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Oxford Grammars

I see that a new bookshop that's just opened hereabouts has the Oxford Grammar of Classical Greek and the Oxford Grammar of Latin. Does anyone have any comments on/experience with these works? Should I be fighting my way through a mob of frenzied classicists to make sure I get my copies?
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Classical, Eccle, or Neo-Latin?

If I wanted to start writing in Latin today, which Latin would be more appropriate? The Classical, Ecclesiastical, or the Neo-Latin?

For example, which Latin is used to write today's books--such as the Harry Potter books?

Neo-Latin seems to be adding scientific words, but I am not sure about Ecclesiastical Latin, are these two vocabularies growing separately today? I have tried searching for answers but I haven't found much.

Are these trully three separate standards? ...
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If you didn't like "Troy"...

...then don't click here.

P.S. :roll:
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salvete and chairete!

and hello! i am new, and i am looking forward to using the wonderful resource that is textkit. i studied latin in highschool and am presently studying greek in college, and i was told about this site by an old classmate of mine. i've lurked for a while, but i figured that it was time to step out of the shadows and actually introduce myself and participate.

anyway, i just wanted to say hello. ...
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Is America Going Cuckoo?

Aha, my suspicions have been confirmed. :)

A study, just published in the Journal of the American Medical Association by researchers from the World Health Organization and Harvard Medical School, indicates that there is more mental illness and insanity in the land of 'freedom fries' than other developed countries.

For example, about 26% of Americans were judged to be mentally disturbed, versus only 4% of people in ...
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Dionysus of Hallicarnassus


What is up people, it has been a while. I am looking for the work of Dionysus of Hallicarbassus, Roman Archaeology. I want to download it in my pc. Pdf format is preferable, html or txt and doc are also welcome.
Anyone knows where I can find it?
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Hello from old lurker, recent member, finally new poster

Hello folks. In response to this thread (which I have given a personal nickname of "The Lamentations of Jeff") :) I am taking the time to make a hopefully brief introduction. My name is Ron, historically a software engineer by trade although I have been unemployed for several months now. I am one class shy of finishing a Master's in Software Engineering, which I have put on ...
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where do I start?

This is lame, but do I just open up ooge and get going?
WHat is a good age to start learning Latin? Greek?
How about 6 years old?
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Test Textkit's Latest Site Feature - Vocabulary Tool

Hi everyone, I could use your help testing a new site feature.

The vocabulary tool is a script which builds and emails to you custom vocabulary lists. Specifically, you can select which vocabulary list you would like to receive, how many words per list and how often to receive them.

This script is the first step in a large project where interactive vocabulary quizzes will be generated that test your vocabulary.

I would most appreciate ...
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Curses! Here I am trying to look up a simple word like "apatouria" in LSJ, and no matter which search I use on whatever mirror I always get nothing... just that damn spinning IE globe....

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