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Latin typography


Attending a fairly traditional Catholic school for 13 years exposed me to plenty of Latin. I have always been quite used to seeing Latin in my environment. So it surprised me today when I was writing up a lesson plan for my Typography class when I was confounded by a silly dilemma.

I am providing my students with samples of various typographic styles. I have a font called Latin Uncial. Latin Uncial does not ...
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I've learnt latin for 13 years with a level that might be very mediocre for a living language. That were times where "speaking" latin was not a goal, nor producing latin texts.

Now that my children started learning latin on their turn, I want to take my level a step further and be able to talk fluently, which is why I'm reading a lot of Plautus as this is a fun approach and contains ...
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Off-topic: Dante editions

I am on the lookout for the most useful Italian editions of Dante, preferably with good running footnotes, in Italian or English. No translation needed. Doesn't have to be in print.

(Italian is off-topic, I know, but this forum was the first that popped into my mind when it comes to language quandaries online, and I trust many Latinists appreciate Italian as well.)

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Salvate, y'all

This is my introductory post, after which, I plan to listen twice and speak once, if even then, until I become mor familiar

So, My name is Michael, and I a first semester student at Holy Apostles College and Seminary (in Cromwell, CT) in the online M.A. Philosophy program, with a concentration in Christian Wisdom, currently living in metro-Atlanta. I am interested for personal and professional reasons in (re)acquiring a reading knowledge of two of ...
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Useful Latin phrases for Internet forums

Hey, folks! Do you sometimes use Latin phrases on the Internet forums to shut up people who say you are stupid? I sometimes do, because when I argue for vegetarianism or anarchism on the Internet forums, I often get ad-hominem attacks.

So, here are some such phrases:
1) Stulti semper sic statuuntur, quae non intellegunt, aspernantur et abutuntur.
I use it when somebody says to me something like "Dude, nothing you say makes any sense.". ...
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Latin in trouble in Greece

http://www.ekathimerini.com/232297/arti ... in-classes

What can we do about it? Well, a petition won't hurt. The more pressure, domestic and foreign, the better:

https://na01.safelinks.protection.outlo ... reserved=0
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An ancient Greek,...

An ancient Greek walks into his tailor's shop with a pair of torn pants.

"Euripides?" says the tailor.

"Yeah, Eumenides?" replies the man.

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I am a new learner of Latin. I would like to correspond with people in Latin.
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Latin parrot?

I've searched for a parrot that says stuff in Latin, but couldn't find on the internet. I'm surprised that nobody has brought up such a parrot. It might be taught to recite some prayer (if one doesn't consider it degrading), or just greet. They are not so expensive. Have you ever considered that?
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Direct Method for non-Indo-European languages

Are there any books following Direct Method for teaching "non-Indo-European" languages (that are not classified as Indo-European)? Languages using a version of Latin alphabet are my priority, but I wonder about others too.
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