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Textkit is a learning community- introduce yourself here. Use the Open Board to introduce yourself, chat about off-topic issues and get to know each other.


I see that I am a Llama. Is there some play on words here? I looked in the dictionary to see if one meaning of Llama has something to do with classical languages but I didn't find anything. So... Why am I a Llama. If I were a Rooster, it would make sense. (My last name means -the Rooster)<br />Bert de Haan
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Hi, my name is Bert de Haan. I am learning Biblical Greek without the benefit of having a teacher. I received the advice to learn Classical Greek to improve my understanding of Biblical Greek. That is why I subscribed.<br />In addition to being a wannabe Greek, I am also a carpenter, a husband and a father of 4 children.<br />I live in Arthur, Ontario (Canada)<br />I hope to be able to benefit from listening in ...
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I love living in Madison (Wisconsin, USA), even if we are at this moment under our 3rd tornado warning this year. Apparently we have a very high used bookstore per capita.<br /><br />And today I just found a used Rzach edited Teubner, "HESIODVS Carmina." All of Hesiod in one nice hardcover, 15 dolla.<br /><br />After years of me pillaging "Paul's Books" for books in Greek, the owner knows me well.<br /><br />eu)tuxei=te
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Original Manuscripts?

There may have been something odd in the coffee this morning. I got to wondering about the structuring of original manuscripts (or, at least, the as-close-as-possible-to-original copies), in either Latin or Greek, and modern editions and/or translations.<br /><br />I read through Herodotus, parts of Thucydides and parts of Arrian (in English) last winter, and all of them are divided into "books" (which I roughly equate to "chapters", though I understand they were originally actual separate ...
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Rules 1.3 **New Members Must Read First**

Raya's rules have served us well. I am canceling this post to introduce site wide forum policies. Jeff

Essentially, this is the social forum: the place to introduce yourself to the community, and hold casual conversation (which doesn't necessarily have to be related to the Classics). To make the experience as pleasant as possible for all members, we ask that you keep to the following guidelines:

Introduce yourself in a new thread, not in already-existing ...
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book digitizing

I am trying to create a digital archive of some rare latin texts and am trying to figure out the best way to digitize them. Does anyone have any suggestions. How were the textkit books digitized?<br /><br />Pax,<br />--Steve Kunath
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To Elucubrator: on Internet Architecture

Hi, Sebastian,<br /><br />It was not until today that I see your reply, because my computer was occupied by a big computation task for several days. :P <br /><br />Let me try to give a rough explanation on Internet Architecture. To my understanding, researchers on "Internet Architecture" are trying to answer how the Internet should be organised.<br /><br />Today, millions of people are playing Internet, downloading music ...
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Hi!<br /><br />First posting by me! I'd like to say that I am really glad to see so many Ancient Greek and Latin texts being made available. I have been using the Ancient Greek texts for some time and I find them very uesful. However, could we just have a little think about the format in which these texts are being presented? Is PDF the best format for these texts? I would like to suggest ...
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Harry Potter in our favorite languages

I've heard rumors about this for a while. Apparently, it's true:<br /><br />(From the Bloomsbury web site, H.P. faq).<br /><br />
<br />When are the Latin, Welsh, Ancient Greek and Irish editions coming out?<br /><br />Latin and Welsh editions will be published by Bloomsbury in July 2003. Ancient Greek will be published in July 2004. The Irish edition is also planned for 2004. Translators for all these book have already been commissioned.<br />
<br /><br />I've avoided ...
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To Reva

<br />Hi,  <br />My name is Reva and I am a non-traditional full time undergrad studying Classics at Syracuse.    I've just completed my first year of Ancient Greek and will be studying Latin independently this summer. <br />This is a really great website and I am looking forward to the exchange of ideas with forum members.  <br />Regards,<br />Reva<br />
<br /><br />Chaire!<br /><br />Welcome to the forums - I hope you enjoy your time ...
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