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speech thing

has anyone set up the speech thing i suggested??
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my new book

i bought a nu book for a quid today, it originally cos t 15 quid lol

anyway apparently, it is translated from a roman text found, written in very faint lead pencil, it's really good
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Kuhner's Greek Grammar

I have an 1852 translated copy of Kuhner's Greek Grammar by Edwards and Taylor. Sorry - still looking for a public domain copy in German.

I'm seeking input about just where this book should fall in line with other yet to be posted grammars. We also have Hadley and Allen's Greek Grammar, Haldley's Greek Grammar.

Also, my knowledge of the famous German grammars is not the best.
Can anyone set me straight on what are ...
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Your Input Is Important!

As you know, Textkit is a learning community. I created this board as a way to get feedback about what books visitors want to see posted next. This is where I can ask questions about what books are popular and this is where you can make posting requests.

If you would like to make a book request, please make sure the book has a copyright before 1923 and tell us why you think the book ...
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HELP! No luck finding software...

In case someone here can help me...

My new computer no longer comes with the free version of Kodak's Imaging for Windows. This is that tiff viewer program that allows you one to markup multipage tiff files. I use this program to move through the multipage tiff files and clean up scanner junk and book markings.

I see where I can buy it http://www.digitalriver.com/dr/v2/ec_MA ... CACHE_ID=0

But I'm wondering ...
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A vocabulary deficiency and challenge

A phrase has been on my lips of late, and I find this morning that there's no way to say this in either Greek or Latin.

So here's a challenge:

Die, spammer scumbag!

My main interest is how to render "spam" as noun or verb in our two favorite languages, but I'd be happy to see the entire phrase, too. Accuracy is prefered to scatalogical excursions, tempting though those are.
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Who has attempted to write Latin or Greek poetry?


I have tried and I find it relatively easy although I'm not a 100% sure it's all correct. I once read the old poets wrote approx. one or two lines a day, and Ovid topped that in his best days with approx. seven or eight. Of course, they didn't have dictionaries (didn't they? hmm) and the internet to help them out but still, I just wrote three lines in half an hour.
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Greetings from China

Hi, I'm chinese sophomore majoring in EE. And I've got a strong interest in language learning and linguistic studies.

Could anybody here be so kind as to introduce to me a brief history of Greek and tell which genre or time period does the tutorials on this website belong to?
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Favorite author (spinoff from Current reads)

Just thought I'd see who you like. I'm a die hard sci-fi-er.

Roger Zelazny tops my list, his Amber series is my all time favorite series. On the whole I prefer his early work (This Immortal, Dilvish the Damned), rather than his late collaborations....when he paired with another author I think he put out some garabage (especially his posthumous work).

Roger is closely Followed by:

Isaac Aasimov
Robert Silverburg
Larry Niven
Orson Scott Card
and ...
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Just stumbled accross this website while looking for some greek conjugation tools, I didn't think there was anything like it around. I'm currently a student at SUNY Albany where I'm studying latin and Greek. Unfortunately greek is only offered at the 500 level as an independant study and only if you have prior experience. Needless to say I lied to get in, and the prof didn't check. Besides studying these two I have minors in ...
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