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Textkit is a learning community- introduce yourself here. Use the Open Board to introduce yourself, chat about off-topic issues and get to know each other.

My Intoductory Post

Hello Textkit members. I am a 65 year old retiree and I am dipping my foot in the water wishing to read the Bible (NT) in the original language. Having investigated the 'best' way to go about it I've come to the conclusion that learning Attic would be a more sensible approach.

I have accumulated a small library of study material on the used market of mostly Koine resources but also have gotten a copy ...
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Greetings, all,

Long time lurker, first time poster.

Be well.
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Hello, everyone!

My name's Alex, and I was a classics major in college. I graduated a few years ago, but I've been reviewing my Greek recently to prepare myself for graduate studies. I actually found this website because I was trying to find out how a particular word was accented, and then I remembered my professor talking about in class a few times. Joining seemed like a good idea, especially since I could stand to improve my ...
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Biblical Greek.


I am trying to get a better understanding of the Greek used to write the New Testament.
I find many people try to twist the meaning of words in English so I think it is prudent to learn how to counter these with the true meaning from the Greek.
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Hi all,
I am Juang from Indonesia. I am interested to learn language, any kind of languages including our vernaculars. My encounter to Latin through Latin term in biology study and adage such as vini vidi vici, vivere pericoloso.
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Hey everybody, I'm a new user and I understand that an introduction is part of the process required to keep the plebs out. My name is Ella, I'm an undergrad studying anthropology and linguistics at a university in Florida. My primary interest is in semetic languages with Hebrew demanding most of my energy, but I am taking Latin as a comparative and supplemental language and to make up for the fact that my school doesn't ...
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Introducing myself, and Homer Iliad, Book 1, line191

Hello fellow lovers of Greek. I have been "doing" Greek since 2008. Before that I spent a number of years on Latin, but I have found that as you work on a new language, old skills fall away. In 2009 I studied Open University A396, passing it reasonably well at the end of the year. Since then I have continued to do classical Greek, with a year out for an introduction to the modern language ...
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Hello all,

I've recently started trying to relearn the latin I had in high school, mainly using the older "Teach Yourself Latin" by W.A. Edward as revised by F. Kinchin Smith. The original, Self Education in Latin, is in some ways better but using a real book instead of a pdf from the internet archive is more to my liking. I'm using Lingua Latina for a reader. I'm mainly here to get an occaisional question ...
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Intro Lingua Latina and Wheelock


We (my teen an I) are studying Lingua Latina and Wheelock. Although we have a tutor for Wheelock and it is so much easier to follow, we are currently working independently through LL, slogging through Chapter 31. We find the grammar particularly challenging - as sometimes we don't realize we've made mistakes in our understanding/translation until we are far down the path.

Has anyone see a correlation of LL chapters and Wheelock grammar topics? ...
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Introductory Post

Hi everyone,

I've just finished my BA (Hons.) in Classics with a focus on languages and despite working full time, I've found myself a little bored with my free time as well as missing my immersion in Ancient Greek and Latin. I'm hoping to do some Greek and Latin prose composition as it was lacking in my programme. While we were quick to read unadulterated texts, we did very little composition.

One of my professors ...
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