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Textkit down

hi everyone, if you were trying to reach Textkit over the weekend - sorry.

The server went down and because I was moving I had no way of knowing it was down and getting it restarted - my bad :oops:

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So...anyone going to see Troy?

I'm going to view this with an open mind. I have no objections so far, because I haven't seen it. I also know that Hollywood isn't going to make a movie about the Trojan War without a Trojan Horse; I can live with that, even if it didn't happen at the same point of the war as the Iliad does.

So, pre-release thoughts, anyone? Comments? Questions? Horror stories?
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Hello everyone

Hello everyone, I am a newcomer, just registered a few days ago.

This is a great board you folks have here. The participants seem to be a mix of very experienced people and new learners too. I think this kind of mixing is good for everyone.

I also like the fact that board hosts philosophical and mathematical discussions, along with the posts on grammatical and textual topics.

I studied Latin and Greek in high school ...
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"Zorba the Greek" in Greek

Last week I have read Zorba the Greek(in Korean) and suddenly a wish to have a copy of it in original language(Modern Greek). But I've spent too much money to have an Icelandic-English Dictionary copied and bound, and have no courage to say to my wife that I'm going to spend another fortune to buy a book that won't help our welfare. So I would love to have a free e-text of it. Does anybody ...
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Old and New in the teaching of Latin

This is a follow up to something episcopius said:

Actually, though not shy of grammar myself, I approve of the cambridge Latin Course. This is why:

When translating, there are two clues to the meaning. The first is grammar traditionally this is stressed. The mantra of the grammar approach is find the verb, find the subject, find the object.

The other clue is sense. What is the context of the piece? What have you just ...
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I'm sure a moderator would be able to answer this easier. I'm just curious to what all the ranks are here. You can be a Neophyte, a Member, a Fan, and a bunch of other stuff that I forget at the moment. Just curious as to what they are. :)
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Te mihi inducam???


Te mihi inducam. Meum nomen "Michael Ly" in lingua britannica est. Nunc, tredecim annos vitae habo,et linguam latinam in domu studeo, solitas.

Is my Latin correct? If not, please correct me. My Latin is really quite bad, and to think I shall be starting a GCSE course in it next year! Me miserum!

Does anyone here know what a British GCSE course in Latin consists of, please?
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A close neighbor

Has anyone ever heard of or studied the Etruscan Language?
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What is GWB saying?

The president of the United States, appearing last week with Canada's prime minister, opined the following while answering a reporter's question:

"There's a lot of people in the world who don't believe that people whose skin color may not be the same as ours can be free and self-govern. I reject that. I reject that sharply. I believe that the people who practice the Muslim faith can self-govern. I believe that people whose skins aren't ...
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I'm a New Guy

Well I just got out of college so its a new life for me. Nice you meet all of you!
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