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Textkit is a learning community- introduce yourself here. Use the Open Board to introduce yourself, chat about off-topic issues and get to know each other.

Salvete Omnes

I am an excited new member.

I started learning Latin in January through the LLPSI series. I am currently reading Roma Aeterna with great joy, and I hope to continue my progress with this exquisite language to the point of mastery, and then nose my way into attic Greek.

I am grateful for this community of classicists, autodidacts, and great souls.

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new member to Latin forum

Hello, I'm new to the board. I do occasional Latin translation, and sometimes require assistance. My regular Latin troubleshooter has grown quite infirm, and I want to spare him the burden of answering my questions. I hope this board can serve me as well as he has.
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Scholae aestivae in Italia: 2nd-16th July, 2017

Scholae aestivae in Italia:
2nd-16th July, 2017

Montella, et gelidi valete fontes,
et silvae, et nemora alta castanetis.
Tunc me frigoribus tuis tenebas,
Montella, alpigenum e choro sororum
una nobiliorque laetiorque,
cum Canis rapido aestuabat ore.
Janus Anysius
(Iani Anysii Varia poemata et satyrae,
ad Pompeium Columnam cardinalem,
Naples 1531, f. 25 v. – 26 r.)

What are they, and whom are they for?
The Scholae aestivae in Italia offer an intensive Latin course at ...
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How to delete an account?

I would like to do this. Could a mod delete my account and all my posts please.
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French Wheelock?

Salut mes amis qui parlent le français ! J'apprends le français depuis Décembre parce que moi je pense que les langues étrangères sont très intéressants, et il y a deux ans, j'ai commencé apprendre le latin à l'école intermédiaire, et je suis tombé amoureux des mots étrangères. J'ai complété un manuel par le nom de <<Language Hacking French>> et maintenant je parle au niveau B1. Mais j'ai besoin d'autres livres puisque je voudrais parler couramment ...
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Hello everyone!

My name is Louise. I'm a law student living in Germany, though I won't be situated there for much longer, since I will move to London in a few weeks- so excited!
Since I currently have a little more free time on my hands than usually, I have decided to study classical Greek, because apparently, I am simply incapable of relaxing and enjoying some time off like a normal human being. ...
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Hello everyone,

I just began learning Latin and thought it would be interesting to be part of the community since I have learned so much from this website.

But first let me introduce myself.

I am a native Spanish and French speaker and to me the ultimate goal in learning Latin would be to read fluently great books originally written in Latin.

I have read quite a bit of research in the field of language ...
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Hello! I'm Mia, a pharmacist by training, but all-around curious person with a variety of interests. I enjoy knitting and spinning, following the local baseball and ice hockey teams, and getting out to the odd theater performance. Of course, I also have an interest in ancient history. I had some Latin in college and now I'd like to learn ancient Greek, which is what brings me here to this forum. I'm looking forward to reading ...
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how to recover a saved draft

How do you recover a saved draft? I can't find a control to do that.
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New Member


I'm a new member. I just found out about this community and was eager to join. I've been in love with Greek and Latin all my life, in which I'm self-taught, and I recently decided that I needed to seriously bone up on both of them. (There are many holes in my knowledge.) I look forward to getting involved with this community of like-minded people.

Incidentally, I am human, I'm not a spammer, but ...
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