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Harry Potter in ancient Greek - How many words?

I am refreshing ancient Greek, after a 15 years stop. At the moment I am reading (and enjoing) Athenaze vol 1 & 2, plus some nice XIX century school book gotten on Internet Archive.
I have also bought Harry Potter in ancient Greek by Andrew Wilson, and will try to read it in a few months.
A question that I have about Harry Potter, and that could interest also other people, is: how many ...
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Hola! I come with questions!

Hi! My name is Jessica, and I'm from Venezuela, Latin America. I'm getting married in December, and we are going to Mykonos for our honeymoon, so I want to learn some Greek before the trip. We will spend two weeks in Greece, and I intend to visit as many places as I'm able to! I've always loved the Greek myths, and lately, I've been reading Aristotle for one of my politics classes, which has awakened ...
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Hi. New guy here, and a question


I'm a new user here. I've found a lot of great info in the forum via Googling, so I wanted to join.

I have a BA in Comparative Lit, and I've been interested in Ancient Greek for a long time (dabbled in it for the past couple decades).

Recently, I've decided to change careers to become a Latin teacher, probably at a private high school. I live in the USA. So I've started learning ...
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Mihi nomen est coquus. Linguam latinamque graecam apud ludo discebam, et iterum mihi legere placet.

I have dabbled in composition, but have spent more time learning to read: Vergil, Horace, Catullus, Cicero and Caesar. Although initially interested in just poetry, I have expanded my horizons to include prose and speeches. My goal is to read through the basic college and Master's reading lists, so that should I ever return to school for an advanced ...
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After ending up several times in this forum, I've decided to become an active member. :D My name is Carlos and I come from Northern Mexico. On my exchange semester in Dresden I've decided to take "Klassisches Griechisch I". Partly -using Internet slang- "for the lols", partly because I've been surrounded by "greek stuff" since I was a child. The course is quite heavy on ...
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New to the site

Man from Norway and new to the site. Learning Greek slowly after numerous visits. Hope to get some help and guidance here if needed.
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Greek Night: poem translation request

Hello everyone

Who would like to translate this poem I wrote in Athens to Ancient Greek and/or Modern Greek?




That one time,

I’ll remember

Lying awake at night,

you surprised me like a thief.

Out of nothing

we started making love

like two possessed creatures

Take my body!

howl me in the neck

Oh I am dying,

if you’d just only .. ..

All out of a sudden

you turned me ...
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New Here

I first came to the board when I got search engine hits for Greek and Latin grammars. What got me to enroll is the Greek/Latin composition boards and the Agora board. But it looks like there are lots of other aspects of this site to explore, something I look forward to doing. I'll head off to post in the Latin weather thread.

P.S. How should I handle Greek fonts for this site? I can see ...
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Singlish, an English-based creole with pitch accent

Hi guys, I'm from Singapore, and given the interest here in restored pronunciations of Latin and Greek and grappling with speaking in a mora-timed manner and what a pitch accent might sound like, I thought that sharing about the creole spoken here might provide a fun but relevant diversion.

I'm not a linguist, and I haven't read the scholarship, so what I write here is anecdotal and several of my observations may be off the ...
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I can't believe I am letting myself in for this again.

I took two-and-a-half years of Greek in college and had the immense good fortune to read Euripides (the Hippolytus), Aeschylus (the Prometheus Bound), Sophocles (the Oedipus Tyrranus, and I wonder if I spelled that right), and even Sappho. I wanted to change my major to Greek, I loved it so much, but I ended up stuck in philosophy. Not even Greek philosophy, but German Idealism. How amazing it would have been to read Aristotle's Metaphysics ...
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