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Textkit is a learning community- introduce yourself here. Use the Open Board to introduce yourself, chat about off-topic issues and get to know each other.

Hi, my name is John

I'm trying to learn Koine greek. I'm using Mounce and supplementing it with Machen's text. I would appreciate all the help I can get. I'm semi-retired, have wanted to know greek for years, and have started many times only to stop. Hopefully I'll see it through this time. :)
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Greetings from Alberta

Hello All;
I have been studying Koine on my own for about 6 years now and am currently working through Randall Buth's material.

Hi Jeff: This may not actually post. I am having a weird issue on my work computer where Chrome logs me out on every new page. I am having the same problem on the b-greek list. It's not cookie related as far as I know but may be my our firewall...
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Tables possible in Textkit-postings?


I intend to ask for help in Latin prose composition matters. To do so I would like to present the English original and my Latin translation alongside as a table (2 x 2 cells). Is that possible in Textkit?


Carolus Raeticus
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Καλήμερα from Calgary

Hello All! I'm a librarian who did Latin and ancient Greek in years ago university, and continue to enjoy studying them on my own to this day. I'm focusing on Greek right now, slogging through the Clouds by Aristophanes on my own, but hope to post a few question to the forum to ask for help along the way (and offer it where I can, as well).


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Hello from Australia

Hello, fellow Greek and Latin enthusiasts.
I'm Henry from Australia. I'm still in high school (hence my username- say it in greek) and I love linguistics (hence my username- as an acronym). I, like all of you on this forum in some way or rather, have a profound fascination in the classical world and in both classical languages.
That being said, I've only studied Greek to "literature level" (reading Plato and Thucydides in class atm)- ...
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The Awkward Introduction

Greetings, ye demigods of Textkit.com! This humble neophyte has been eavesdropping on your conversations since quite some time and now presents himself to be initiated into the mysteries of learning a classical language. He - or let's cast off the melodrama now - I have been meaning to learn Latin (at least) since...hmmmm...well, since I first read the words "Roman" and "Latin" in the same sentence, I guess!
So here I am, ready to pester ...
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Hi everyone


I don't know if you need reasons to learn something you like. I simply like latin, always have.

My goals include conversational latin and maybe reading some classical texts in the future, if I am a good latin student that is.

That's why I joined the forum and I am looking forward to starting this journey along with everyone else.
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Introduction. Greetings from Serbia

Hello there, I would like to introduce myself to this forum. I didn't just recently discover this site, actualy I am familiar with it for almost a year. I found it through internet research and I think it is a real ''el dorado'' for thouse who want to learn classic languages. Also it is just amazing to get to know people who study these languages and have someone to talk about for hours. My personal ...
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Please help Groundhog in ancient Greek


I do not have any base in ancient greek, but I am looking, for a project for the ancient greek name of a groundhog or woodchuck or marmot. I would need it in actual greek alphabet.
Please help,

Thank you
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Hello from an intrepid learner!


I'm just starting to learn ancient greek, and stumbled upon this wonderful forum, so any advice would be appreciated!

I'm massively interested in greek mythology and reading philosophers and mathematicians in the original greek, hence learning. Also knowledge. i like knowledge.

so yeah
hi from Jesse
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