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Textkit is a learning community- introduce yourself here. Use the Open Board to introduce yourself, chat about off-topic issues and get to know each other.

Micheal Palmer's Introductory Post

My name is Micheal Palmer. I am the author of Levels of Constituent Structure in New Testament Greek and a number of articles related to applying Linguistics to the study of Hellenistic Greek.

My career in Greek studies has covered both Classical and Biblical Greek. I taught Classical Greek at North Carolina State University in the early years of the new millennium. Before that I taught Hellenistic Greek at Bluefield College in Virginia. I spent ...
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hello, Im new

Hello to all,

I am interested in learning Latin and Greek. I started with Wheelocks Latin but it was not what I wanted. No interaction with tutor and quite difficult to follow the basics. I also started a local taught class with Cambridge Latin course but the class was divided into beginners, post beginners and intermediate and the tutor could not spread herself around and I found it too slow, and costly. Any advice on ...
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I'm teaching myself Greek through the Hamiltonian system. Ie., read a lot, and use an interlinear to absorb vocabulary. I am mostly ignoring any independent study of grammar for now. I hope to read enough to make up for that.

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Salvete omnes,
I am a linguist of european languages, especially Romance languages, I specialise in French, what motivated me to learn latin was the fact that it(latin) is the root of French and other Romance languages and knowing latin improves knowledge of its offshoots. I have been learning latin for a while now and it is quite interesting :D , Textkit is a very useful tool ...
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I'm Alex, and I'm currently learning Latin using "Lingua Latina" and Ancient Greek using an Assimil course.
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Hello. I'm a native speaker of English and an Italo-Dalmatian dialect (Italian upbringing here), and I'm from Chicago. I'm currently attending community college, and I do not plan to make a career of anything relevant to this site in the future.

Among the Textkit languages, I'm currently studying Attic Greek on my own. In addition to that, I'm studying Polish, though that's probably irrelevant. I also know Spanish, Portuguese, Modern Greek, and Standard Italian. Since ...
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I was watching a video recently and the instructor was making the point that if you are bored, you won't learn. Seems dead right to me. But I am often bored when I study Attic. I am on the one hour a day plan and it seems to create maximum boredom for me. So I am going to redistribute those 365 hours over the course of the year so as to minimize boredom. So while ...
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An Introduction

Hello everyone,

I would like to introduce myself: I'm a post-BA Classics/Philosophy/Literature student trying to gain fluency in Greek and Latin in addition to Spanish, French, Italian, German, and English, of course. Spanish and English are my native tongues, although due to the weirdness of assimilation in a spanglish culture, the latter has pushed the former into a corner, to the point that I can read Shakespeare in the original spelling passably well but can't ...
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Salvete omnes


I am a new Latin teacher, and am looking through the forums for ideas, inspiration, and advice.

Gratia tibi ago,
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As per the joining instructions, here's my self-intro.

I found this forum after discovering to my chagrin that the LLPSE audio doesn't go beyond capitulum xxxi in classical pronunciation. I was trying to find out why. Does anyone know? (Besides the sad passing away of the author, I mean; and that wouldn't preclude the option of having another voice complete the set.)

For me, registering here is happily ironic in that it was from Textkit ...
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