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New member introduction

Hi; new member here!

After wanting to take Latin in high school but not going to a school that offered it and then not going to a university that offered it I've finally decided to take matters into my own hands. I started using Lingua Latina a few months ago and while I loved it I found I missed the grammar focus of a 'normal' course :shock: ...
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Can anyone tell me about this coin I have?

I picked up this coin and would like to know more about it who is on it and what it says. If I'm right it says (Kritikos Stoikos) don't know what it means. The word (stoikos) is Stoics I think. I have a Picture but don't know how to post it.
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γγ for κκ

Does γγ ever replace κκ in the way that Attic ττ becomes σσ in Ionic?
I'm trying to figure out the source of a word used in modern botanical nomenclature: coggygria. It's very close to κοκκυγέα, a word used in the same sense as the modern word.
I'm also curious about how, if a word such as κογγυγρια existed, it would have been pronounced. In particular, if the γγ is derived from κκ, would the ...
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New Poster

I have visited this forum for many years and had even created an account, but to my chagrin I have never posted. I aim to resolve that issue!

I am a student of Latin. I have learned via many avenues. I began with Latina Christiana from Memoria Press in order to teach my kids. I graduated to Lingua Latina Per Se Illustrata, made a brief incursion into book 2, and decided to do a bit ...
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New Member Intro - Ron Hoover

Greetings. I earned a Minor in Koine Greek from Evangel College in the latter 70s, but did not do anything with it. However, I never let it get too far away from me. Every now and then I would get my GNT out and read it and I twice went back through my Greek I grammar and Metzger's GNT word lists. I retired at the end of last Feb. and decided to plunge ...
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Intro from a new learner of Homeric Greek from Brooklyn, NY

Greetings all!

I'm a 36yo professional programmer and a father of 2 6yo boys, residing in
Brooklyn, NY. As a preteen, in Odessa (Ukraine), I fell in love with the
history of Ancient Greece, feeling inspired by the effectiveness of the
phalanx and mystified by the history of the Snake Island (which I still hope to
visit one of these days).

By a path completely-unrelated to my childhood interest, I found my way to
reading ...
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Can you help me translate the title Ornithogonia?

Hi everyone, I'm a new member. I've always been interested in ancient languages and history. Today though I have a very specific question...

Can you help me translate the title Ornithogonia from ancient Greek? I know 'ornith' means bird, and in my research I keep seeing that 'gonia' is 'angle', but I wonder how that fits or could be understandably translated as a title. I'm not convinced it's the right word.

I'm just really interested ...
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In Flanders Fields, Latin translation help

Remembrance Day is coming November 11. In our times of great conflict, we must not encourages war but, instead seek peace. Remembrance Day was formerly known as Armistice Day, to commemorate the end of World War I. How many wars since then! This is why I shall never wear a red-for-bloodshed poppy on Remembrance Day but rather wear a white poppy for peace.

To that end, I’m hoping a member may be more expert in ...
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The Classical Wizard / Magus Mirabilis in Oz

Fulfilling my obligations to the group. I am co-translator with George Van Buren of The Classical Wizard / Magus Mirabilis in Oz, Berkeley: Scolar Press, 1987.

I am currently preparing a full-colour first edition facsimile edition, hopefully, in 2017.

CJ Hinke
Thammasat University
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Untranslated Latin Texts?

Are there any Latin texts (or Greek texts) that haven't been translated?
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