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Texts for a beginner

I have started the journey by dabbling with a few apps during the working week, but will shortly be buying a book or two for home study.

I have Gwynne's Latin: the introduction on my wish list. Other recommendations most welcome.

I've studied other languages via immersion for the large part, but recognise studying Latin will be different. Any recommendations for how a grammar phobe can be guided also welcome!

Gratias tibi ago

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Epic Latin Quote by Tom Brady no less!

"Morituri te salutant."

-and he was right!

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Easiest Greek & Latin Authors/Texts

Greetings All,

I put this post here in hopes both Latin & Greek Lovers would see it.

A little clarification: 1. By "easiest" I mean just that. Needing the least handholding.
I think traditionally Caesar was often the first Latin author students tackled. 2. By
"authors/texts" I mean a complete text, not selections. So for example, a dialog by
Plato I would consider a text but "Pericles' Funeral Oration" is not a text - it's ...
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Good evening from (modern) Greece. I am an Englishwoman, living for the past 18 years on the island of Crete where I have learned to love and respect the Greek language as much as I care about my own. I mean modern Greek, of course, but my studies have helped me to recognise, a little, the ancient form, and to want to delve a little deeper.

I have a particular question to ask, but as ...
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I'm Chris; married with two sons and an amazing granddaughter; 63 and retiring in May :D

I love languages, and after two and a half years, am intermediate with my Spanish.

I have long wanted to learn Latin, and would like your views. I'd prefer not to drop Spanish in my quest to learn Latin, but being a realist about the life-long effort required to become ...
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Scholae aestivae in Italia: 4th-25th July, 2018

What are they, and whom are they for?

The Scholae aestivae in Italia offer an intensive Latin course at the advanced level.
Our teachers will propose passages taken from various Latin authors: ancient, medieval and modern and lessons will be entirely in Latin.
Our goal is to help you to learn, and improve your Latin, by reading these texts and by doing many and various exercises, both written and oral.

Where? When?

The course ...
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The texts from Perseus Library

Perseus offers almost all of his texts for download in ( http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/hopper/opensource/download ), but is in HTML format. Does someone here know a easy way (maybe a software, a site etc...) to convert the HTML format to a readable format ?
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New member

Χαίρετε ὦ φίλοι τῆς ἑλληνικῆς γλώττης:

It has been five years now that I started to learn Ancient Greek. In the beginning it was only to prepare for
the study of art history, my project for the time I take retirement as a radiologist. Soon it took more time than expected because of growing interest on my behalf. Last year I made my "Graecum"(GCSE?). And now I feel torn because with the help of translations ...
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Material and Passwords

Thank you for the learning materials posted as pdf. They're really very useful. Just one question. I suppose there must be a reason why some pdfs don't allow editing and are blocked with a password. But does anyone have the passwords? I like to edit my pdfs, as probably you do too.

Sorry for this silly request. I was not able to find any remark on this topic.

Thank you for admitting me as a ...
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karyon -- newly joined


I started learning Greek when I retired a few years ago with no plans but to enjoy the learning process. With a bit of digging I can just about figure things out but this is really different from the other languages I've tried.
I look forward to participating -- I guess it will be mostly asking!

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