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Textkit is a learning community- introduce yourself here. Use the Open Board to introduce yourself, chat about off-topic issues and get to know each other.

Introducing myself

Hi guys,

I first discovered Textkit several years ago when looking for Latin learning materials, and lurking since. It's been an on and off hobby for me, and right now I'm wrapping up Wheelock's Latin and beginning Mastronade's Introduction to Attic Greek. You'll see me if I have any questions about the material ;)

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Hello from New Zealand

Hello, I am Katie, and this is my first into post to show I am real!

I live in NZ but was born in the UK. I had a wonderful opportunity to have a traditional classical education, but messed things up badly at school. I spent most of my high school years protesting against the imprisonment and confinement of a sector of the population based on nothing but age (school....) I therefore ended up woefully ...
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The Lark of Dusk

I come by my interest in learning Latin by a somewhat roundabout route. Once upon a time I had a strong interest in the 11th century King of England and Denmark, Cnut. This led to an exploration of Old English, which led me to an American college classics department website with the motto, 'Keep Dead Languages Alive." I first examined their material on Ancient Greek, but it seemed far too difficult for a man who ...
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Username change


Whom do I ask if I want to change my username here?

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I made some audio today for Hans H. Orberg's Colloquia Personarum. I wanted to open up my pronunciation up for critique if you all would be willing to offer it.

Link: https://soundcloud.com/johannes-ursinus ... m-primum-1

Edit: I have updated my upload, because I converted it to an MP3 for more universal access.
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Hi all

I am from Vietnam, I am proceeding to collaborate with Publishing House to translate Comentarii de Bello Gallico from Latin language. The Publishing House asked me that if I translate from Latin, it doesn't need to buy the copy right or does? In principle, the author who is Caesar in this case has aldready died more than 2000 years ago, but I am not sure whether there is any law regulating this case. ...
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Introducing myself


I have been studying ancient greek for 4 years and I am looking forward to contribute and learn somethings from the people at the forum!
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The Latin appeal (it's addictive)

Hi everyone,

I am a Latin teacher who fell down a rabbit hole into the world of the Romans. I took Latin in junior high and Italian in college. When I became a teacher and my school needed a Magistra, I was called on to fill the position. (My administrator said, "Latin, Italian... they're basically the same thing. You'll be fine!") I have survived, but have always wanted more training. I was never able to ...
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Hello everyone, this is my first post

Hello everyone,
i've been learning myself latin for quite some time now and i was very happy to find this forum because i have many unanswered questions about the latin language.

another thing that made me happy was to see that there is also an ancient greek forum here. i do not know ancient greek but i am from greece so i believe that i could probably be of some help there.
i already spotted ...
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New and in need of help with translation

Hello everyone,

I am looking for someone who can help me with translating words into Ancient Greek. Can anyone help or direct me to where I might get help with this? I will pay.

Thank you,

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