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the future of books??

hey all :D

there has been a lot of clamor over the future of writing and the production of paper based books. i personally prefer reading from off the screen , i have a pretty huge p2p ebook collection , but i think ethically the paper based book is an outstanding experience in this era of computational shrinkage (im only differently quoting ..moores law). i mean ...
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some computer help please.

I am only barely computer-literate. Some of you are very literate if not experts when it comes to computers, so I have a question for you.

My home-page for going on the web has always been www1.sympatico.ca/
Just recently, for some reason my home page has changed and I have to go through several windows and pop-ups just to get to my mail box.
I can't seem to get it changed back to sympatico.
Does ...
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To London!

A friend of mine, his second album complete and zipping about the planet as I type this, decided he needed to get a little clubbing in for celebration at the end of this month. In London. It seems I'm going with.

I've already taken careful note of Raya's bookstore find, but I would love to hear from others in the area about used bookstores that might appeal to the classically minded, Greek more than Latin. ...
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Greek library

I lately find another Greek library. :D
It`s not a big one, but I think interesting.
There are many doalogs written by Plato.


To read you must have especial font: PYLH,
Dont`t forgett download him from the page
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Hymnus Unionis Europaeae

Unionis Europaeae hymnus latinus


Si vobis audiri eum in animo est nexum spectate:
http://www.examen-europaeum.com/Hymnus- ... el%201.wma

Placetne vobis hymnus noster?
(Ego Polonus sum et polonia mense maio in Unione Europea erit)
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Only in Kenya

Hello, a friend directed me to this very random flash movie. For no reason I found this very amusing. Especially the crazy...


Please tell me if you think it to be funny :wink:
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browser wars

klewlis wrote:session variable rock my world!!

(seriously, where would i be without them??? i hate cookies...)

the page looks good. I haven't tried to download anything yet.

Spoken like a true web developer! yeah, server side is the way to go - it's SO much better because it helps remove browser issues.
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Be the first download Keys and explore New Subscribers Area

I normally announce this first in the newsletter, but I have JUST rebuilt the "Subsribers Only" area from the ground up and some debugging might be in order.

Be the first to download both North and Hillard's Latin Prose Composition Key and Sidgwick's Greek Prose Composition Key. Sidgwick's Greek Prose Composition is coming shortly.

Like I said, the subscribers only area is brand new. I'm not sure where to place the link to it just ...
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Greek and Latin Keys - they're here!

Hello Everyone:

I can't tell you how happy I was when checking the mail today. A package from Australia arrived containing Sidgwick's Greek Prose Composition Key and North and Hillard's Latin Prose Composition Key - both public domain copies. They were photocopied and sent in by a VERY kind Textkit visitor.

It goes without saying that I'll get these scanned and cleaned right away.

I also received via email today a scanned PDF of Virgil!! ...
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Films about ancient times

How do you think about films take place in ancient times.
I think almost all are stiupid.
Their are rather commercial and sometimes there are meny mistakes.
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