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I'm translating the Christian Greek scriptures

My name is Tim and I would like to be certain regarding the understanding of the ancient Greek text I am reading. I'm beginning in Matthew chapter 1 and have already noticed a couple of interesting things. For instance I found this text in the early Codex Purpureus Rossanensis (Σ) (6th century):

Ιωσηφ υιος ΔΑΔ μη φοβηθης παραλαβειν Μαριαμ την γυναικα σου· το γαρ εν αυτη γεννηθεν εκ πνευματος εστιν αγιου·

This is the ...
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I'm imputerate

Hello, my name is Peter and I'm imputerate. I have been reading serious
literature for over two-thirds of a century, much of it from the trove of
classical texts. I taught Russian lit at UCLA for a third of a century. I
have studied and lived in the homelands of six "modern" languages, and now
it's time to seriously take on Greek and Latin (two years of the latter in
high school, but...).

Just as ...
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I am really interested in ancient Greek and Roman cultures. I find it fascinating. I decided that I wanted to learn Latin as well as Greek, and here I am. I look forward to learning with everyone here.
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This has absolutely no bearing on anything, but I just saw that the second paragraph of the Textkit site main page reads «... posted to the Interent here at Textkit.» Maybe the lapsus digiti could be corrected!
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Monolingual Learning Resources ala Lingua Latina

Although I've received paltry welcome or replies to my posts so far, I figure it's more important to persevere with my goals than to expect instantaneous courtesy or avid assistance. Perhaps another enthusiast trying to learn multiple languages with monolingual resources will benefit from my efforts, and for their sake, I'll just keep walking.

I partially killed other threads discussing possible monolingual sources with what I presume to have been my overenthusiastic requests, so I'm ...
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Hello everyone

I recently became interested in Homeric Greek and have started in Pharr's Homeric Greek: A Book for Beginners. I see that there's a forum for it so I hope I am in good company. What do Classicists think of Pharr's assertion that Homeric is a better start to learning Greek than Attic, and of the textbook in general? It seems quite dated but I haven't heard anything bad about it.
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First post introduction

I'm an expat English teacher in Asia who recently has had a lot of time off due to the new year break and picked up Victor Hanson's Who Killed Homer? and it has sucked me in. It's inspired me to dabble in learning Latin (which I imagine makes more sense than trying to learn ancient Greek first) and I got a copy of Wheelock's (6th ed). I'm only at Chapter 1 because I've been ...
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Hello everyone.

I'm thinking about learning koine Greek. How feasible is learning NT Greek without a good understanding of English grammar?
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Micheal Palmer's Introductory Post

My name is Micheal Palmer. I am the author of Levels of Constituent Structure in New Testament Greek and a number of articles related to applying Linguistics to the study of Hellenistic Greek.

My career in Greek studies has covered both Classical and Biblical Greek. I taught Classical Greek at North Carolina State University in the early years of the new millennium. Before that I taught Hellenistic Greek at Bluefield College in Virginia. I spent ...
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hello, Im new

Hello to all,

I am interested in learning Latin and Greek. I started with Wheelocks Latin but it was not what I wanted. No interaction with tutor and quite difficult to follow the basics. I also started a local taught class with Cambridge Latin course but the class was divided into beginners, post beginners and intermediate and the tutor could not spread herself around and I found it too slow, and costly. Any advice on ...
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