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Hello, all!

I'm Vrixton, live just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. I took four years of Latin in High School and promptly lost all of it once I graduated, but now I'm taking Ancient Greek online from Colorado U @ Boulder while I major in English Literature.
The general plan is to go into Comparative Literature, focusing on Ancient Greek and Sanskrit poetry [particularly epic and dramatic poetry, but because I really suck at narrowing down, ...
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Did Bounty mutineer Fletcher Christian know Latin?

I've been reading through Captain Bligh's and Edward Christian's dueling publications about the Bounty mutiny. Bligh's A Narrative of the Mutiny on the Bounty. Christian's The Appendix to the Minutes of the Bounty Court-Martial. Bligh's An Answer to Certain Assertions Contained in The Appendix to a Pamphlet. Christian's A Short Reply to Capt. William Bligh's Answer.

One of the issues that comes up is the extent of Fletcher Christian's classical education.

I am sorry that ...
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I'm Quintus the Cuck. I'm a 19 years old autodidact Greek living and raised in the UK.

I am learning Ancient Greek, aiming to become expert at Modern Greek, and soon learning Latin, aiming to accustom myself easily with Romance languages.

I look forward to give and receive assistance to translations of both. Having another's view on things helps.
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introducing myself

Hi Just joined. I intend to study Latin and learn the classics
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New member

For a "learners" forum, textkit looks quite erudite. I have a degree in classics and philosophy, but still know the languages less well than I should and certainly less well than some of you seem to do. I look forward to sharpening my knowledge :-)

Perhaps my biggest problem with Ancient Greek is pronouncing it. Will post in more detail on the Greek board.
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Introducing myself

Χαίρετε, ἅπαντες! My name is Michael, I'm a 16 year old student from Greece. Since Gymnasium, I started learning ancient Greek. I didn't cope with it very well. Three years later, I started searching more and more about the ancient language and I saw many connections with modern Greek, my mother language. Since then, my view on this subject has changed. I'm also keen on Linguistics now.

Now in Lyceum, I chose the Anthropistic studies ...
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Hello all,

My name is Ben, I'm from Australia. I recently began studying Homeric Greek with the goal of someday being able to read the originals. Mostly for pleasure but also perhaps someday I want to give myself a wider classical education through learning Latin and the rest.

English is currently the only language I know, (although sometimes I feel like I haven't even begun to master it) so I have found the learning of ...
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My name is Daniel. I have been studying Latin for a few years at my own pace. I hope I can find some people here to study and converse with. Some time last year I took up Greek. I'm working through the JACT textbook, but it's going slowly. If you're using the same book and want to study together, let me know. I think that's it.

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I'm from Yorkshire , currently living in Wales, I am self studying Punic, Latin and Greek , I am interesting in the mysteries of Dionysus, Lexicology Septuagint and Mycenaean Greek.

I am also an opponent of PIE linguistic reconstruction.

My interest in language began when moving to Wales and being exposed too the Welsh language.
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I'm from Barcelona and I have studied quite a lot of Latin in high school and in university, but never enough to be close to read texts directly and following the old fashioned "translation method" which is not very helpful. I really liked the classics and I studied Humanities, but my professional career ended up in a close, but different area. Now, with life practicalities sort of solved, I find myself pursuing a Masters ...
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