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Mobili, in Alabama

Septem dierum,

a die 18a usque ad diem 24am mensis Julii
anno Domini 2017

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ubi lingua Latina erit nobis sermo communis. Lingua Latina est enim etiam hodie lingua Ecclesiæ viva; clavis est quæ thesaurum spiritualem integri ævi Christiani aperit. In hac hebdomada linguæ Latinæ loquendæ intelligendæ opportunitatem ...
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I understand that I need to provide an introduction to post on this board.

I was meditating on James White's slavish adherence to Granville Sharpe's "rule" in 2P2:1 to "prove" the deity of Christ. Having lived long enough along with a Masters in TESOL (some familiarity with human language), I STRONGLY expected this was more of debate strategy rather than genuine linguistic relevance. I have been attempting to find non-evangelical sources (who do not have ...
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New Member !

salvetes omnes!

Hello, my name is Paul. I'm 18 (soon 19) and from Indiana.

I've had no formal education trying to learn Latin, but I have been interested in it for a while and only recently trying to learn it, and I just found this forum today!

After reading Julius Caesar in High School for an English class, I was interested in Ancient Rome, and then by extent, Latin. I also have a hobby of ...
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Competition to Promote Ancient Greek

Agon Armonias 2017

Call for an international competition to promote ancient Greek language!

This year, your task is to produce a short movie clip (max. 10 min) showing a short drama scene to promote the Ancient Greek language.
Your clip should be able to enthuse young and old people to learn Ancient Greek and show us, why you like to learn the Ancient Greek language. If you wish, you can include music. You can produce ...
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Please allow me to introduce myself

Hello, per the forum rules I will introduce myself and try my best not to come across as an odd-ball.
I have been marginally aware of this forum's existence for years, but for whatever reason have never joined. Now I have a specific question I'd like to ask, so here I am after all. Looking at the board a little more closely, maybe I will have cause to regret not joining sooner.
My name is ...
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New Member Introduction


My name is Mario.

I want to learn ancient Greek so I join this forum.

Sorry I cannot write good English.
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New Member

Salvete omnes,

I've been a long-time lurker at TextKit and, since I'm finally devoting myself more consistently to Latin (and later Greek), I figured I'd finally get around to joining the board. I'm an English Lit teacher who lives in Boston and teaches at an elite private school outside of the city.

After undergrad, I tried numerous times to learn Latin (through Wheelock) and Greek (through Crosby) on my own or with a friend who ...
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New member

I learn Ancient Greek for two years. It is difficult because I haven't teacher. So I learn Greek only with books. I do like Greek grammar. It is endless. It is also full of surprises! I think, it is important to cooperate with other Greek learners. I want also practice my Greek and I need to learn new useful words.
I'm sorry, my English isn't good...
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My name is Brian. I live in London. I took GCE Latin A Level in 1972. Since then, I've continued to read Latin off and on but I forget more than I remember.
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Learning what language would help ESL students more?

There are more and more ESL students getting interested in classics today, especially in ancient Latin and ancient Greek (at least in my university, including me XD). Do you have any suggestions for those students who cannot use English 100 percent properly but are still willing to learn those two more advanced languages? And learning what language would help us the most in terms of having a more profound understanding in English and all Roman ...
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