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Trying to get in touch with Prof. Diane Johnson


Does anyone know what's happened to Prof. Diane Johnson of Western Washington University? She put on the web her edition of Posselius's Familiarium Colloquiorum Libellus Graece et Latine, which now, together with all her work, has disappeared, although I could find the pdf elsewhere. I tried to write to her at WWU but my message bounced back. I found some typos (at least I think they are typos) in the book and wanted to ...
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Hello World :)

Hey folks,

I'm a Philosophy/Classics student at UMKC under Prof. Rydberg-Cox. I've taken 3+ semesters of Ancient Greek and have worked on a few side projects regarding classics. I chose to learn Ancient Greek because of my focus on ancient philosophy.

I'm not a heavy forum user, but when I hit tough problems that I can't find the answer to elsewhere (e.g., Perseus), I turn to the people who know the subject best ...
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Anyone for tennis? (or a small challenge)

I find that nothing builds confidence quite so much, when you're learning a new language (or just enjoying it), as memorising a few choice lines of its literature. I read somewhere that, if the entire corpus of Horace's works were to disappear overnight in a world conflagration, there would be enough "memories" in the heads of professors and students to piece it all back together again. I wonder whether the same could be said for ...
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Salvete Amici!

I am an aspiring ancient historian who is particularly interested in Imperial Rome. I have just graduated college with a double major in Classics and Ancient History. I have had 4 years of Latin, 3 of Ancient Greek, and numerous courses in Ancient Roman and Greek history. In the Fall I am headed to York University in Toronto, Canada, to earn an MA in Ancient History. From there I will attempt to enroll ...
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Hello everyone,
I live in Australia and am currently studying Ancient Greek language as part of my BA in Ancient History. I joined this forum to discuss some findings or queries I might have.
Looking forward to interacting with you.
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I've been away for such a long time.
Daily work and not very specially good family care held not only my time but my mind wholesale from taking a little bit of time to visit here.

Well, my status as for Greek study:
I've attended an open session of Plato's "Charmides" held by a "Western Classics Studies Collaboration Course" at Seoul National University, during this winter vacation. It went as far as half of the ...
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it's been so long, re-visited

Just checked in for the first time in a long time, and read the post by Klewless. That's my feeling too. I have missed Textkit & I intend to be here more often. I finished teacher cert. in classics and couldn't get a good position (schools are still making deep cuts), so I'm working for an on-line tutoring service - Latin and (rarely) Greek, and paying the bills by working in retail (who isn't ?). ...
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In medias res

This is my first posting here. I do hope that no rules are being broken, and that I will not be booted off on my first visit. First things first: I am a devotee of the Greek and Latin Classics, having studied both these at Unisa (University of South Africa), and having being drawn to them more strongly ever since. I have built up my own small library of Classical books – lexicons and grammars, ...
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First Post

It is a pleasure to find a forum where it is possible to refresh skills that are no longer as fluent as they used to be. Lack of use makes anyone rusty when using language skills not shared by the majority of the local community. I was a minister in a small, conservative, Presbyterian Church in New Zealand about 30 years ago and am now retired (at 75 years of age). Writing has encouraged me ...
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ohhh, it's been so long!

It has been years since I visited here... and years since I picked up any of my language books.

But I moved a few days ago and last night as I was unpacking my books I was overtaken by a desire to get back into my languages, and to read all of these beautiful little books that I have in my possession but that I haven't read.

Seems that most of the "old guard" have ...
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