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Untranslated Latin Texts?

Are there any Latin texts (or Greek texts) that haven't been translated?
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Victorian Language and its Discontents

The comment that got me thinking about this was from Timothée in the Cambridge Greek Dictionary thread:

Timothée wrote:To me it feels always weird when native English speakers complain that a work has an archaic Klang about it.

I have heard the same complaint that Timothée has from several sources. One person even told me that he had a constant dread that he was subtly mis-understanding Greek because of all the archaic 19th century words in ...
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New member!

Hello everyone, new guy here.

I'm not a professional, student or academic in any way, though I've loved ancient history & antiquity since I was probably 10 years old or so (I'm almost 37 now, so it's been a couple decades of interest). While I had wanted to go to collage for ancient Greek or Roman history, my path didn't turn out that way (4 years in the Army and then became a paramedic when ...
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New member introduction - softarae


This is my new member intro post, so some background information is appropriate.
I have a BA in Philosophy from University of Wisconsin-Madison. My focus (as much
as a person can have one as an undergraduate) was on Ancient Greek Philosophy,
especially Socrates via Plato. I was sidetracked (or side swiped) by life before
I could pursue a graduate degree.

Years later, I am now retired and demonstrating that I am both faithful to ...
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A Latin -Latin dictionary?

As a new member of your forum, who has been studying Latin for 3 years -and is often disappointed, even discouraged, with my slow progress -I picked up on this site because of the discussion on the availability of a Latin-Latin dictionary. Such a dictionary would be, I think, very useful in beginning to think in Latin. (As it was years ago, when I was astudent of French and got my first 'Dictionnaire Larousse'. ...
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Greek Mythology

I am fan of movies showcasing about greek myths like greek gods, may I know if the movies we've watched like Clash of the Titans were exactly the same written in books?
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Hello all, I'd like to introduce myself and explain my interest in this site. My name is Indra Sinha, I am a novelist currently working on a story set in the ancient world. I find myself wanting to quote sometimes from classical texts, but would rather not simply lift other people's translations (even with permission) as translation is such a personal business. I read Greek, but my pronunciation is certainly dodgy and my understanding of ...
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At university I studied physics and mathematics, but I did Latin in high school in Italy over 25 years ago before moving to the UK. I can't say I ever knew it well, since even back then the teaching standards in this subject left a lot to be desired. However I never completely forgot it, and recently found out I could understand most articles on the Latin Wikipedia without much trouble, and even spot a ...
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New member translating

Hello, I am a new member. I have studied Greek and Latin many years ago but I am in need of relearning. I am going to be tinkering with a translation project of an Early Christian Bible commentary and I will be seeking lots of help trying to make sense of it. Anybody who wants to get involved is more than welcome, I can sure use the help!
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χαίρετε, ὦ βέλτιστοί τε καὶ βέλτισται!

My name is Orestes Papazisis. I have had a love affair with the Classics from a very tender age, and it is great to be able to talk with with people that share this enthusiasm.
A little about myself: I was born in Thessalonika, Greece, and emigrated to the USA when I was 3y/o.
Now, in my late 40's, I am back in Greece, likely to stay. I did my undergrad work at the ...


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