on T.V! <br /><br />I've never seen "Bowling for Columbine".<br /><br />What did you see on American TV which ...
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I was about to buy a Wheelcock...

On ebay, I was about to purchase a glossy Wheelock textbook. <br /><br />But then, I thought: NO! <br /><br />I read one book. One book only. <br /><br />a) "Latin For Beginners" has not only taught me everything I currently know but it has also taught me to accept Latin despite its relative difficulty. I owe all to textkit and Dr. B.L.D<br /><br />b) Even touching a Wheelcock book would be worse than adultery. ...
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Salvete!<br /><br />Allow me to introduce myself. I'm a self-teaching student of Latin and (eventually) Greek, with my goal being to read as much Classical Literature as I can in the original languages, from Homer to the Vulgate. I also expect much slamming of my head against a wall during this process. ;)<br /><br />I'm a Wheelock's student (and I've read the rant thread already), and I'm ...
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We're getting restless

I notice my Latin brethren getting anxious, seeing that the Greeks now have two fora, while the Romans have but one. The Latin forum is also much larger... :o<br /><br />Too bad there aren't as many people familiar with the other brands of Latin...
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Hi! New Member...

Hello all!<br /><br />Stumbled upon your absolutely superb site yesterday when searching for resources to help me with my Latin. I congratulate the owners on their noble ideal of allowing such helpful grammar and vocabularly books to be avaliable freely online as well as the classical epics!<br /><br />I downloaded my favourite two Classical stories that we studied in school (the Illiad and the Odyssey) as well as Berjamin L. D'Ooges' "Latin for Beginners".<br /><br ...
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Spinoff from Lingua Latina by Hans Orberg

Trying to avoid going further off topic in the "Lingua Latina by Hans Orberg" thread... I'm continuing the off topic branch here.<br /><br /><br />Now hang on to your chair for this.. Textkit donated our copy of D'Ooge's Beginners Latin Book to the Distrubuted Proofreading Project. It'll eventually be posted on Project Gutenberg as a fully digital Latin grammar and it'll be Textkit's first 100% digital grammar download. <br /><br />I've heard ...
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