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Textkit is a learning community- introduce yourself here. Use the Open Board to introduce yourself, chat about off-topic issues and get to know each other.

Salvete omnes!

Salvete! I am a self-confessed Rome buff currently residing in London (or, Londinium, as I prefer to say) and indeed have done some Latin, that is, though I am by no means a classicist. I have joined the forum to brush up on my Latin and also to learn ancient Greek too, as I have always loved those Greek epics and tragedies but had not a chance to actually learn them.

I would appreciate all ...
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Open Library Hundreds (Thousands?) of Greek/Latin Books

Haven't seen anything about this posted here at textkit. I discovered the "open library" which is a part of the internet archive. The difference is that this model allows the "borrowing" of digital editions of texts which are not available as "pre-1923" pdf downloads. That is, you can borrow pdf (and epub) versions of many texts which are still in copyright (much like you could borrow a physical book from a library). It appears to ...
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Hi there! My name is Chiara, and I am in italian girl, almost graduated in Classics in my hometown university (5 exams to go!) who's struggling to match the entry requirements for an Oxbridge college for my MA :P
I'm fond of ancient culture, especially greek one, and I'd like to be philologist one day, a proper scholar inside a big library, with codices and papyrii! That ...
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Hello- New Here

Hi everyone, I look forward to learning something from this website and from the forums. I'm interested in learning Latin. I am a casual history buff, I like to play strategy & simulation video games, I love maps and cartography and I can read/speak/write Mandarin Chinese. Now I would like to be able to read and speak this classical language!
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Ancient Greek easier after learning Russian

This is my first post here, so hello everybody. I've wanted to learn Latin and Greek since high school, but have never taken any courses. Originally, I was going to major or at least minor in classics at U.H. Manoa, but decided at the last minute to study Russian, mainly because I thought it would be interesting to learn a living language that was inflected like Latin or Greek. Long story short, I ended up ...
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Hi to all.

Following the instructions given on the site, I am posting an introduction on myself. I am a teacher. I teach Latin and Greek at a secondary college in Melbourne. I was a member of the site some time ago but my account lapsed. I love reading some of the discussions about the finer points of grammar in both Latin and Greek. The free grammars for download are also and absolute God-send.

I ...
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Greetings! I am a Latin teacher in the Pacific Northwest who majored in both Latin and Greek. My Latin (because I have studied it for longer) is substantially better than my Greek, so I am planning to improve my Greek reading fluency substantially during this upcoming summer.

I am also interested in improving my Latin oral proficiency and composition ability in order to have a more immersive Latin classroom. At the moment, the Latin skill ...
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Hi all,
I'm very excited to have found this community. I'm a first year medieval history PhD student at the University of Miami (Go Canes!). That said, Latin is a necessary career skill for me. My current level is somewhere around the beginner/intermediate range, however my Latin knowledge is mostly self-taught. I'm looking forward to improving my skills so that I can conduct research in the language in which my sources wrote.
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new user, χαιρετε

New user I am, from Susanville, California. Have been studying NT and Septuagint Greek for two years using Wenham (NT) and Conybeare & Stock (plus interlinears like Van Der Poole) for the Septuagint. Have studied Biblical Latin on and off since 2000.

Now am also in lesson 10 of the latest edition of Groton (Attic), and lesson 4 of the 3rd edition of Pharr.

Moderator: please advise: am I allowed to ask about a Key ...
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Greetings from a dry California

I've just registered with Textkit, but have been lurking around about a year. My interest is in learning ancient Greek, primarily to study Platonic philosophy and associated areas. I am learning at home, and have been at it for over three years now. Most recently I have worked through "Greek Ollendorf" with the key made available by Textkit (Thanks bedwere and all who helped!). Looking forward to a long and productive association with the members ...
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